8 comments on “Congratulations to the newlyweds PJ Simon and Jehza Huelar!

  1. I thought they were not allowed to mArry until the end of the reign ? Is she pregnant?

    • The marriage was planned long before the unusually-delayed June 9 finals of Bb. Pilipinas 2019 was finalized. I guess the couple had anticipated that the turnover responsibilities should have been over by the latter half of this month, hence the May 28 wedding date.

      • I thought every winner will be under contract of BPCI for 18 months not just during her reign?

      • Allowed pa kaya sya i-relinguish yung BbP Supra crown sa successor nya?

  2. pinagawa pala nya ilong nya b4 her intl stint..i like the old jehza..ung never ending legs nya noon ang kapansin pansin..ngaun ang ilong na. another nosej9b na hindi magawa ang gawa..hindi nag blend sa original features nya ..poor jehza..her consolation, yamanin na sya as wife of a pba player

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