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  1. Hannah And Leren have great stage presence
    Patch too
    I like Jessarie’s walk . She reminds me of Venus … only with shorter legs.. Mukhang maiksi ang mga biyas
    And Marianne is so cute . I want her to win Jag Queen.

  2. looks like Bea Magtanong is slipping … the only crown she should get is MUP2019. Otherwise, she cannot compete again next year and I so do hope that she returns again next year if she loses the MUP2019 crown this year … but then again , she just might pull a fast one like the winner in MUSA19

    • @janet my friend said nilamon si Bea ni Hannah since magka sunod sila
      Even during the parade she is fading

    • I have a feeling that Patch will slay the Q&A but most of the girls will come prepared… At the end of the day, it’s the one who look the prettiest and favored by the judges cum finals night…

    • I think the Q&A this year would be more political, religion & economic themed than last year.. the more controversial issues would be assigned to the more controversial girls like Julia Saubier, Gazini Ganados, Emma Tiglao, Vicky Rushton, Resham Ramirez-Saeed, Leren Bautista, Eileen De Vera, Shayne Tormes, and Isabela Galleria to all them to prove themselves crown-worthy.. lame questions would be given to Andrea A, Jessarie, Samantha Lo, Joana Toledo… The positively juicy questions would definitely go to Patricia, Hannah, Samantha B and Nicole G….. The rest would possibly be luck of the draw questions for the fillers.

    • I have to defend Patch on this one. So apparently this Jag/World Balance?national Costume show serves as part of the prelims (along with the closed door interview conducted the day before) where the Top 25 will be determined. I dont know if maraming nakakaalam pero Patch actually had a really bad flu kahapon which definitely had an effect on her internally, pero never nyong mahahalata yun sa presentation nya all throughout the 3 shows. On top of that, aminin, sobrang laki ng improvements sa pasarela nya

  3. So happy for Ayamazing and Leren!!! But I can’t help but get mesmerized by Sam’s performance!!!! daming feathers!!!

    During the Jag Jeans,,, my gosh si malditang Gazini eh hindi binigyan ng space is Ayamazing sa final pose… I can see Aya’s frustration as she can barely move…

    Overall, I see Vickie and Aya seem to be the one competing for Jag Jeans as they were the last two in the solo section.

    • Reliable ka na Sana kaso inaangat mo Yun top heavy na kinulang sa height. Among all those towering beauties why jag pick a middling height di naman sabon binibenta nila

      • Gaga vekla ang buyer ng Jag jeans eh Pinoy… Average height eh 5-5’5″…. hihihihih wag kang masyadong height-whore at ambisyosang veks…….hihihihihi

      • Hoy vekla for your information, Teresita ssen marques won the Jag Jeans award… kumusta naman ang middling height nya…hihihihihi

      • @4m teresita Sen may sex appeal Yan inaangat mo parang tuod . Kung facial wash Yan kanya talaga jeans Yan hindi Wonderbra at sabon

  4. To Pilya/Tita Lavinnia.

    First, I enjoy your YouTube channel. May Mars Franz raid your bag. 🙂

    I just hope that when you say you will help the Sambernations in pushing back “shupit” bashers (though I admit I have no idea as to the extent of the online condemnation of Samantha’s alleged cosmetic surgery and YES she is NOT the only one who could have availed of it), you are not conveniently lumping ALL Indonesians in. Because doing so is incongruous with your past assessments praising Elvira and Whulan and that they have done well at Supranational generally.

    THE WORST THING TO DO AT A MELEE IS MAKE EVEN MORE ENEMIES. At the end, we hope for better and wiser, for cool heads, and that organizer and judges will be able to see through smoke.

    Anyway. I have FULL CONFIDENCE in Palawan’s ability to outshine Frederika, Jolene, or Fitriyanti. Wherever she is sent.

    • I also believe Sam B can conquer any pageant .
      She should thank her dermatologist orthodentist and plastic surgeon for doing a great job . Her smile is a cross b/w Maxine Medina and Coco Martin .
      Ang linis Nyang magdamit reminding me of Pia and Miriam Q.

      Aya should take note from Sam B . Minsan , mahulas ang dating ni Aya .

  5. Annoying ang stage background. Ang gulo. Intricate design na nga ang costumes lalo pag pinagulo!

    Di ko tuloy lumabas ang ganda ng costumes. At ang dilim pa.

  6. I would wait for the live presentation because we know much different it is to see those costumes in motion

    • I thought her costume’s concept was remarkably innovative… The idea was ground-breaking for a national costume… only problem was the execution.. the cutout musical notes on her overskirt was wrinkly.

  7. I’m torn between Samantha Bernardo Sarimanok Pintado Warrior, Emma Tiglao’s classic Terno w/ a modern twist and Vicky Rushton’s Avn’t garde
    modern godess Filipiniana … All 3 had equally well planned and well executed historic yet avant garde costumes… I think the only tie breaker here is which one is the most meaningful and represented their province the most?… The metal crown, flowers & filigrees that were hand-sculpted by local Kapampangan artisans on the basket weave fabric hand-woven by prisonmates used on the modern structured yet classic silhouete of the Terno ball gown of Emma Tiglao to me is definitely the hands down winner.

    • Sam Bernardo’s “tandikan princess”, similar inspiration as Black”s – Palawan Peacock Pheasant.

      And though the latter is more literal and more Western in silhouette, in the panoramic line-up shot its deep blue and black color (true to the bird) stands out in the sea of whites, neutrals, and golds. And the tail feathers came up better than I expected.

      Not bad. But I my vote will be for that STRIKING pink-and-gold confection for Laguna.

      • I don’t mind that Samantha’s costume inspiration needs to be explained but when you say Tandikan.. I don’t see it in her costume aside from having lots of black rooster feathers.. the Tandikan(Palawan Peacock Pheasant) is a colorful bird but it does not have the colors of what Samantha is wearing… I got confused when she’s called a princess… it’s only now that I realized that it is a fantasy warrior princess costume inspired by the Tandikan… but again… I ddnt see the Tandikan which made me underwhelmed instead of impressed. I know the Tandikan festival of Palawan is only around a decade old and yet I love that Samantha represents her province well… But then
        since most people are not very famillar… I agree, Jesserie’s more campy version was more practical for the audience to understand what is going on.

  8. If the winners would come from this batch of binibinis, I would go with either Saeed, Lo or Arnold for MUP, though I would still prefer to send Hannah to MI.

  9. I honestly think that Nicole G and Ilene should be included in the top list for the National Costume. I would’ve swapped the two for Cassandra and Jessarie on the basis of creativity.

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