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    • I’m rooting for her to at least be on the top ten….then hopefully do well during the finals and get one of the crowns!

  1. My pre-final choices:

    Universe – Magtanong
    International – Tiglao
    Supranational – Abesamis
    Intercontinental – Rushton
    Globe – Arnold
    Grand – Ganados

    1st RU – Saubier
    2nd RU – Tolledo

    • This is a good list, except I would switch Tiglao and Arnold. Hannah would be wasted on a minor pageant. Her entire demeanor screams MI.

  2. For me, I’ll remove Jessica Marasigan and Marianne Marquez and replace them with Jessarie Dumaguing and April Short.

  3. Magandang tanghali!

    My choices as of now:

    Universe – Patch or Arnold
    International – Tiglao
    Supranational – Abesamis
    Intercontinental – Gazini
    Grand International – Patch or Arnold
    Globe – Bernardo

    Patch and Hannah are interchangeable – isang magandang matalino at isang dyosang-dyosa. Pwede ring pang-International si Hannah, hoping for a repeat of 2016.

    Peace!!! 🙂

  4. I belive Patch is best suited for Miss Grand- she has a lot of things to say about war, peace and chaos. We need her to have our first Miss Grand.
    Hannah is still the girl to beat for MUP
    Vickie is for Miss Inyernnational. The doll-like face, with big eyes and sweet aura is always admired by the Japanese.
    Aya is for Supra, she has the “landi” factor which the Suora is looking.
    Gazini for Intercontinental- very oriental looking/ and is the embodiment of an intercontinal queen
    SAM B for Globe- morena/ with sex appeal and pinay looking.

    • @juan I’m not a fan of Patch alam NG lahat Yan but hindi MA type an ni angkol si patch. I rather patch be mic na pwede sya manalo than MA Luz Valdez uli sa mgi

      • @roxie,
        You know angkol, he wanta his pageant to be at par with Miss U. So he needs a candidate like Patch who is already an accomplished just like Catriona…Patch can speak well also, angkol will be impressed.

    • That angkol and his pageant don’t deserve any candidate from Binibini. I wonder why we still have to send them a candidate. He’s anti-Filipino.

      • @aj He is not anti Filipino. Angkol is the type na Mala trump Era. Why we never won? 2015. Deserving Yun nag resign 6 ft yun
        2016 aminin mo sa hindi maganda kay Nicole Yun babaeng retokada NG shupit kahit lutang sumagot
        2017 he was impressed w clenci but clenci is not that tall a 2nd runner up is not that bad
        2018 He picked Eva. I don’t know why he have a change of heart but what I’ve noticed hindi mahaba biyas ni Eva. Kung Sam bernardo or ahtisa manalo last year winner tayo for sure
        2019 Emma T or Sam b will win mgi 2019. Yung dapat padala Kay angkol mahaba biyas matangkad sexy
        April short and Resham saed sa looks pwede din sa mgi but I don’t find short sexy
        No offense to atty. no sexy bone. Patch will be a waste sa Mgi. I rather see her mag mic baka mag back to back pa

      • You’re exactly right! Basura ang pageant na yan! Why make an effort to send a representative! I really feel sorry for the unlucky girl.

  5. My biggest dark horse in this competition is Resham Saeed. EIther she does not even place in the semifinals cut OR she runs away with the Miss U Philippines 2019 title. It is that unpredictable this year.

    Also, my thought on Bea Magtanong, if she does not win MUP 2019, I hope she does not win any of the other crowns and just joins again next year. She has the luxury of time and more polishing on her side.

  6. In no particular order, these are my top picks; Nicole G, (because she is tall, has the look, articulate, speaks English really well without that provincial accent, a quintessential modern americanized girl), Hannah (because she is also tall, pretty, comm skill/personality is on point), Vickie (because she is beautiful, has the popular vote, but questionable height, Aya (because she is persistent just like Vickie, gorgeous body, but questionable personality), Leren (because she has the morena beauty, decent height, International crown under her belt, but questionable comm skill), Samantha Lo (because she is pretty, decent height, but questionable personality), Patch (because she is educated, decent height/look, questionable personality), Emma (because she has the look, decent height, questionable comm skill), Rasheed (because she has the morena beauty, decent height, questionable personality), and lastly DeVera (because she has the pinay beauty, decent height, but questionable comm skill/personality).

  7. Nagrelease na ng mi frontrunners si sash at misso. Puro Ganda at fehz sila. Masyado tayo excited sa mup di gaano napagusapan Yun other big 4 pageant. Sino ba betsina nyo na ilaban Kay Andrea Mexico at jolene indonesia
    I was rooting for my Hannah or perhaps my Nicole guererro as mi
    Flor? Closer? Fabian? Unortho

    • If the Japanese want the classic all-American beauty type (like Mariem Velazco), then Sam Lo.

      If they want an oriental priestess type (like Ponsahp Ponyotahp of Laos or Felice Hwang), then Sam Bernardo.

      And if they want an Arabic princess type (and this can be revolutionary at MI), then Resham Sayeed.

    • For me, last year’s real find was the SAINTLY-looking rep of Romania, Bianca Tirsin, whom Blogger included in his own MI 2018 Shortlist and was a nominee for Missosology’s Timeless Beauty citation (eventually won by H’Hen Nie).

      My own FB friend, a European, selected her over the wildly-popular Viet model with the pixie cut.

      And my equivalent recommendation from Blogger’s Top 20, here? MARIA ISABELA GALERIA, the caramel-complexioned “santita” of Sorsogon!

    • @flor tula thank you for your answer. Madami nga pwd sa MI. I was sticking w Barbie Hannah. Though Galeria is somehow middling height. All ladies are gorgeous enough to claim mi 2019

  8. Koya MG, ikuha niyo po ng shampoo endorsement si Sigrid. Very Sthefany ang hitsura, niya. 🙂

  9. Vicki VS patch I choose patch
    Patch VS aya I choose aya
    Aya =graceful stance and tindig patch =raw and bedimpled smile

  10. I want Aya to win MUP but there are more deserving candidates . Even Patch is way ahead of her

    • Maybe not MU crown but something minor…..I don’t see her being the front runner for that crown nor, will keep the winning streak of the Philippines in MU if they send her to that pageant. Aya has that amazing body but she’s not truly a MU material.

  11. Hannah looks the best bet for MU . I really wanted patch but the more I see her facially Hannah is just more easy to digest . Patch and the other girls are beautiful but Hannah is just the one that without a doubt ,any angle , any make up is beautiful

  12. For me Sam B Hannah or Martina for MIP
    Hannah or Sam B for MUP
    I’m ok for Emma to win MUP but not MIP . Her features are too strong for MI.

  13. Mga baks, huwag malulumbay if likables like Black, Short, & Omorog failed to make the Blogger’s initial cut.

    After all, when God closes the door, He opens a window. Somewhere.

    And if you are aware of what transpired this past weekend, then this edition of BBP might not be the last we see of them. Go ask Pilya & Blogger what I am referring to.

  14. PS

    Ooops, forgot to list Julia Saubier in there to extend my “look out” eight to nine.

  15. I would be elated if any of these five morena beauties – Patch, Aya, Nicole, Resham, Ilene – snags the MUP title and grab a couple of BbP titles on coronation night.

    Throw in Hanah, Samantha Lo and Vickie Rushton and you have my “look out” eight list from Norman’s top 20.

    It’s getting exciting, baby!

    • @john sana makita mo siya in person. 😉 I saw her face-to-face sa NAIA T3, mas marami magaganda sa kanya kung facial beauty pag-uusapan.

      Smart lang talaga look nya. Sobrang lago niya kay Brooke Lee.

  16. Tito Norms, akala ba natin na may mga bagong creative hanash ang new BBP/MUP? Bakit wala pa ring pre pageant COMPETITION at closed door interview ang nasa schedule this year? Can we consider the Jag jeans FS at national competition ang official pre pageant competition ng BBP/MUP? Eh waley rin palang major ‘innovation’ na i-infuse ek-ek this year!

    • preliminary competition**** anuvey?! naalog yata utakchenes ko today!?

    • Madam may closed door interview daw na ginanap today, as per blogger’s latest post about Hannah. Chill lang tayo sa paghingi ng bagong mga hanash and ganaps. I guess BPCI and MUPOrg are still figuring out things at hindi pa talaga sila settled from the franchise hoolabalooh earlier this year

  17. Overall, Bb. Pilipinas 2019 is an underwhelming batch.
    I don’t see anyone of them winning an international crown, perhaps mga semi-finalists lang.
    But I still wish our representatives the best ✌️

  18. I hope there would be a swimsuit and evening gown preliminary competition this year 😚

  19. I understand why Denise Omorog is on the list. Though I can see a potential winner in her, minsan parang may kulang. Yung styling, hit and miss. Hinde masyado visible sa mga events. Hinde kasama sa mga favorites, pero yun nga, may dating, may appeal. konting push pa siguro, kung hinde palarin this year, join next year kung pwede p.

    • Try mong makita si Denise Omorog in person, maloloka ka !!! Ang linis ng kutis at best in swimsuit ang body !!! I think she got the best body among this batch .

  20. Naku mga classmates. Ask kayo why wala si ganyan at ganyan. Puro pics Lang kasi tiingnan nyo. Di nyo nakita demeanor NG babae. Try nyo mag watch NG video how they introduced themselves kahit mahaba NG makita nyo why certain girls wala sa list ni Tito norm. Di Lang puro Ganda ugali at talino. May demeanor na dapat pang bq. One lady shocked me w her aspiring rapper hand gestures introduction during the parade

    • I hate to say this, but it’s true. The “Rapper hands” as you call it was distracting and very un-queenly. Such a face palm moment.

      • @carrot there is an old saying “pretty is as pretty does” she (Pretty yes pretty) was probably nervous and young but she joined a national pageant. Her trainers should have the very least make her stand still. That’s why I’m not surprised w Tito norman list.. I hope she could overcome this

  21. The MUO under IMG needs a winner who has superior physical beauty, who can talk confidently, who is a visionary, achiever, and a woman of substance.

    BPCI should reflect deeply how to avoid our failed back to back attempt in MU 2016.

    • Do keep in mind as well that the Philippines hosted the 2016 (or 65th Miss Universe) edition so going for a back-to-back was tough even if we sent a representative far more superior than Maxine Medina. There were other internal factors that contributed to the failed attempt.

      • Masaya po ako Tito Norms that you replied. This is the first reply I got from you since I started following your blog 5 years ago. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the failed back to back attempt.

    • This seeming obsession with a back2back is hilarious! Have we all become too greedy? We’ve won the crown twice and have multiple runner ups in the last 10 years so tigilan na ang pagnanasang gayahin ang nagawa ng Venezuela haha!

      • With due respects to your opinion, I believe the Philippines has all the right to aspire for a b2b because we have proven to be a global Pageant Powerhouse. It’s not about greed, but more of national pride. If in other endeavors like sports, where powerhouses in athletics, basketball, gymnastics, swimming, tennis, etc are dominated by one or two identified countries, and they keep on aspiring year in and year out to be the champs, why can’t we in our own game?

  22. Where are Short, Dumaguing and Penchon ???…. I don’t think Omorog is a front runner, I need to figure out who else need to be removed…

    • That is the beauty of this year’s batch – filtering them to just the Top 20 is difficult because of so many factors to consider

      • Oh yes I forgot about Tormes, such a competitive and unpredictable batch this year … I do however have a three-way pool for the MUP prize, kind of hard to pinpoint without seeing them walk, talk… (Emma, Samm, Bea)

  23. Tito Norman , why no April Short ?
    Could you tell us your thoughts on April Short and why she’s no on your list ?

    • I like April but she’s not shining well enough to be considered a strong contender. I hate to use the word “middling” but that’s the first thing that comes to mind.

      • My list as of May month end
        Mup Nicole Guererro or patch m
        MIP Hannah Arnold or Patch or gazini
        SUPRA Gazini Ganados
        Mic Aya Abesamis
        Mgi Raheem Saed or Emma Tiglao
        GLOBE Raheem Saed or Emma Tiglao
        Ist runner up Sam Lo maganda face her body needs a workout malapad sya talaga
        2nd runner up Patch M in case she will not win
        I like Patch M to win a crown but my amigas said she did not deliver during the parade. I don’t find her beautiful but I admire swan necks among women and I like her attitude towards her fans. Mas gusto ko din na pinay by blood (kahit this year Lang) ang manalo na mup
        The last 2 of my top 10
        Leren Bautista and Sam bernardo
        Notice the exclusions of 5’6 and 5’5 ladies
        20 sa mga girls 5’7 above dun Lang ako candidate 11 to 30

      • My pre-final choices:

        Universe – Magtanong
        International – Tiglao
        Supranational – Abesamis
        Intercontinental – Rushton
        Globe – Arnold
        Grand – Ganados

  24. Who will be the host(s) on the coronation night?
    Meron kayang pre-pageant?
    If I may suggest sana top 20 (semifinalists) then final 8!
    Para may suspense… ang announcements of winners
    2nd runner up
    1st runner up
    4 equally titles?
    Last two girls…
    Announcement of
    Miss Universe Philippines,
    then BbP Internatonal!

    • At the end of the day, I need to make sacrifices. It was a toss up among her, Shane Tormes and Joanna Tolledo for the final spot. Joanna was able to squeak in for me.

      • Between the 3 you mentioned… Jessarie has the natural beauty and proportion of an international winner.

    • Jessarie para sa akin ang maganda na natural na very pinay. So sad wla cya sa list.

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