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  1. I respect all your opinions about Julia but please we need someone who has an unquestionable facial beauty + witty, and not just “witty”.

  2. Let us be for real .
    Hannah is the only MUP material among the 40 candidates .
    So I hope she wins only either MUP or a runner up .

    Sam B is my MIP . But I’m ok if she wins MUP too .Her features are very clean and crisp . She ‘s got a great body and is an excellent oratorian. My alternate for MIP -Martina Marianne Gazini or Short .

    My alternates for MUP are Julia Sam Lo Syed Nicole Gazin Emma i Patch Short and Vickie .

    • Hannah she’s ok.. but does she have a fierce editorial look? No..does she have that sexy body that would rock a yamamay swimsuit? No.. Does she have a strong personality that would survive the mindgames played by the Latinas? I don’t know yet.
      Her coy personality seems to be more suited for MI.

      • Remember how Cat changed from sweet to fierce when the situation called for it ?
        Hannah will have 6m to train if she wins . So transformation is very doable as she already has the face and the comm skills . She just needs fine tuning .

        Having said that , I am ok whoever wins because more than 10 of the 40 are capable of doing well at MU

      • Hi closer and Fabian. Hannah is my mi. I’m even predicting a win.
        Having chika w some of my foreign friends they commentes the she is just an ordinary western girl.
        Even pageant expert robato is not too keen for Hannah.
        Well I conclude for the Filipinos Hannahs is an epitome of beauty

      • Sorry but I don’t pay attention to robato
        If Hannah is just like any ordinary Western girl.. wouldn’t u say Patch is just like any other Pinay ?
        And why is it more impt to please the foreigners than the fellow Pinoys ?

      • But Catriona has a decade of experience in modeling… commercial, editorial, high-fashion, etc… She’s a well-rounded chameleon.. but Hannah is plain cute… commercial…

      • @Fabian

        “And why is it more impt to please the foreigners than the fellow Pinoys ?”

        the answer here is really simple: we aren’t sending BBP girls to Miss Earth. Most, if not all of the international pageants that we’re gonna send the girl to will have a judging panel composed of entirely foreign people. Would it be wrong to see beauty in a manner that will “appease foreigners’ tastes” kung sila naman din talaga ang magbibigay ng scores at magjjudge sa mga candidates?

        Had it been Miss USA or Miss Russia where the national title has more weight and competing internationally is just a bonus, then maybe your calls for satisfying the Pinoy way of seeing and appreciating beauty will work well. Kaso let’s face it, BBP is different: the ultimate prize is the chance to represent the country and compete internationally

        PS. Actually Miss Earth din pala has foreign judges pero around 50% lang in number most of the time

    • I m beginning to have doubts on Bernardo… Her moves and smiles are too rehearsed, calculated and even robotic. NOT REAL…TOO TENTATIVE…

    • I m beginning to have doubts on Bernardo… Her moves and smiles are too rehearsed, calculated and even robotic. NOT REAL…TOO TENTATIVE…

      • I think that is remediable
        Cat had been accused of the same but she delivered when it mattered .

  3. there are much stronger candidates than her, I am so undecided if she should be in top 8 but given that she is young enough, she can return next year

  4. Ilene can don any hairstyle while patch needs to stick w lugay. My vote goes to Ilene for being versatile at maganda sya si ilene sa pilya
    Im not a fan of Patch but she do have a following so I’m thinking maybe she is a beauty na di ko Lang makita. Di rin makita ni mori
    Beauty nasa tumitingin naman

  5. Ladies who won a pageant
    Nicole Guerrero – I know she did well w her q and a.in my top 3

    Ilene in pics di ako nagagandahan but in motion she is pretty

    Leren Mae maganda sya in fact she was my early fave. In my top 10

    Can someone enlighten me how Ilene and Leren fared w their respective pageant

    • Check on youtube…
      I was not impressed.. but they may have improved greatly since then… The reason why I’m still not rooting for them is because I’m still underwhelmed by their recent interviews. I felt more substance from the other front-runners.

      • @closer.. I’m excited come June 9 ang daming crown contender yet 6 lang Korona

  6. She is one beauty Pinoy judges like
    Tall and very Pinay
    If she aces the Q&A , she may win a crown

    However , will she do well at an international pageant ?
    If you look ethnic , you should have at least a cute face . Unfortunately , hers is not . So I don’t know . She may do fine at Globe or GI.

  7. She is one of my bets for MUP, next to Patch. I have a hunch that she will snatch one of the crowns. I wish Ilene the best.

  8. Agree! She is like Miss France during MU in the Philippines. She is beautiful!

  9. my top 8 for now:

    nicole g.
    sam lo

    • @marvin in my top 10 we have the same 7 ladies I’m not convinced w Julia au naturelle unless there will be an overhaul

      • yes, facially. julia is a no. i was not also at yesterday’s parade of beauties so di ko nakilatis ang mga kandidata upclose..just the same, i put julia on my first listing. for now, id rather have someone who can take the role of a spokesperson sans beauty as most envision, than a pretty face who is not engaging.

    • Wow..

      No Eileen, Patricia, Vicky, Samatha B. and Andrea…
      Pero may Jessica, Julia, Sam Lo and Leren

    • So ito ang bet mo over sa nilalait mong si Patricia Magtanong? LOL no comment… Goodluck! 🙂

      • Bakit ano meron kay Patch bukod sa abogada sya? Face? Meh! Body? Meh! Pasarela? Meh! Personality? Meh!
        Lahat kayong faneys ni Patch ginagawa nyong edge pagiging abogada nya na yun lang maipagmamalaki nyo dahil sa totoo lang napakachaka nya! Iisa lang ang face at styling palagi. Model pang maituturing parang tuod maglakad!

      • Tama Mori! Madaming face si Eileen…
        Before and after total face and body overhaul!
        Nag aral ng Mascom sa UP pero sa question & answer NGANGA! WAHAHAHAAA!!!! CONGRATS SA ALAGA MO, SHE WILL BE OUR NEXT MU2019!!!

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