14 comments on “Isabela Galeria is keeping it steady in the competition

  1. May potential naman ito. She has all that qualities but need more improvements for better outcome til to win the MUP so Give her the runner up sash and come back next year or 2021. Pero that look above is damn beautiful and gorgeous and worthy to be crowned. But the highest title she can get this year is intercontinental. Wag naman. Ang kailangan natin ipadala sa intercon ay yung semifinalist material lang since i doubt if intercon will give the 2nd crown to philippines or even a placement in top 5 in asia group. Remember 2 times hinde binigay ang crown at napilitan lang ibigay this year coz we hosted that pageant. Anyway! I hope ganyan din sya kaganda sa finals or more pa.

  2. No veneers ! She’s fine as she is but I agree not her year yet. If I were her she should try to get into the international modeling scene . She really has the look and height to be successful high fashion model.

  3. This is the kind of beauty asians/latinas alike gets nervous of. Exotic yet very expensive looking. She’s Young, mouldable, and naturally beautiful. I wish she also has Julia Saubier’s mental calibre then she will be unstoppable.

  4. Accept it or not, she is definitely a crown contender! Lait pa more! Hahaha

    • Lahat naman ng contestant are crown contenders… I like the girl but the question is.. “is she a front runner?”
      Not this year. 🙂

  5. She has the potential… but need more improvements…
    Fix the teeth, pin the ears, workout that body… gain more modeling and hosting experiences then come back to win a crown.

      • She’s a nurse… kaya nya yan… I think she should focus on building her personality 1st and foremost.

  6. I am sorry. How old is this girl? While younger girls have won internationally, this girl looks like a girl wearing mom’s make-up and clothes. She lacks a certain gravitas to deserve a crown. Annoying how the lips are made to pout and make her womanly and sultry. Come back after two years.

    World PEace.

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