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  1. Hannah for mU no doubt . Patch just needs too much work appearance wise . Nicole G is a surprise . She’s gorgeous here.

    • i concur…..Nicole G surprised us all….she looks amazing. Hannah looked great.


    • Patch is my one & only bet for MUP since day1. Maganda na, matalino pa😍

  3. After seeing the girls na malapit, na star struck ako kay HANNA (ang ganda ganda pala in person at super bait and makarisma sa fans!!! I was a non believer before!!!) at Vicky Rushton ang ganda. Nabighani ako sa kanila.

  4. I was expecting a Kf win for mi. After seeing Nicole Guerrero becoming fit. Mukhang mi still w aces for 2019

    • Possible! A&Q made MI 1st RUp last year through Ahtisa Manalo… then it is logical for us to allow our next bet to come from the same camp. On top of that, according to the grapevine, Nicole G. is related to our 1st MI.. Gemma Cruz-Araneta.

      • Nope… Gemma Cruz is descended from Maria Rizal through her father side… Gemma’s maternal grandfather was Leon Maria Guerrero.

  5. My current TOP 20 in random order

    Nicole Guerrero
    Patricia Magtanong
    Andrea Abesamis
    Samantha Bernardo
    Vicky Rushton
    Hannah Arnold

    Emma Tiglao
    Gazini Ganados

    Julia Saubier
    Jessarie Dumaguing
    Leren Bautista
    Eileen De Vera
    Resham Ramirez-Saeed
    Samantha Lo
    Isabela Galleria

    April Mae Short
    Joana Toledo
    Jane Genobisa
    Shayne Tormes
    Sigrid Flores


    • Her beauty is unquestionable. In fact she is my mip. The prob is Yun mga katabi nyang girls have more fire than her ex Leren patch ilene n. That’s why Hannah still an mi material. I can’t imagine fielding her to mu or supra

      • @Roxie

        I agree MU and Supra needs to be sexy…
        I love Hannah.. she is… cute! 🙂

      • Yes Marvin. Nandun ako and hannah is my mip non wavering. I love her since day 1
        Lucy Torres vibes

      • @Roxie..

        I agree, so if she doesn’t win MI… saan mo sya iplace if not MU or Supra? 🙂

      • @closer miss intercontinental
        At least mic doesn’t need to be sexy
        No no w mgi
        My mgi is Emma T or Sam. B

  7. Pictures here of Julia Saubier and Resham Saeed show the common reactions of candidates few seconds after being called winners during coronation night.

    • @ver nagulo nga ni Nicole list ko. Face height and kuda complete package

      • Ui totoo to!! Sobrang ganda ni Nicole G!!! nakakaloka, sya yung unang nakita ko and grabe all throughout the parade face nya talaga yung super memorable kasi sobrang ganda talaga

      • To be honest, i was quite “meh” and somewhat disappointed after seeing her early pictures. However, this picture of her during the parade of beauty had completely changed my mind. I saw someone who has the look and could possibly win any of the crowns. She is quite articulate, has the height, and culturally well rounded.

      • @Ver I feel the same way too, even up until press presentation actually. And even before joining BBP when she was just fulfilling residency i was really wondering what Jonas saw in her bec her pictures really are not impressive. But daaang ibang iba pala talaga when you see her in person, she’s really uber gorg!!!!

      • I think the reaon why we ddnt includ her in our top list during the past mfew months was because she was on the thick side and her team released underwhelming photos while she gained weight. I think it was A&Q’s strategy to hide their real bet for the top crowns this year… I wouldn’t be surprised if she aces the Q&A w/ flying colors and possibly land her one of the top crowns.

      • @C2F that’s actually an interesting theory. And considering mukhang niligawan talaga ni Jonas si Nicole na sumali sa Ph pageant scene at talagang inalagaan nila during her residency completion, may possiblity nga na totoo tong perspective na to. If that’s the case, and if Nicole does win the top plum I think most people will be convinced, satisfied, and less divided about the choice naman. But she really needs to step up her game on finals

      • I guess she really knows when to peak as instructed by her mentors… Remember all the plain boring outfits she was wearing during the beginning of the competition? It is obviously intentional cause if you check her old pics in social media… She’s actually very stylish in the past therefore she knows that what she’s wearing for the past few months are lackluster and would definitely underwhelm the audience… Same with the underwhelming glam pics they released as if A&Q doesn’t want her to win.

    • I will not be surprised if she will pull off an Ariella Arida this year.

      • @paco ang Ganda nya.. Ang freshhh.. Yun iba halata NG pagoda. Si Nicole parang galing sa detox vacation. Laban mode. She knows when to peak

      • I agree! Funny thing… Nicole G.’s comskills are miles ahead of Ariela Arida.

      • @Bonsai Hater and C2F. Lol at detox vacation. But true, when I saw her picture posted here, I was like, “where were you all this time?” She’s totally MUP material just basing things on that shot alone.

      • Nicole is in for the fight for sure, after seeing her look during the PARADE, this girl just showed us her weapon….she will fight good.

  8. @ramon

    Yes-sir-ee! Maguindanao’s Rasheed Ramirez Saeed is coming on strong.
    I have been noticing too.
    A stunning morena beauty.
    Her unique “cultural” back-story as a Filipina Muslim, which is an integral part of the Filipino cultural mosaic, would be a tremendous asset as the MUP on the MU stage.

    Rasheem’s surnames of Ramirez-Saeed screams global diversity…an Islamic Asian with a Filipino-Hispanic middle name…

    I’ve been wondering…hmmmm…we’ll see.

    • Most probably a runner up…. Highest placement could be intercon but there already a few girls in line ahead of her for that title… The other is Miss Globe… and again 2 girls ahead of her… Last is Miss Grand International… I wonder how Angkol would react to her…

  9. I don’t get the hype with Patch. She’s ugly. She looks like Maymay, Leni and Pops. She has a child’s body.She also look the same on every pictures. She can only sport straight hair as she would look 10x ugly on different hair. And girl does not even know how to walk. I don’t want a MUP rep’s beauty to be justified every single time while she’s competing at Miss Universe. I’d rather have Ilene, Leren, Joana, Denise, Jessarie or Galeria to be sent if you are looking for Pinay (full blooded) beauty.

    • Well between the girls you preffer and Patch…. One is too overly done, one lacks the comskills, one lacks the personality, another one lacks both, the other lacks modeling skills and so on.. Patch is the most natural, has the best personality and comskills and the one who has the intelectual capacity to tackle controversial issues local and abroad. I have doubts if any of your prefference would win a national crown this year.

      • @Bonsai Hater

        I agree…. Nicole G.. was my initial bet for International way before Hannah Arnold and Julia Saubier surfaced…. not to mention.. her credentials from academics to pageant experience does not pale in comparison to the other front runners. And her family lineage gives her a slight leverage over the other girls. The only reason why I excluded her from the winners circle is because she got thick lately.. but now she’s getting her slim figure back, it shows off her very symetrical features. I guess it was part of her strategy all along.

      • @closer kudos to you for having an eye of beauty that early. Ang ganda talaga ni Nicole geez nagulo nya listahan ko
        I love Hannah to bits

      • I’d rather have an overly done candidate than someone who lacks in the face department, pasarela, style and body.

      • @bonsai

        Thanks! I agree, me too. 🙂


        Face is subjective… the rest of what you mentioned can be easily improved. What you can’t fix through any surgical procedure is what’s between the ears… I’m confident that Patch can easily express herself and she can tackle any controversial issue thrown at her. Can you say the same about Eileen? I don’t think so. 🙂

    • Grabeh ka naman maka-ugly teh! para mu na ring cnabi na ugly sina Maymay, Leni at Pops.. Eh, ano na lang kaya ang tawag sa FEZ muh? juzkoh!

    • Saying a person “UGLY” is an example of an uncalled-for rudeness. Self reflection should always be exercised for us to see our weak sides…ours might be worst than others’.

  10. Joanna is 27 and one of the shortest…n she consistently looks THE SAME…MAGUINDANAO is peaking at the right time…Hannah looks very beautiful indeed! Fresh pa @ 23 n 5’10…Martina, Denise, dumaguing, Nicole r all good

  11. Now, who says that this girl or that girl is not beautiful? Look, they’re all amazing and gorgeous alike. And the fact that they have chosen as official candidates of BBP (the country’s elite and top-rated beauty pageant), they’re undeniably the representation of what beauty pageant is all about in the Phils. So please refrain from giving negative comments but instead support them. After all, once the winners are chosen, only one name will be printed on their sashes and that is the PHILIPPINES🇵🇭!

      • Hahaha…and I thank you🇵🇭🇵🇭🇵🇭, sabay tugtog ng BBP theme song🔊🎵🎶🎼

        Where did you get those lovely eyes? (this pretty lady),
        And that exciting winsome smile (this binibini),
        Where did you learn to move like graceful palm trees in the breeze?,
        What’s magic does she has?,
        What miracle is this?

        Who wouldn’t love the way2 her skin is kissed by golden sunlight?,
        And fascinating gem so rare!
        She’s the perfect symbol of the people,
        Rich in heritage and love,
        What lovely, pretty, captivating, so exciting,
        These girls will surely win your heart,
        Binibining Pilipinas!

  12. For me, Samantha Lo is the Katarina Rodriguez of this batch. She might surprise us all sa finals.

    • Hhhmmmmm…. Napaisip tuloy ako….. is the analogy to Kata good or bad? And what kind of surprise?

      • Undeniably, Katarina isa sa may pinakamagandang mukha sa history ng Binibini and she did well sa MIC. Hers is a beauty that comes with a brain. Classy pa. And so is Sam Lo

      • But Sam Lo is competing with 8 other equally gorgeous well rounded front runners… only 5 crowns are available for her since she is already 27… Her highest possible placement could be Intercon or Globe but that is if she aces the Q&A which most probably financial, political or religion related. Her only edge among half of the front runners is understanding 4 laguages while having English as her 1st.

  13. Pardon my saying so, but those elongated balloons erected behind the BbP beauties were a bit distracting. In some instances it appeared as if some candidates were sporting “tails!” 😠

    Goodness. Lose the baloons next year, please!

    • Sa dami ng magaganda mong makikita, sa balloons ka pa talga nadistract!? Lol! Brains.

  14. Dahil tirik na tirik ang araw at walang kleig lights to cover their imperfections, kitang kita kung sino ang totoong maganda at maraming tsismis sa katawan!

  15. As much as I want Pampanga, my home province, to clinch the MUP after many years, I want to be as objective as possible. I just pray my cabalen Ms Emma Tiglao will slay the final question so that she will have the good fight for the MUP. In case it’s not for her, I hope she will get the MI title so that she will follow the feat of another cabalen, Melanie Marquez.

    • SUBTLE din ang pagkaAYAW mo Kay Emma? Ask ko lang…your subtlety speaks volumes…Venezuela nga Panay retokada reps nila

    • I don’t mind Emma’s enhancements because it looks good on her… We can’t be hypocritical in not favoring her for it since some of our past winners did have a few procedures done on themselves as well and the respected international pageants they were sent to did not mind at all. I’m more worried about Emma’s facility of the English language and her ability to tackle controversial issues.

  16. Nicole g is on my top 8. Sabi ng mga friends ko na nanood ng parade ang Ganda Ganda Ganda
    My top 8
    Hannah arnold
    Gazini Ganados
    Nicole Guerrero- Ganda Ganda NG face matangkad and title holder

    Aya Abesamis
    Sam b
    Patch M
    EMMA T
    Sam lo medyo heavy boned but one of the prettiest face when pouting
    bubbling up
    Leren B Shane T Jessica marasigan

    Aling viki is top heavy and short though I’m sure may crown sya

  17. Nicole looked really good!!! I think Aya and Leren have been consistently putting out good photos on instagram lately. I think some of the girls know that the finish line is close and they are starting to put the pressure on the girls to start attacking but also keep things consistent.

    I think the MUP will be a battle between: Patch, Leren, Aya, Hanna and maybe a surprise darkhorse.

    Gazini remains the perfect MGI for me
    Samantha could be intercontinental
    Aya would be Supranational if she doesn’t win MUP
    Leren would be MUP or International or maybe Globe
    Hanna would be runner up if she doesnt win International
    Vickie would be International

    which leaves me to Patch… With her smart credentials, I could really only put her for MUP. Or its MUP or bust for Patch.

    These are just my sentimental favorites.

  18. Julia , yes Julia , is among the prettiest from above … along with Aya Nicole Vickie and Hannah.

    • lolol!!!! My gosh… julia the prettiest? what happened to you veks? hihihihih

      • I said among the prettiest
        To each his own
        I really think she will do well at MU
        Just so you understand … I strongly believe there won’t be a b2b just based on these girls’ performances . But whoever wins will be an excellent rep at MU

      • Maybe this is not the real Fabian. I’m actually want him to redeem himself

    • If you have seen Julia in person, I don’t know what would you say.

  19. Venezuela in 2009, Colombia in 2015 and S.Africa in 2018 all had follow-up national representative winners that were “not” their respective predecessor’s prototype enroute to a successful b2b result or a “near” b2b first runner-up result. Her Aussie-Fili combo looms as an Achilles heel beyond her c9ntrol. It is just a nagging premonition…sorry folks.

    On the other hand, no regrets if Hanah win wearing that Philippine sash she will bring it on baby. That is for sure!

  20. It all comes down to coronation on who the MUP 2019…

    My opinion of a three-horse-race comes down to Patch, Julia and Hanah…in that order. My reservations for Hanah, though more than worthy, is her Fili-Aussie duplicate Catriona. It would be tough to entertain any hope of a b2b if Hanah wins…

    The other two provide something fresh and totally different to the now legendary Catriona Gray.

    HOWEVER, I personally welcome any major upset of an underdog that is under everybody’s radar, who would shockingly stun the favorites and snag the MUP crown enroute to the MU pageant at the end of the year. There are plenty of dark horse beauties this year…

    It’s crunch time.

  21. Pampanga, Laguna, Bataan, Negros, and surprisingly, Ilocos 😍😍😍

  22. okay, may i just say na super bilis ng mga pangyayari kanina. Parang minadali ang parade this year jusko super duper bitin. henewey here are my observations:

    I love Patch, she’s still my MUP19. But kanina kitang kita ko na kulang pa talaga sya sa energy. And styling couldve also been better. Medyo nilamon sya ni Hannah na kasunod nya kanina. Seeing the photos I can see naman with her smile that she enjoyed the whole experience, siguro hindi lang talaga nagtranslate sa akin na nag eenjoy sya kanina while watching her live.

    Based on the Parade earlier alone, I’d have to say that Hannah Arnold is the one most suited to be sent to MU. There were other girls that were more beautiful than her but Hannah’s overall aura earlier is definitely the best suited for MU.

    The parade earlier solidifies my feelings that Vickie should be sent to MI. Hands down, she was the prettiest among the current roster. She’s even prettier than Ahtisa jusko. Sobrang laki ng improvements from last year. Grabe hindi ako maka get over sa ganda nya jusko!!! I agree with many commenters on IG that Vickie’s face alone puts her in very good contention to the MUP19 crown. But considering other factors, I still think that the smartest choice would be to send her to MI. My god, with that face I’m sure the Japs would happily ignore any issue regarding Vickie’s age.

    Okay, feel ko aawayin nyo ako dito, pero Emma looked very Catriona kanina. Idk if it’s with physical appearance, kasi hindi naman sila magkamukha. Pero basta pag everytime dumadaan si Emma kanina si Cat talaga naaalala ko, nag uumapaw sa Catriona-vibes si ateng.

    Gazini obviously is very very pretty, as in sobrang ganda talaga. Pero I am disappointed because she’s waaay prettier in pictures and videos than in person. Parade of Beauties is usually the event where everyone shocks me because sobrang mas maganda sila in person kesa sa pics, pero Gazini was the opposite kanina. Siguro sobrang taas lang talaga ng expectations ko of her. Pero ayun, mas maganda si Emma Tiglao at si Jessarie kesa kay Gazini in person.

    Jessarie OMG isa pa to sobrang ganda jusko. If only she were a few inches taller and had better communication skills, then she could easily win it all. I never saw Janicel in person, pero feel ko same sila ni Jessarie ng appeal in person.

    Im sorry, Julia Saubier really lacks in the facial department. She’s not ugly, to be clear. But when sandwiched between Hannah Arnold and the girls in the 24th-27th spot, Julia’s beauty really fades bigtime. Napansin ko medyo napapadalas ang pagccurls nya, hindi bagay. I saw one photo in Misso where she had her hair straight and that’s the only time that i was able to appreciate her beauty. So siguro what im saying is she looks best when her hair is straight.

    guys let’s not sleep on Nicole Guerrero. Sobrang ganda nya kanina, as in!!! She’s the second prettiest (just behind Vickie). Pag ito nagpasabog sa finals, maraming frontrunners ang uuwing luhaan promise.

    Hindi ko alam kung bakit ang heavy tingnan ni Dia in photos pero gaahd ang nipis nipis nya kanina! very pretty din, feel ko same sila ng pinaghulmahan ng mukha ni MJ. Pero si MJ mas malandi ang face tapos si Dia naman yung mas sweet ang awrahan.

    Last na, ang ganda ganda ganda ni Martina Diaz kanina jusko. Isa pa to eh, if only she were a few inches taller sobrang ganda sanang ipadala sa Supra or MI.

    Overall based on the parade, here’s my Top 15:
    Patch Magtanong
    Hannah Arnold
    Vickie Rushton
    Emma Tiglao
    Samantha Bernardo
    Gazini Ganados
    Nicole Guerrero
    Jessarie Dumaguing
    Aya Abesamis
    Joanna Tolledo
    April Short
    Resham Saeed
    Martina Diaz
    Denj Magno
    Danielle Dolk or Dia Magno (sorry, cant choose between the two of them)

    • I love your personal notes, Orthy. I was drafting my comments here kanina nung biglang nag-refresh ang page at nawala ang draft ko. Kaloka.

      But like what you have said, I still have Patch for MUP. She is a total package. She is endearing in motion and she sounds orgasmic when talking.

      Oh, yeah! Nicole Guerrero is beautiful, huh! She resembles Isabelle Daza, ‘yun nga lang pati body built kopyang-kopya. Pansin ko sa kanya, she is not eager to win a crown. Walang hunger!

      Sumaguing is bubbling up. Sa pageantry, kapag may magandang neck, umiiba ang tindig ng babae. Lahat sa kanya maganda. So far, sina Pia at Megan ang may pinakamagagandang neck sa mga recent winners natin. Miriam Quiambao also had one in the 90’s era. At si Ms. Margie Moran naman ang isa.

      Julia Saubier may not look beautiful, pero her stage presence can stun everyone. Let’s see on the coronation night.

      Emma Tiglao is Sarah Lahbati-doppelganger. Maganda rin naman siya, pero I find her aesthetically overdone. That’s her downfall.

      Aya and Vickie are the most consistent candidates in this BbP season.

      That’s all.

      • Hi Ana! Were you there yesterday? oh em sana nagmeet tayo!!!

        And oh em sobrang gandang ganda talaga ako kay Nicole at kay Jessarie, as in sobrang lala!!! You’re right about the Isabelle Daza resemblance. Dati ko pa rin naiisip yan eh. Parang she’s the closest thing to Belle joining BBP. But I also agree with you, na-feel ko rin that she doesnt have the hunger to win. Well it may work to her advantage if the judges would see it as a no-pressure/very confident demeanor, pero as a pageant fan we know na need talaga magpakita ng drive and determination to win

        With Jessarie naman, wow oo nga no? I never noticed how beautiful her neck is until you mentioned it. Tapos ang ganda din ng shoulders nya, perfect na perfect sa uber gorgeous nyang face. And I also wish that they keep her in fresh styling always, She’s similar with Pia na mas lalong gumaganda with less to almost no make up

        What Julia lacks facially (wag nyo ako awayin pls huhu) she compensates with personality. Grabe si Ateng very engaging and bubbly ha!

        As with Aya and Vickie, yes they are the most consistent candidates, pero idk may something kahapon with Aya that I barely noticed her presence. Tho styling-wise super upgrade talaga from last year

    • Jessarie is 5’7…. Sakto na yun.

      Yes, I was rooting for Nicole Guerrero since last year… but I was dispointed when she auditioned as the chubby girl.. but now she’s losing weight… Her natural beauty is becoming more prominent… I do wish she lets everyone see her hunger for the crown.

      • oh really? I didn’t know na 5’7″ si Jessarie. I thought nasa 5’6″ lang sya bec she’s almost at the end of the numbering. If that’s the case then oh my god let’s send her to Supra now na!!

      • Mukha lang maliit because she is well proportioned… Small face.. long body… and it just happens that we have a lot of tall girls this year… two 5’11 & one 6ft. I do want to send her to Supra.. she can dance and she has a simillar personality as Mutya Datul. Problem is there are 2-3 other more senior girls fighting for the title… and her ability to express herself in English is not as fluent as the others… I think she’ll get a runner-up and be resserved for next year.

      • @C2F and also siguro hindi ko lang napansin height nya coz i rarely see full body shots nya. Well to me there’s no problem naman if she bypasses the other more senior girls as long as she justifies it with a really good performance. Tho better nga siguro if irunner up muna para makapagtraining pa and improve on her comm skills. It’s just, that face nakakahinayang na hindi isabak agad agad

      • @unorthodox

        I agree, check out her full body pics for the Jag Jeans campain.. She is long! Like a cross between Maxine Medina and Mutya Datul.

    • @unorthodox hello. What are your thoughts on Nicole as a crown contender grabe ang Ganda daw Sabi ng mga friends ko. Even me I’m smitten

      • @bonsai yes sobrang ganda talaga ni Nicole G. Mas maganda sya kesa kina Gazini Emma Sam B Sam Lo and Hannah. On top of that she doesn’t look heavy at all. Physically she’s the best in my opinion. And like what I’ve said earlier, pag si Nicole nagpasabog on finals night she could easily breeze through the frontrunners and win it all. Sa totoo lang, I want her to win MUP (huhu Im sorry Patch). Her dusky chinita appearance is the perfect contrast to Cat’s sweet meztiza look and I think Nicole is a perfect rep for MU physically. The problem is she’s really not showing any drive or hunger to win a crown. Parang she’s just enjoying the experience and having fun, “kung manalo yehey kung hindi naman eh di kebs lang din” type of demeanor. That’s why i think her personality registers more towards a girly-teen star kind of vibes instead of a womanly and queenly aura. To think na ang tagal ng residency requirement na tiniis nya, one would expect na she’s gonna show certain degrees of gigil to win. Pero waley talaga ako mafeel. If only she would display a character similar to that of Janine Tugonon’s hunger to win then she’d really be perfect for MUP

      • @unorthodox complete package Yun Ganda. Lahat ng friends ko puro Nicole g ang napansin. Kailangan lang Lumaban NG todo si girl nasa kanya na ang lahat. She lost unwanted pounds. It’s her time to peak. I was settling for sam b Patch or Sam lo for mup but when I saw Nicole

      • @bonsai ako din, super nagulo yung list ko because of Nicole G huhu. Well there’s no secret naman that im a Patch fan since day 1, pero if hindi si Patch ang MUP siguro i’d be least hurt if si Nicole G ang manalo

      • oh thanks! It’s nice to know that other people also share similar views and perspectives as mine

      • ui thanks sis! ang happ naman ang dami kong ka-share ng opinions. How i wish na nagkatabi tabi tayo nina Ana at Pageant Observer nung parade para mas masaya ang chikahan

  23. Tanggalin na next year ang mga kalokang head gear na yan! Di nila ikinaganda ang ipatong ang buong garden ng bulaklak at gulay na may bakod pang kasama. Baka next year pati bahay na may kasamang garahe at kotse na ang ipapatong sa ulo ng mga binibini! nakakaloka!

  24. Eto napupuna ko on this years parade earlier today. Di ako nega but di ko mapigilan mapansin kasi kitang kita sa videos: BBP SHOULD DITCH those horrible head gears next year. Hindi ho ikinaganda ng mga kandidata natin na naka putong ang buong garden sa ulo nila na may nakakabit pang bakod na mukhang barb wires! Siguro mas maganda if they parade around in their national costume instead.

      • Ay kasi end of May na! hahaha Sana mag Milo na mga kandidata nyan ha. Kasi kanina para namamasyal lang sa gateway ang pasarela ng ilan pagkatapos mag intro. Parang mga PAGODa cold wave lotion ang mga kandidata galing out of town.

  25. I love Patch, Emma, Aya, Hannah,
    and surprisingly Nicole Guerrero… Very natural movements and gestures…

    Julia was… so so… I’m not a fan of her open mouth smile….

    • Oh yeah.. forgot…

      Jessarie looked stunning!
      Nakakalito yung Black and Jessarie… nakakalimutan ko tuloy…

    • Girl, tigilan ang pagharap masyado sa salamin para hindi puro kapangitan nakikita mo!!! WAHAHAHA

  26. Omaygas! My super crush was there (puso). Clue : MATANGKAD (pala) siya, and recently released a video saying FACIAL BEAUTY IS STILL the primary criterion at MU. 🙂

    Powtek, AMPAYAT pala ni Patch. (sigh)

    Bakit umiiyak si Mademoiselle Saubier? 😦

    • @flor looking at her crying pic I don’t know who encouraged her to join w out an overhaul then a certain person who only look at photoshoots will insist she is at par w patch aya

    • I feel her. She’s probably overwhelmed by the overall reception and realization finally hit her that she is living her dream competing for the title. As per Sam Lo, the whole experience was surreal.

    • patch is like may may entrata..mura tukog. na tinubuan ng mukha. na hawig ni leni. na parang kokey minsan sa laki ng eye ball.

  27. Si Maguindanao praktisado na pag nanalo ng crown. Hahahahaha!

  28. Watching the video here in my adopted country, I cannot help but feel awed by another bountiful harvest of ravishing beauties from all over the country. The Philippines never seem to run out of drop-dead gorgeous ladies. No wonder we are the world’s top supplier of formidable beauty queen picks for MU, MW, ME, MI, MS, MG and MIntercon. Hope for a grand slam this year in the beauty derby!

  29. What happened to Hannah Arnold nung intros? Was she there? Wala sya dun sa group nya—or di lang talaga okay yung vid na inupload nila? Haha

  30. Ayan ha candid shot Yan. Ng makita kung sino naiba.
    Alin Alin Alin ang naiba isipin Kung Alin ang naiba

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