13 comments on “Red becomes Leren Mae Bautista

  1. Leren is neither fading nor drowned out by stronger ones. If she were, she would not be noticed by those who know better (like Blogger). She is the slow-burn type, the kind that has no need to make up plenty of hype to stay in radar range. Bear in mind that she has already won internationally. So it not as if she has no right to be here. And best of all, she is a natural beauty, pretty sans cosmetics!

  2. She’s fading in the sea of competitive women!!! She should work very had in the last two weeks of competititon

  3. My sentimental faves… Andrea Tovar ang peg nya for BbP. She can be MUP with Ayamazing….

  4. The jewelry on the arm looks cheap and unnecessary but she does look good evenly-tanned.

    • I think her stylists were just too “galit” with the gold pieces. Even just one, the belt, would have been enough. All that accessory does make her look dated – 1970’s at the earliest, Inca-Pharaoh at oldest.

  5. I really wanted this girl to join binibini but she doesnt seem to stand out with the rest of the frontrunners. I hope she peaks right in time.

  6. she really deserves a Bb crown but I am not seeing MUP2019

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