40 comments on “Is Aya Abesamis a redefined Beauty Queen?

  1. shE’S PRETTY….with the right make up and styling, she’ll be just fine. I hope she works on her Q&A skills before the finals.

  2. I think its the eyebrow. Di bagay ang curved. Parang kamuka ni dessa. Gawin syang parang brooke shields eyebrow,, pwede nang pang miss u

  3. I don’t see anyone among the 40 who can justfy a b2b at MU .
    All the front runners are likely to do well at MU but they will not win the crown

    Our best bet to do a b2b is Hannah. But she needs a lot of training and this may not be possible within the time frame available .

    Sorrry , Cat will give up the crown to another country rep . I’m just hoping it’s not to MIss Thailand MIss India or MIss Indonesia .

    • Hannah’s facial features does have an advantage in Korea… BUT.. I find her personality too meek… I feel like the Latinas could easily manipulate her through mind games… Julia, Patricia and Sam B have stronger personalities. She is modelesque and her face is a standout but Aya, Patricia M, SamB and Emma have stronger modeling skills. Her credentials are unique and strong but not as strong as Patricia and Julia.. She does have one of the strongest passport.

  4. Aya abesamis is gorgeous. Bet Sam b and aya I will choose aya.
    Top 2 ladies na maganda sa photos are gazini and aya.
    For me crown worthy silang 2

  5. Physical redefinition? Uhmm. That’s relative. More importantly and unfortunately she’s still lacking in substance. That’s not the kind of redefinition that will move judges to choose her or for people to find her charismatic, inspirational and worthy of their attention.

    Pls don’t get me wrong. It’s not a fault. That’s her personality and that’s who she is. The question is, will her personality match the role of a queen?

    • Lacking substance compaired to who?
      Compaired to Patricia Magtanong? Yes definitely
      Compaired to Julia Saubier? Yes without a doubt
      Compaired to Samantha Bernardo? Kindof Yes
      Compaired to Hannah Arnold? Somehow Yes
      Compaired to Gazini Ganados? No
      Compaired to Emma Tiglao? No
      Compaired to Vicky Rushton? No
      Compaired to Leren Bautista? No

      Based on Modeling skills, bonestructure, body proportion and musculature… She is the best.

      How many Crowns are there? 6..

      • C2f Aya will do well at MU but she will not win MU maglupasay ka man.

        If u want a Pinay looking rep to MU , go for Sam B who is a lot more facially beautiful , more confident , and more articulate than Aya. Malakas ang loob ni Ate puedengcipadala kahit saan. At ang Linis ng dating ni Sam.

      • di ko kinaya yung “compaired” hahaha
        compared teh compared hinde compaired.

        kung makapagmagaling sa mga comments tong closer na to kala mo kung sino, boobita naman pala sa spelling

      • @Fabian

        Sam B for sure would not win MU kahit ipatabas mo pa lahat ng kanto ng mukha nya or re-align the symetry of her face.

        Who do you think has a better chance of winning MU among our local front-runners?

      • @Jonas Reyes

        Edi wow!
        Ikaw na feeling superior sa spelling..
        Enjoy! 😀

      • ang basic kasi nin closer hahah maiintindihan ko kung mejo complicated na word, kaso yun nga basic tapos paulit ulit pa hahaha

        grabe ang boba mo pala aral ka mabuti ha, ilalampaso ka ng mga grade 2 pupils sa spelling

  6. Waley pa rin, sasabihin ko ulit ito, “katawan lang panlaban talaga” walang improvement sa comskill nya

    • But she always speaked better upto now compaired to the other front runners who are already considered well-improved.

  7. Magku-comment na lang ako ‘pag sa Patch na ang featured candidate. That’s all!

    • Admin, mag-post ka daw tungkol kay Magtanong. Kahiit ‘di mo na ipaalam kay Blogger/Boss.

      @ Ana Winter If you do not PRESS or DEMAND, you might wait a LOOONG time before your wish is granted.

      IF there is even a chance. After all, it’s just two weeks to go.

    • I am also reserving my best comment when that time comes. Been quite a loooooooong wait! Saving the best for last?

  8. Ang init na talaga ng panahon. Hulas na ang make up ni Aya.

  9. A little more than two weeks left until BbP 2019 and the crowning of the new MUP and the five BbP queens.

    It has been an agonizing wait…😉

  10. I dont know, but kung food si Aya para syang durian. Acquired taste talaga….

    • Lol. Durian? Hahaha. Buti na lang hindi balot.

      But seriously, Aya 2019 is a big improvement from last year. I am sure she is a nice person. But sadly, face-wise she doesn’t look like a winner at all. She looks like a beautiful pokwang. And that is not necessarily good. Lol.

      World Peace.

  11. I do not know if Aya has redefined what “BQ” is in these parts, but frankly what is starting to p_ss me off is all this “redefinition” the current MU is trying to do as if the burden of that title has not sunk in yet. Talk about false modesty. SIGH. Is MUO charging exorbitant booking for her to post updates, much less make an appearance?! So, pinagkakakitaan na siya ngayon…. I knew it. 2 good 2 b true.

    Based on Bloggers features in the last year or so, here is what I think he has in mind. MUP – Saubier, BBP-International – Bautista, BBP-Intercontinental – Abesamis, BBP-Supranational – Tiglao, BBP – Globe – Guerrero, and BBP – Grand International – Rushton.

    That Hannah, Patch, and Gazini have not been featured simple means either he does not really like them (and certainly everyone is entitled to their preferences) or the three already have plenty of backing from other social media influencers and in fact may have beaten Blogger in the race for endorsements. No prob, Tinio San. If it is any consolation, even Robato does not really like Hannah.

      • Admeeen!!!!! 😦

        Tuli ka na, pala. Kung sa bagay, Summer. 🙂

        Alangan naman’g pumasok ka’ng s_pot. Mahirap na. Baka nga naman ma-b_lly. Kids can be mean.

    • Aya …her problem is her eyes, eye make up…iisa lang expression and it is NOT a pleasant one… Parang hoy tignan mo ako…maganda ako Kaya sa iyo…

      • Yeah Aya is 27 therefore she won’t win BBP International… She’s not for International to begin with… She could win all the other crowns instead.

        Vicky’s face is more suited for international but since she’s also 27… I dont know anymore what crown she’ll win if ever.

    • Kaw ang Globe dyan….hihihihih… Julia Saubier deserves the Globe. Just like other overachievers Gumabao and Ibe but lacks facial beauty…

      • Very few girls look good with their hair up .. and they include Aya and Leren.
        However , I am not sold on Aya’s facial beauty . I have to see her on finals night to decide .

  12. She definitely will get a crown. Supra or MUP and peg nya. If she can answer the final question convincingly then she has a shot. This year is really kinda unpredictable.

    • Bubbly personality ?
      Shamcey Miriam Janine Rachel Maxine MJ and Ara are all very coy…. but they all did fine

  13. If only she has a more outstanding bubbly personality than half of the 8 front-runners… but beauty and modeling wise.. she is the hands down winner.

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