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  1. she looks like miss world 1ru from thailand. package her that way. of course, retain her personality

  2. I feel for these girls who have been under intense study by madlang pipol for 2 months already . Everyone should be reminded that our candidates have become more and more competetive in terms of body Beauty of face pasarela and intelligence …. so I will be happy whoever wins MUP among the 40 girls

    Having said that , I think Hannah and Sam Lo are the rightful winners of the top 2 crowns
    If Julia Patch Gazini Short Emma Vickie Aya or Sam Lo wins MUP, it’s fine too.

  3. Miss Globe 2019!!!! hihihihihihi Let’s all face it. Her facial beauty is top 15 at best compared to the rest. What keeps her going is her fat credentials…

    • ‘Sus, ikaw, naman! Tumawad ka pa, ‘eh alam naman ng lahat na GI has been demoted. Sabihin mo na lang kasi’ng kay Angkol na lang siya ipadala. HUWAG KA! Baka manalo pa si Julia sa Albania. That brand is known for placing not-so-pretty candidates quite highly, if not crowning them altogether. Or at the very least, we will get yet another Dream Girl of the World award. Owners are Canadians with roots in he Balkans.

  4. this girl will do really well at MU no matter what other people say
    She’s way more than Shamcey Ara MJ or Rachel hoped to be as an MU candidate

    • Oh no no. you cant do that especially to Shamcey. Among all the candidates that we’ve sent since Venus, Shamcey is arguably the most IMG-esque of all of them. She could have easily been our third MU had IMG/WME took over a couple of years earlier. And even during her BBP days she was already a cut above the rest of her competitors and was the clear-cut winner of MUP as early as screening pa lang. Complete package talaga. Shamcey’s BBP journey is parallel to that of Catriona’s, with the only exception being that Cat gained a lot of buzz when she applied because she was already famous prior to joining pageants while Shamcey had no fan-base to start with. But everything else, they were at par with each other.

      Julia, while having a very strong edge in some departments, still lacks in many others and hence cannot be considered a complete package.

      • Sorry I’m not a fan of Shamcey’s
        Her attitude alone is a big turn off
        And have u reviewed MU 2011 lately ? I was actually surprised she made it to the very end . Her body proportion and facial beauty were questionable for me .

      • @Fabian

        Questionable beauty and yet still prettier and more feminine than Julia…

        I love Julia but facts are facts.

      • C2f , beauty and level of femininity are not facts . They vary according to how people see them .

      • @Fabian

        I agree… if the venue is indeed Korea… Oppas there has more feminine features than Julia.. Fact is that based on beauty.. Julia is too controversial… compare that to how unanimous we were with Megan Young. See the difference?

  5. So many applicants but few were chosen. The fact that they were screened and scrutinized not only physically but also based on their achievements plus advocacy during application, BBP candidates are all absolutely beautiful. That can’t be denied. It’s so sad to read negative comments here like, this girl or that girl is not beautiful.

  6. For the team better post more interviews gumagana sya pag kumukuda. Wag nyo na pagurin si Julia mag photoshoot di talaga maganda. If she can be a Michelle g for this year then I’m happy for her sa totoo Lang pinagmumukha nya dyosa si Michelle gumabao hihi

  7. To “THE TEAM” of Mademoiselle Saubier.

    She comes across as too cerebral, bordering on elitism. Bring her down to earth just a wee bit.

    Operative words are “jologs”, “swagger”, and “street”. Paris’ sinister back ways are great inspiration.

    • She can’t help itfor obvious reasons .
      But I think she’s trying her best
      In some videos , u can see her trying to talk to the people around her .

  8. Nope. this make up doesn’t do any justice to her beauty. Jim Ryan Ros is a very good make up artist but this look added years to the actual age of Julia. Maybe a little less on the eye shadow ? Julia and Fahsai have a similar eye size and shape. So maybe they can get a bit of inspiration how they make the eyes appear bigger?

  9. She’s growing on me. But hindi talaga sya maganda period. hahaha

  10. I was really impressed when I saw her during swimsuit presentation .
    She is slim and way more feminine than Michelle .
    I don’t know why some people say Aya and Patch are pretty but consider Julia plain .
    I don’t understand it , not at all

    • The answer is quite simple, imo – Aya and Patch have the backing of the country’s most prominent beauty CAMP to market them both here and abroad.

      In contrast, Mademoiselle Saubier CONTINUALLY opts to KEEP IT ALL SIMPLE AND REAL, agreeing with her beauty TEAM to do away with “smoke and mirrors”.

      “Slim” and “feminine” are adjectives Auntie Mimilanie and mentor (Rene) Salud should be able to deliver on. I can hardly wait to see the Formal/Evening look Julia will present on 9 June. L’amour! a

      • she looked slimmer than I thought she was during swimsuit presentation so I was really pleasantly surprised.
        It doesn’t matter how she looks without make up on . If she can pull off a look that delivers on stage , I’m all for Julia as MUP .
        My MUP choices for now :
        Patch… if she can work out more
        Syed … she looks great as a Pocahonta
        Sam B… may need more training at Q and A
        Gazini … it’s ‘icky’ when she talks
        Sam Lo … she needs to be more aggressive
        Leren … needs more training at Q&A but I think she will do better than Maxine it even Ara
        Short …

    • @fabian nakita mo ba sila in person? Even I don’t like patch beauty Mas maayos ayos si patch than Jules and nagagandahan ako Kay aya this year
      Hindi dahil sa camp. She is vavalu. Pictures are taken. W your best angles

      • @ bonsai hater I have to admit – Aya and Patch seemingly lack a bad angle. They both look good from practically any direction. The same cannot really be said of their (camp) sister, Sam Lo, who while certainly more pretty than the two is stuck at pouting (a ‘la Cindy Crawford) as the face value is lost dramatically when she smiles; like Kylie Verzosa, she is prettier LITERALLY with her mouth shut.

      • @flortula. I agree w you about Sam lo dapat Cindy look all times. Patch and aya are models to start w. At even pipi ulo ni patch front view maganda sya by miles than Jules. That’s why I wish Jules can make chin tabas kasi sayang matangkad makuda may katawan which you said di sya agree as of the moment

  11. Still one of my favorites.
    She is one very interesting, worldly-enriched individual which, needless to say, is one of her tremendous assets. Her “overall” grade is MUP.

    Unlike Patch, my other favorite, who can either the MUP or BbP International crowns, for Julia it is MUP or nothing.

  12. She’s already successful she doesn’t need a title . Just facially there are superior girls . Malayogenic is true .

  13. Kung si Gazini kailangan magpakalalim (needs depth), ‘eto’ng si Julia, kailangan magpakababaw dahil to be brutally frank all this enlightened talk from her is beginning to make her sound self-righteous.

    And this styling makes her look OLD.

    @ Jen In the event of a Runner-up finish, Julia will NOT be able to join MWP 2019 for two reasons. First, the standard BBP contract given to the candidates prohibits them from joining a rival brand within at least a six (6)-month period from the Pageant Finals (effectively until December 2019, na). Second, cousin Michelle Dee is slated for ALV’s show this year and it would be silly to have Julia bump off or outshine Auntie Mimilanie’s “priority”. MWP 2020 at the earliest if she still really likes.

    • Thanks for the info, and enlightening me, Flor re: Julia’s possibility of joining MWP. I wish she would have waited til 2020 to join BBP to avoid competing against Patch who is also one of my top favorites. Ugh ! 😏

      • @ Jen Actually, she said in an interview that she initially was to jump in next year, not yet this year. I lost why she eventually decided to join this year, though. I think that interview is still on Blogger’s FB.

  14. Gandang kailangan mo munang singhot- singhotin,lapit- lapirutin,pisil- pisilin,..bago mo masabing,..ok,pwede eto..

  15. Very Bianca Guidotti 2.0…everything, the hyping and even the exposure from the blogger. Hehe 😚😉😊😋

    • Sinabi mo pa. Hype na hype kagaya nung kay Guidotti in 2014. Pilit na pilit. Yuck.

  16. Julia is peaking at the right time. One of my favorites from the very start, I hope she does not end up with a minor crown. If not MUP 2019, I’d rather see her with a runner-up finish, so she can compete for MWP2019, or, try out again for MUP2020. This girl has got the goods and has a lot to offer. She is in it to win it. All the best on your journey, Julia ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • She needs to wear higher heels to create an 8 heads figure. She also needs a more modern cut that emphasizes on having an hourglass figure… I love her credentials outside of pageantry but she is still too raw..

  17. I have seen her in person.

    I respect, Julia but please, not the MUP crown.

    A runner up is okay. Maybe?!

  18. Ako Lang ba nakapansin na after all that make up she has the similarity of Eva Patalinjug styling

  19. Sya Yun runner up sa psychic gurmeet and Naka blind item na malayogenic sa sashes and scripts

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