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  1. Okay, Aya did some transformation. I like the short hair. That made her novel.

    I did not find the presentation as a Glam Teaser though.

  2. Kamustah naman po ang lipstick nila, sobrang shiny to the point akala mo may gatas sila sa labi literal.

  3. deeeym gurl Aya SLAAAAAAAYEEEED!!!! I agree with C2F. If Aya’s comm skills and personality were as strong as her modeling skills then no doubt sh has a very good chance in MU. Pero iba yung confidence level nya ngayon no? it’s like, suddenly the pressure of being an MU runner up’s daughter disappeared in to thin air. Feel ko isa yun sa pinaka nag hold back sa kanya last year eh

    But But But can we just talk about the Ilene-Cary Santiago tandem??? Like, OH MY GOHD!!! If it were up to me, on finals night I wish Ilene would do the exact same styling and wear the exact same dress as the ones she used here. Damn, to see that exact Cary Santiago evening gown on the BBP stage is a true testament of how far BBP has advanced since the Cumbia era

    • Thanks..

      And I agree.. and the Cary Santiago gown is indeed gorgeous!!!!

    • If hipon si aya ano tawag Kay Julia hito?
      Ang Ganda Kaya ni aya this year

    • Facewise, Aya’s natural features are prettier than half of front-runners who are surgicaly enhanced… I could name each and everyone of them including their surgical procedures.

  4. I honestly didn’t recognize Aya
    She looks so much like Vietnam 2018
    And It’s not a compliment
    I hope she wins MIss Jag as she had the classiest presentation
    She may also get Swimsuit and one of the crowns
    If she was only more bubbly and outgoing ….. but she is what she is

    • I agree, she has all the goods to win an international beauty pageant… The height, the facial symetry, the bone-structure, toned musculature, body proportion, exotic features, the excellent personality background(pageant lineage/legacy), the academic credentials, the advocacy, the communications and modeling skills… She has it all… well except for a bubbly-outgoing personality which makes some of the other front-runners more apealing like Samantha Bernardo, Samantha Lo, Jessarie Dumaguing, Julia Saubier.

      Come to think of it, Aya actually has more personality than some of our past winners like Ariela Arida, Maxine Medina and Rachel Peters… Beauty-wise, she is more gorgeous than Venus Raj(facialy), Shamcey Supsup, Ariela Arida(physicaly), MJ Lastimosa, Rachel Peters(facialy)…. hmmmm

      She has better comskills than Ariela, MJ and Maxine.

      She has better comskills or more substance than half of the front-runners:
      Vicky Rushton, Emma Tiglao, Leren Bautista, Jessarie Dumaguing and even Gazini Ganados.

      She has better modeling skills than Hannah Arnold, Patricia Magtanong, Julia Saubier and sometimes even Gazini Ganados.

      Is it because our standards are so high this year that we can’t tolerate the fact that there are girls of the same batch with a more outstanding personality?

      • @C2F, I respectfully like to react to your quip on standards being so high this year. Yes, Cat may have set the bar high because she came prepared, but not too high as it cannot be hurdled. I feel for the so many outstanding candidates in this batch who may get intimidated by the so-called bar-set-too-high by the predecessor. For one, international crowns are like moving targets where each year’s winner depends heavily on the profession, career, preferences, beliefs, and other factors that make up the board of judges. It is true that there are some profiles that can be identified with each title, but it is not absolute because (1) brand building that may still be a work-in-progress may shift the definition of the ideal candidate of any pageant organization, (2) pageant economics and politics may come into play, and (3) specific circumstances may suddenly arise that can change the equation. So, when the bar-set-too-high issue comes, I ask: what bar was set too high? If it is the physical beauty, we know that there is no global beauty standard that to say the bar to hurdle is the Caucasian look is too unfair for the many beautiful brown and dusky beauties in this batch. If it is cerebral beauty, we know that the barometer is a university postgraduate degree with high honors and the credentials speak for themselves. If it is the beauty of character, we know that one indicator of one’s values is the advocacy and every candidate in this batch represents a particular cause she is passionate about. If it is English speaking skills, we know that native English speakers abroad find those with limited English more interesting and engaging that it should not unduly disfavor the native-born-and-raised aspirants whose “misfortune” is not being born with English as their mother tongue.

  5. My Top 5 for this challenge:

    1. Andrea Abesamis- was wow! The most modelesque girl nailed this hands down. If her personality is as strong as her modeling skills then I would send her to Miss Universe.

    2. Patricia Magtanong- effortlessly Gorgeous!

    3. Hannah Arnold- BBP- International.

    4. Julia Saubier- Surprisingly symetrical features….

    5. Leren Bautista- Pretty.

  6. This is definitely better than those swimsuit pictures. Everyone looks good but why does Hannah have Elvira hair? Patch looks promising , galleria is gorgeous, so is Gazini and aya

    • Same here. It’s just unfortunate that the gurl can barely talk. If she gets a crown it should be Supra though.

      • @ aj

        Don’t me! With the possible exception of Jenny Kim, Supra kweens from Asha Bhat (post-Mutya) onward were quite comfortable speaking up. So if Aya gets the Poland portfolio, she needs to be comfortable in her own skin so she does not come across as stuck up. Sayang ang wan-kata! We need to capitalize on the momentum established by the SEXY (Jayne) Dimaranan! Aya’s is DA BHAWDY (even) Keysi Sayago would be proud of.

        Now, just my own thoughts. LOVE Genobisa’s fresh-innocent and unpretentious air, the perfect counterpoint to all the contrived drama (sigh). HATE that added birds’ wing on Ilene’s bust (SIGH)!

      • AJ, she wasn’t that bad last yr
        She will do so much better this yr .
        Her MUP mother did not send her to Mababang Paaralan ng Sapang Baswetf

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