14 comments on “The Binibinis in their Official Swimwear Shots

  1. Leopard print, long sleeves na “swimsuit” with giant belt and lots of bling 😖

  2. OK, guys. This might be their last shoot.

    Three weeks to go and according to Emma and gang at MJ Marfori YouTube channel, all that is left to do are trips to Vigan City (try to guess who will host them), Boracay (?), 29 May Fashion Show (NatCos?), and the Parade of Beauties.

    Also, check out Flying Kell YouTube channel to witness Miss Intercontinental and her Colombian-Aussie beau enjoy Tagbilaran City.

  3. Koya MG, pa-imprenta ka 3000 hard copies ng “BBP – MUP 2019-2020 Super Sultry Calendar”, ASAP!

    Ta’s, first 1000 MUP FB and IG page LIKERS who correctly guess the winner of MUP will be recipients.

    The remaining 1000 copies, pamigay mo sa VIP friends and guests ng organization niyo.

    Ganito dapat, ha!

    July to August > Jessarie
    September to October > Sherry Ann
    November to December > Marianne
    January to February > Kimberle
    March to April > April May
    May to June > Sigrid

  4. Absolute faves: Patch M., Sam Lo, Sam B, Vickie R, Martina D. 🔥🔥🔥

  5. Di ko bet ang theme this year. Leopard print pero blue? I don’t know if there were too much contour going on or it’s just the editing. The lighting was so dark also and the background is kinda boring. Just my unpopular though.

    World peace 🙂

  6. I still cannot decide who should be MUP2019 … I have 4 nominees: Emma T., Samantha B., Patricia M., & Gazini G.

    Rushton for MIP 2019. (Arnold or Dumaguing are alternates)

    I must say that Abesamis and Bautista should get two of the lesser crowns. In addition, I should say that April Short must get a runner up position as a launching pad for next year when she joins again.

    • @janet good afternoon mi rep should not reach her 27th bday by Nov 2019.

  7. Horrible styling! Why did they cut the legs off ? They all look like tranny midgets! This is another work of the the great Saldaña . So overrated .

  8. Gazini and hannah. Hanah Ganda ganda
    In fairness sexy ni patch dito

  9. My first impression… Everyone looks cheap except Sam Lo Nicole Emma April Marrianne and Martina

    • Top 6

      Sam Lo
      Sam B.
      Resham S.,
      Leren Mae B.
      Jessarie D.
      Maria Isabela G.

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