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  1. My goshhhhh mga vekssss!!!! Ayamazing, Leren, SamLo!!!! I hope Leren wins MUP sobrang ganding Pinay na Pinay

    • Yes ganyang ganyn ang mga pinapadala natin dati na sa haba ng panahon nag back stage ..

      • We are riding the momentum right now… And it isn’t about just beauty anymore. It’s the total package vekla… If you think about it, the delegates we have sent in the past could have easily made the semis… Beautiful and brainy girls.

      • 4m , if this is not just about beauty … why are Caribbean and African girls being left out ? U know how articulate some of these girls can be

      • Because Fabbie, Filipinos are better English speaker than the Caribbean or African girls… hihihihihi… Plus the sash factor…

  2. I am surprised, as with a couple of my fellow commenters, of the omission of Samantha Lo from this swimsuit “elite eight” circle. Wonder why?

    However all these picks are spot on…if I do say so myself.

  3. My heart goes out to one of my favorites, Julia Saubier.

    Her look, in swimsuit, is still very underwhelming.

    It’s sad really. 😥

    • Just saw Julia Saubier here at NAIA T3 this morning (May 22, 2019 ay 6:00AM) Hmmm honestly, not the “typical beauty queen” that everybody is loolong for but she really looks smart.

      Beauty: 5-6/10

  4. nag iba mukha ni ganados dito…I like Rushton and Bautista…over all, mas gusto ko theme last year

  5. Wow.. Sam Lo is the moat commercially best facial look. Yun iba daming photoshop.

    She surprise me during interview from.smart.

    2nd is Laren May very filipina na Carmi Martin.

    3rd Gazini ..sexy but strong face here

    The rest good pose but not facially attractive.

    There are facially attractive but do not have good posture.

    • I think it’s unfair for us to judge the candidates based on these official glam shots. Obviously the editors went gaga and cray cray on photoshopping the girls’ faces, to which the girls have no control over

  6. For me, nagshine si Jessarie Dumaguing dito! Opinion ko lang po ito.

  7. Top 5
    Mariane Marquez
    Samantha Bernardo
    Emma Tiglao
    Patricia Magtanong
    Leren Bautista

  8. Leren mae bautistas face is classic beauty. Look at the shape of her face. Reminds me of a younger margie moran. For me, her beauty alone screams miss universe. Emma tiglaos face remainds me of (not to be mean) a praying mantis.

  9. Underwhelming photo of Ms. Rushton. Her face looks big and not proportionate to her body.

    Sam Lo got my attention during this shoot. Peaking at tge right moment dahling.

    I also love Emma Patch and Gazini.

  10. To me Vicky is Matured looking na…and sorry for the term…d na FRESH…NAKAKASAWA na nakita ang top heavy front nya…patch is…awkward here. SAM LO N LEREN B. GREAT POSES! SO BEAUTIFUL LADIES

  11. All the ladies he picked looks great except rushton
    Re Lo. Alam nyo rin na Gandang Ganda ako dun kaso baka against photochop si Tito norms. Alam naman natin di ganyan katawan ni Sam lo

    • R u sure ?
      Sam was prob once of the most in shape candidates .
      Then people including me started clamoring for more meat on her bones … hence the weight gain

      • @fabian yes for me she is mup material. But she looks masculine for PH standard. That’s why there is no need for photochop

    • No photoshop here. If you follow Samantha Lo’s instagram nip, tuck, pump are not part of her frame. That she struck a pose that shows her in her best so be it. If you do not
      like her or her look then a favorable picture nor favorable word will ever be uttered.
      I have had the opportunity to speak to Samantha and hear her speak at many events.
      She comes across as someone who appreciates constructive criticism, listens with interest to kind words and just plain ignores those that vomit negativity.
      As for Tito Norman he has said on this site ” that she can talk the talk and walk the walk along with saying that she is a professional at best. Words that a picture can not process. That is more then he has said about the eight boring glassy eyed girls who have graced this site since the posting of the 40 candidates.

    • No photoshop here. If you follow Sam Lo’s instagram same body in BBC. Nips, tuck and pump are not
      part of her frame. That she struck a pose and it worked to her advantage is another topic.
      If you do not like her or her look then there will never be a favorable picture nor a favorable
      word to be uttered about her on this site.
      I’ve had the opportunity to speak to her and hear her speak at various events. She comes across
      as someone who can accept constructive criticism, listens sincerely when someone else is speaking and just plain ignores those that vomit negativity.
      Tito Norman on this site has said that ” Samantha Lo can talk the talk and walk the walk ” along
      with calling her professional at best. Words that a picture cannot convey. That is more then he has said about the 8 boring, glassy eyed girls that have managed to grace this site since the 40
      candidates were announced.

      • @ Jen


        Lo will eat us all alive.

        Katakot. Koronahan na, kasi. Huwag niyo gagalitin.

        Besides, when you are compared to the likes of Paulina Vega and Cindy Crawford, you are not to be messed around with.

      • @jen.. Lo is in my mup list along w Sam b and patch. But I do know her body is not exactly hour glass. Even flor tula knows how I always rave about Los facial beauty. I don’t need to explain myself but I don’t like the implications of “if u don’t like the look then blah blah blah. Photoshops are not her decision and w this age it’s quite the norm. Noone suggested she undergone any surgery blah blah blah Im just giving my 2 cents why she is not on our dear blogger list

  12. Catriona liked only four photos in instagram and they are Patch Magtanong, Marianne Marquez, Sam Lo and Samantha Bernardo.

  13. I’m from the US and asked my Hollywood photographer/paparazzi friends to rate the girls. All three named Samantha Lo as their top choice.

    • Im from Manila and everyone I n my neighborhood said Marianne and Sam Lo killed it

  14. Samantha Bernardo nailed this challenge…
    The hands, the hips, the hair.. everything is on point…

    I would actually place Leren Bautista above Sam B. but Leren’s raised arm looked misplaced… but everything else was gorgeous.

    Physicaly Emma is beautiful…but her posing here could have been so much better.

    Patricia needs to work on getting a bubble butt Asap!

  15. If I have to be very objective on the swimwear photos alone, only Sam Lo and Leren Mae Bautista’s photos are good enough to be on magazine covers. Very editorial.

  16. It is a bit difficult to judge from the photos because some shots have those big leaves covering the view, and the dark hues of the swimwear meld with the black background. Nevertheless, I agree with your picks, except that Ilene de Vera should have been included.

    • I agree. Are we the only ones who noticed Ilene de Vera’s exceptional projection?

      Ilene de Vera, Samantha Lo, Leren Mae Bautista, Samantha Bernardo, and Martina Turner Diaz for my Top 5 in Swimsuit based on these photos. 🙂

      • Ilene de Vera may not be as hyped as the others but I have the hunch she will snatch one of the crowns. She looks and sounds very intelligent.

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