19 comments on “Beauty and serenity become Nicole Guerrero

  1. Maganda sya kaysa sa vavalu at pipi ang ulo na frontrunner. Ang problem sa kanya body structure na Kaya I gym. Pwd sya manalo NG minor crown

    • I like bonsai eye for flaws yet still finding an appropriate solution.
      Agree that Guerrero is facially beautiful and if you see her kuda magiba list nyo

    • Ano solution mo Kay Patch ?
      UP Law yan. So ang drive nyan .. to do everything in her power to be competetive … Sobrang lakas
      I’m sure she will diet and exercise … and train for both Q&A and pasarela

  2. Dapat pala nakapusod si Nicole
    So I will not count her out yet
    What matters most is her performance at the prelim ( I suppose there is one to decide on the top 25) … and finals night .
    I just wish they would allow everyone to Present on finals night … considering how much they shell out to make this happen.

    • And here I am thinking that the entire stretch of their sponsor visits, media tour/interviews, photoshoots since top 40 announcement is already their prelim. BBP have the longest preliminary competition ever among all pageants in that case! hehehe

      • @ Viveka Vavagee You misunderstood. Fabian Reyes said, “I suppose there is one to decide on the top 25”.

        But honestly, I believe that with the formalization of the MUP organization, the BBP pageant will eventually transition to become more and more like MU – WITH A PRELIM.

        For example, MUT already has “attitude interviews”, aka their preliminary interviews.

  3. @ Chadwick Yizzz, pero siguro sa MWP 2020, na. Not yet this year and sayang nga naman ‘yung ininda’ng residency. Magtagal na lang muna siya dito at mag-initiate ng BWAP project like Cat who got involved in Young Focus years before taking the pageantry plunge. Basta for this year, ang babantayan ko sa MWP are Michelle Dee and Sirene.

    @ 4M Anna Bayle had an oblong face.

    Of the Four Bimbos of the A&Q Apocalypse – comprised of Guerrero (North), Magtanong (West), Lo (South), and Abesamis (East) – ‘eto ang napag-iwanan for reasons that evade/elude me. But ja, she is the shortest of the four. I like her womanly hips, though. Yummy, parang ansarap…. hihihih.

    • Flor T, why bimbos?
      I think they have achieved enough in life to not be called bimbos .
      As for Nicole , I don’t know if she’s MW beauty . It’s not enough that you can talk or have a platform at MW . Julia looks for a certain beauty .and Nicole doesn’t have it .
      Who knows she may surprise us on finals night . She reminds me of Miriam only more articulate and less iffy ( I honestly hate the way Miriam has become )

    • Flor T, why call the four bimbos? I think ur a bimbo urself for not looking for the the meaning and proper usage. Nakaka hiya ka! Same goes with ur comments and opinion very bimbo

  4. The next Miss World PI – but she’s one of my spoilers on the big night❤️

    • Kainis yang PI mo. Napaka-primitive ng dating. Halatang-halata ang age mo baks haha #PhilippineIslands

  5. She has potential but needs to sculp her face medyo oblong ang fez nya.. She should not be discouraged though as I think she’s a shoo-in for top 15 at least.

  6. I truly hope she wins a crown!

    She looks like an angel in these shots.

  7. hello sir norman, matatapos na pala ang May..may i know kung kelan ang parade of beauties? thanks..

  8. gandang ganda ako sa mukha ng girl na ito kasi very Filipina. She seems very warm and approachable.

  9. she is beautiful but I have lots of questions sa photographer. Para sang tela na may ulo na nilatag sa hagdanan.

    • Among all candidates she was the 1st who got my attention because of her communication skills. Very vibrant and pleasant to hear… my sentimental bet for Supranational.

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