9 comments on “The sacrifices of being a #BbPilipinas candidate

  1. I love Samantha B, the drive, the energy, the passion kitang kita talaga. She’s very true and genuine. She deserved a crown talaga!!!!!

  2. I imagine how staggering the investment could be for anyone joining pageantry. The wardrobe, accessories, hotel accommodations, personal cosmetics, not to mention months of unpaid vacation leave from their work or a prolonged semestral break from school– these are formidable financial burden enough to discourage any candidate with limited means. Add to this the emotional baggage of having to go through extreme public scrutiny, where one’s skin, hair, nose, eyes, teeth, legs, ears, chin, fingernails/ toenails, abs, walk, height, posture, makeup, speaking voice, English facility, mannerisms, and so on and on, are being snooped, talked about, and bashed in social media. The physical, psychological and financial strain must be so punishing that for the candidates to still smile sweetly every time is astonishing. But like gambling, only a few will have positive returns on their investment. When the rest go home empty-handed, I am sure there is another set of sacrifice they have to go through.

    • True true true. About the only thing you did not mention is that many of these girls ate bread
      earner for their families.

      • Must be really terrible for those who are bread-earners too for their families. If they win, is the monthly allowance enough for their so-called “maintenance” (wardrobe, make-up, etc), modest accommodation in the city, transportation, etc? If they lose, I’m sure their families have a pile of debts to pay. For the unlucky non-winners, I just hope the pageant gives them enough exposure and connections so that they can find decent jobs or modeling/ showbiz contracts to fall back to. And to us pageant enthusiasts, I hope we refrain from bashing and humiliating candidates we don’t like and adding insult to injury to nonwinners by calling them with derogatory names like “clappers”.

  3. You know how to reduce the sacrifice? SHORTEN the pageant period! COMPRESS to two (2) weeks.

    Kung hindi pa nagka-issue sa LCS, the Application would have happened as early as late January. T’as, June ang pageant!!! Nauna na’ng nairaos ang Puteri, babangga pa sa MUT. And totally useless that Holy Week break.


    @ Fabian Reyes, YAS! Sam Bernardo will not be an embarrassment for Ahtisa. Of all the candidates now, it is Palawena whom I have FULL confidence in. NO ONE ELSE.

    And I will not at all be surprised if Ahtisa relays her “coronita” to Sam B., a ‘la tag team.

  4. Sam B is not as articulate as I thought she was
    I think she’s our best bet to win another MI crown
    She’s got everything MI is looking for
    She’s very pretty with a very clean profile . She’s very graceful and feminine . And she talks with sweet confidence .

    Sam B for MIP
    Gazini for MGI
    Hannah Sam Lo or Julia for MUP
    Aya for Supra…
    Leren for Globe .. alternative Emma
    Vickie Intercontinental
    Patch first runner up . She needs to build more confidence.

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