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  1. Sabi nga ni Flor , I bigay na ang MUP Kay Patch para magkaalaman.
    Pero pag nangyari ito , maraming kakabahan . Tabi mo na Lang Kay Colombia at Brazil.

  2. Sana next year ibalik sa month of March ang finals night. Masyado matagal for month of June.

    Magtanong for MUP ’19

    Tiglao for MI ’19


  3. My Miss Universe Philippines is a combination of the beauty and elegance of Gazini, the drive of Samantha Bernardo and the fluency of Julia Saubier or Samantha Lo.

    If Madam finds her (or potential to be) come June 9th, I am confident we will have our b2b Miss Universe.

  4. Bat kailangan ganyan ang theme parang pang graduation or pang resume. Hindi ba pwedeng something casual, bubbly and relatable. With outdoor shot and colorful para refreshing sa eyes. Kaloka ang black and white with transition to colored.

    • Thank you for your feedback.

      Blogger, pakisabi naman kay Koya MG na hindi daw maganda ‘to’ng idea ni Jonas.

      Next year, baka ‘di na ‘to ulitin.

  5. My current leaderboard:

    MU- Patricia Magtanong- the more I see her interviews, the more I am rooting for her.
    MI- Hannah Arnold- She is sweet, kind and charming… Her beauty would be a sure standout in Japan.
    MIC- Gazini Ganados- She’ll be perfect for this title, great follow-up after Karen Galman.
    MS- Samantha Bernardo- She has all that is required for this pageant… her dance and gymnastics background is perfect. I love that she is so confident with expressing herself evn w/ her mild Tagalog accent(w/c doesn’t matter internationaly). The more I see her interviews, the more I believe that she has the “suprapersonality” to bring home the crown.
    MG- Aya Abesamis- her exotic modelesque natural beauty would be a sure standout in this pageant that could open her to more modeling opportunities abroad… Possible alternate would be Emma Tiglao.
    MGI- Julia Saubier – She has the strong well-rounded personality and high academic credentials to excell in this pageant and we all know that she can do greater things if Nawat won’t give her the crown.
    1st RUp – Emma Tiglao- great alternate for almost all the crowns.
    2nd RUp – Jessarie Dumaguing- being a runner-up for now would prepaire her to become crown worthy next year… For Supra, International or maybe even Universe.

    Top 16
    Samantha Lo -She will perform well.
    Vicky Rushton- I’m a bit underwhelmed… I guess she knows she’s no longer eligible for MI..
    Nicole Guerrero- She got thick… She could’ve been crown worthy if she got lean.
    Isabela Galeria- I love her… She’d be a great crown contender next year… she just needs to dial up her personality by having more exposure in modeling and hosting.
    Ilene De Vera- A national title holder.. she would also perform well.
    April Short
    Resham Saeed-
    Joana Toledo

    • Interview kayo ng interview, eh ang panget nga ni Patch. Maymay/VP Leni/Pops doppelganger nga sya eh

      • @Mori

        Teh, yang mga Pops Fernandez/Maymay Entrata peg ang mga mabenta sa mga foreigners…
        Yung mga type nyo na mga tisay…. ordinaryo lang mga yan at siguradong ligwak sa ibang bansa unless kasing ganda at talino ni Catriona Grey and Megan Young.

      • closer di talaga maganda si patch. She can be mup w a whole team of experts behind her. I only like her bec she have sariling Palo at kusa. Maganda naman katawan at mag lugay NG buhok. For the first time maganda kaysa sa Phil rep ang pinadala ng Indonesia if she wins mup
        Beauty wise wala si patch sa top 20 NG bbp

      • Wow, travel travel din guys pag may time… Yung sinasabi nyong maganda ordinaryo lang yun sa ibang bansa… Itong nilalait nyo e mas maganda pa kay Janine Tugonon na naging 1st RUp… Kahit ipagdikdikan nyo pa ang mga bet nyo…Waley parin mga yan kung wala namang utak… LOL

      • @closer nalalaman Kang travel travel dyan. Meet tayo if you want pakita mo passport stamps mo. For you to assume. Just bec di kami nagagandahan Kay patch. At pls Lang janine t is more maganda Kay patch. urbeks kazakstan beauty si janine the nerve
        Di Lang si patch brainy sa batch na to. Shonget naman

  6. Miss Universe Catriona Gray for Smart Signature

    Nilangaw ang article na ito ni Grandmama Blogger about Catriona kasi 2 comments doon. Di ko alam ang reason kung bakit不不不. Maybe, maybe lang ha, weather weather lang din si Catriona. Ngayon di sya mabenta pero kapag malapit na ang BBP coronation night medyo pag-uusapan ulit. Medyo lang, right Grandmama Blogger?不不不

    • It is precisely because of her “setting the bar so high” that folks are excited to see how this batch will cope with that thought at the back of everyone’s mind. I know I am.

      If you, dear commentators, really feel little need fort a postpaid mobile phone account upgrade at the moment, feel free to tell Koya MG exactly which products or services you would want MUP 2019 (whomever she turns out to be) to endorse. After all, he probably worked this deal out.

      @ Adrienne Regards to Bailey. Muy caliente, today! Remind her/him to take PLENTY of agua.

    • I think the reason is that the ad portrayed Cat as the ultimate millennial. But the depiction is hardly a portrait of a Filipino millennial who, in the assertion of his/her right to go after big goals and aim high, still puts a premium on parental consent and peer advice and permission from authority figures and gatekeepers. In my opinion, for Cats branding message to resonate well to Filipinos, it should have been presented with less perceptual image of too self-absorbed, too self-confident and too independent person. I guess the branding message that appeals to the Filipino millennials center more on success coming from doing ones best through cooperation, and not through play[ing] on my own strengths.

    • Because it’s a clickbait for advertising. hihihihihih I don’t care who Catriona is but I am not wasting my time for an ad post…..hihihihihi


    THIS is EXACTLY the demeanor she needs to secure a title – calm and collected, a little deliberate, and not too “all-over-the-place”. Good job!

    BUT, it takes time to fix (meaning, to make permanent and second-nature). So, I now want her to NOT YET win this year.

    She already has the following of foreigners. She can do no wrong anymore.

    LAST attempt na either next year or 2021 (kung iiiwas niyo siya kay Alaiza). SIGURADO na by then.

  8. Samantha B !!!!!! She reminds me of Dayana Mendoza. I hope she does that type of vibe and walking

  9. My mup bet Sam b patch and Sam lo

    MI hannah and supra gazini are lock

  10. Hmmm. This is my list
    MI-Hannah Arnold mananalo ito come nov
    Supra-Gazini ganados mananalo come Dec
    INTERCON-Emma Tiglao
    Globe-Aya Abesamis
    Ist runner up julia for 2020 kailangan magpa tasa NG chin
    2nd runner up whoever doesn’t bec mup
    My mup is a toss bet
    1.SAM b-smart strong and maganda enough(not a raving beauty) pero after all her investments on fixing see the results
    2.pATCH m – pipi talaga head nya and di kagandahang but what I like about her she tries to influence people on her ig example to exercise their rights to vote like I said walang complete package patch needs a glam team at wag na mag pusod NG banat makikita ang Mali. Pros mahaba din leeg ni patch. Walang prob sa katawan so maiiraos
    3sam Lo-a great beauty but have elmo the frog neck. She needs to hit the gym intensively. Di ko alam Kung ano solusyon NG thick neck

    Among the 3 who you think should be mup

    • Patch na lang for MUP.

      Ilaban na, nang mairaos na siya.

      I doubt another year or so of training or preparation will make any more difference, physically. And character is what it is.

      • @flor at Mas maganda sya Kay Jules kahit pipi ang ulo. Lugay Kung Lugay na Lang

  11. If u watch Pilya feature on Patch , u will be swayed in her favor . Shes humble articulate and pretty …. especially when she talks
    Now I know why Robato and a couple guys on YouTube are deadset on Patch

    So whoever wins MUP in this batch will likely impress internationally

    • In my opinion, these three videos of the 40 hopefuls are much more compelling to view in comparison to those “word-game” videos in recent years.

      I would not be surprised if there were a couple of crowns that are awarded to candidates who are not in anybody’s radar this year.

      Compliments to the video organizers.

  12. If u watch Pilyas feature on Patch , u will likely be swayed in her favor . Shes humble articulate and very pretty . Shes a lot more beautiful when she talks … unlike Gazini who can ibe irritating when she opens her mouth

    • @fabian. Gazini beauty is lamang Kay patch. Patch just made up for being humble and articulate at mukhang gracious silang 2. That’s why I’m rooting for the 2

  13. On this video,
    Hannah looks bright and beautiful as expected

    Surprisingly , Julia Short and Patch look amazing. I think this video has changed the game in favor of these 3 girls.Unlike Patch . Short s diction is questionable

    Ilene is what Pinoy judges admire in terms of beauty body posture and confidence .. so shell probably win a place

    Im disappointed at Sam Lo and Sam B here . They should fire their stylists

    Nicole is a lost cause .

  14. If u want a complete package , u have Hannah Arnold . I dont think it matters where she comes from . The judges dont have time to look it up within the few minutes that they see the candidate in front of them … Her lack of Gutom factor will come in once she realizes how important for Pinoys that she do well at MU . This will not happen until she has that MUP sash on her . As for her Q &A performance , this can easily be improved as she is smart and fluent already.

    Kung gusto nyong kabahan, let Julia or Patch win . I have to see the final product on Julia as I believe she can be transformed into a really competetive beauty . With Patch , I find her a little timid … unlike Shamcey Janine Miriam and Ara who are oozing with confidence and strong fighting spirits . Confidently beautiful Patch is not .
    If she wins ,kakabahan ako but I will cheer for her .

    • Julia needs a cosmetic surgery. Not sure if she will change her mind. But if she does she will be mup.
      Jules and patch are no raving beauty

  15. I can’t get over how well spoken all these ladies are!

    The fact that the Miss Universe pageant will not be held in the Philippines gives a glimmer of optimism of a b2b possibility. It is a luxury Maxine Medina did not have.

    That said even though Hanah Arnold has above and beyond the goods to qualify as an excellent MUP, I’m afraid her Fili-Aussie ethnic combo – duplicating Catriona’s – will be her achilles heel.

    My personal other favorites Patch and Saubier would be excellent follow ups to Catriona. Patch is an overall complete package while Saubier has that global appea butl still needs to discover “that look” to dazzle on stage

    Samantha Lo, the beautiful chameleon who can transform into a super-beauty is also MUP worthy. However, she has that Catriona-prototype-vibe that, unfortunately only this year, may work against her.

    My two cents based on this video.
    I would be delighted if there were non favorites who make it into the winners circle. It’s always satisfying to witness an underdog making good

    It all comes down to finals night and the judges.

  16. Blogger, tell MUP to invite the new mayors of the cities of Baguio, Olongapo, Manila, and Pasig. A Binibini wants to meet her new Mayor. She apparently voted for him.

    Anne Barker is soft “in inside”.

    Nicole Guerrero really reminds me of Anna Bayle.

    Galeria practically copied Janine Tugonon’s Question Round at MU!

    Ba’t ang tatapang nila this year? Fearless, audacious, strong-willed. Gegerahin ba tayo ni Angkol?

      • I don’t think so.

        Ta’s, wala rin’g kinatawan ang Baguio.

        So, additional clue na ‘yan kung sino’ng kandidata ‘yung tinutukoy ko.

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