21 comments on “A new styling for Julia Saubier

  1. She is perfect for Miss World! I think that must have been her target pageant, its just that Michelle Dee, her cousin, is finally joining this year.

  2. I think that Julia is like Leren B. in the sense that her beauty is subtle, and this heavy makeover just makes her look matronly. (But in terms of facial beauty, Leren >> Julia)

  3. I’m a fan and she’s in my top 3 list ! The best of luck to you, Julia 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. She does not look like this in real life.

    Sadly it is true for Ms. Saubier.

    Remember Candids ang labanan sa pageant. Kung di mo kamukha glam shot mo, ligwak ka sa tunay na buhay.


  5. Julia is a natural beauty and I was expecting a little more of a “wow” result.
    She’s well on her way.

    She’s still MUP potential. I don’t think BbP International suits her nor any of the other crown for that matter.

    We’ll see.

  6. There is always this one or two that make it to the winning circle cum finals night. So she could be Globe or intercontinental bound.

  7. She looks old. Sana yung dating packaging na morena, not much make up. The glam shot look like she’s joining MRS MESS WORLD

  8. I expect Rene Salud and Auntie Mimilanie to surprise us.

    This one does not. Pokwang is all I am getting. Bad transformation, imo.

    Mademoiselle is almost invisible as far as foreign observers, emphasizing the physical, are concerned. I hope this anonymity/obscurity will work to her favor down the line and as the Final approaches; at least she will not suffer premature overexposure or “umay factor”.

    Because a front-runner or two is beginning to get tiring to the eyes or has peaked.

    Who is taller? Saubier or Short?

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