15 comments on “PLDT welcomes Home the Bb. Pilipinas 2019 Candidates

  1. Na didis appoint talaga ako kay patch. She is the katarina R of this batch. I cant put gazini as my alternate for MUP. I would rather put joanna toledo than gazini. Pati si saubier d ko mailagay. Dont know where to put her.

  2. Now that we have this entity (MUP), I wonder what direction it will bring our time-honored BBP traditions to.

    Sponsor visits are a given. But I wonder if Mario Garcia can bring new sponsors in, too.

    Can we expect a jingle similar to the now-ubiquitous MU introductory ditty, as MUT has done?

    Hope, though, that the AFP Medical Center will still be a beneficiary.

    And am looking forward to the Swimwear shoot.

  3. The pre-pageant activities have been going on for weeks now.
    Out of curiosity, are the ladies given monetary allowances while participating in the pageant?
    I mean, most of them either resigned or took a leave from their jobs to participate in Bb. Pilipinas.
    Sa June pa coronation, which mahigit isang buwan silang walang trabaho 😶

      • These ladies took a lot of risk joining this pageant.
        Imagine, mahigit isang buwan silang walang source of income tapos ilan lang mananalo.
        Kung talo ka, talagang uuwi kang luhaan.
        Yung mga nanalo siguro naman may monthly sweldo/allowances na while under Bb.Pilipinas? 😅
        Sana maximum 2 weeks lang tagal ng pre-pageant activities.

    • This is not a daily job
      I’m sure the schedule has been made well ahead of time .. so the girls can work on days that they don’t have activities .. then 2-3 weeks leading up to the finals , they take a leave of abscence
      But who are we kidding ? Most of these girls are probably jobless hoping that their stint at BP will help them get a job as an actress model or flight attendant . .. if not find a man to take her under his wings ( I’m being nice here )

  4. Why is PLDT interested in the aspirants’ advocacy? Why does MUP intend to award the candidate with the most compelling advocacy? True beauty has less to do with looks but has everything to do with how one is as a person and how one makes others feel about themselves. Advocacy is one good lens to see this inner beauty. I can see that this is the spirit behind the mantra “confidently beautiful”.

  5. In the top photo, who is the lady in the front center wearing the glorified white undergarments?

    She looks ridiculous. 😂

      • Thank you Josh.
        It is just that the ladies are visiting the head office of a telemarketing firm and it looks as though Ms. Cordoves chose an attire that came off the rack of the old-lady section from “Frederick’s of Hollywood.”

        Note: The BbP beauties are dressed in blue jeans!

        In my opinion the attire first runner-up of MGI, the fitth most important of the six Bb titles, looks very inappropriate and borderlining self-exhortation in a professional setting when the focus is on the 2019 candidates…not 2017.
        Sorry! 😉

    • Si Nicole Cordovez po, kung ridiculous po ang tingin ninyo sa kanya, then ano na lang po ang tawag sa inyo? Kung hindi ninyo siya kilala mas ridiculous po kayo. Hahaha

  6. That the communications giant opted to listen to each aspirants’ advocacy puts into focus the importance of character in defining beauty. The truly beautiful is one with good character. The way one treats people, the way one approaches people, the way one handles issues, situations, circumstances and life problems are what defines character which is basically what is termed as “inner beauty”. Advocacy is the concrete expression of this. That’s why pageantry nowadays increasingly focuses on advocacy because character completes the holistic definition of beauty– physical, cerebral and character.

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