2 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray for Smart Signature

  1. A compelling advertising copy for the millennials! Otherwise known as the Me Generation, millennials are said to be the most narcissistic and individualistic generation in recorded history, whose feeling of entitlement and selfishness technology has only exacerbated. The information revolution has empowered individuals in this Me Generation by handing them the technology to compete against huge organizations: hackers vs. corporations, bloggers vs. newspapers, terrorists vs. nation-states, YouTube directors vs. studios, app-makers vs. entire industries.

    I’m afraid, the thematic message in the catchline “goal slayer” reeks of images of the self-absorption characteristic of this entitled generation. I just hope the copywriter of the ad emphasized more on the slant of entitlement as the right to go after big goals and aim high— but it should not be independent of parental advice and not without asking for permission from authority figures and gatekeepers! I guess the other redeeming value here is that if Cat will decide to give part of her advertising earnings to the beneficiaries of her advocacy projects.

  2. “Goal SLAYER”, my _ss. What a term! So g_y. 😦

    Koya MG, I’ll bet kokontratahin naman ng GLOBE sina ALV.

    That being said, I was once a postpaid account holder of both. OK naman.

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