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  1. Of the 3, Sam Lo has the best facial proportions and has the biggest untapped potential. The other 2 already have enough make up, yet still can’t hide their flaws (patch doesn’t have enough forehead she can’t wear her hair straight; Julia’s nose looks surgically enhanced and her eyes are too small). Both are also already thin.
    On the other hand, Sam can lose a few more pounds and lift more weights to give her more shape and curvature. After she wins ( if she wins) have Gafud’s team or Cat’s team focus/dedicate their time on her full transformation including how to put on Ed Enough makeup and teach her a signature walk and she can give Phil a rare back 2 back win. It’s obvious that she knows the art of speaking with other people on camera, she knows how to summarize what others say without being verbose and her sense of comfort radiates confidence.

  2. Patch is giving me (Laura) Lehmann vibes and I am unsure what that means….

  3. Sorry Patch. It’s a resounding NO for this round. Lo wins this.

    • I’m pretty sure Patch is devastated that you thought she lost and Samantha won hahaha!!!

    • Samantha should put on more makeup like Patch who always comes prepared.

  4. What does it mean to win a “good” crown?

    Perhaps with the next group of ladies the question posed should be “What does it mean to win a bad crown?”


    • I will turn the bad to good, right the wrongs, and put the silver lining on every grey cloud.

      Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

      ‘Oh, ayan. May inihanda na ako’ng reply para kina…. (hihihih). 🙂

  5. I like Patch’s humility
    But She sounded forced . ” I would like to eradicate poverty’ I feel like I was listening to a 9 y/o girl participating in some Miss Little pageant.

    • @Fabian: I thought they were not musings of a 9-year old. Coming from an Economics graduate with high scholastic honors, and a newly-certified lawyer, she knows the tools to attain that elusive dream of societies. Economics is all about allocation of resources. The legal profession is one discipline that facilitates this allocation. Of course, politics come into play here because it is all about the allocation of power that brings about the equitable distribution of resources. What I see is that given the platform and the opportunity, the pursuit of a dream, no matter how quixotic, can be a reality. I think that is where Patch is coming from when she said those words.

      • Oh, really? You would think that with the tens of thousands of economists and lawyers that have come before Ms. Magtanong that the problem of poverty would have been “eradicated” by now! Does Patch hold the magic key?

  6. One thing I noticed: Patch whose first language is Filipino pronounced the word “Advocacy” correctly while the remaining 2 didn’t.

    • Patch’s first language is English? And she pursued all of her studies in English? So this is no excuse.

    • Filipino is not a language; Tagalog is. You’ve implied that Visaya, Hiligaynon and Ilocano (among many others) are not Filipino languages.

  7. Only Magtanong among these three for the top prize(s) … only Magtanong period.
    The other two can join Miss Earth P or Miss World P and they’ll do very well there

  8. i was not convinced with Patch but looking at these three i cant help but look at her even when it wasnt her turn to speak.

  9. I just hope Samantha wins a crown. She should watch her posture and do more and workout. But I enjoyed listening to them speak.

  10. C’mon people!

    Janine Tugonon and Pia Wurtzbach were second language English speakers. Based on their final q&a at MU, the former was a first runner-up who “should have” won and the latter did win!

    Patch is beautiful an educated professional, a lawyer and most definitely MU worthy. MU is likely to be in December.

    Should she be fortunate enough to be crowned MUP 19′ and represent the Philippines come December, which is a strong possibility, it will give Patch ample time to prepare to prosecute and win her case.

    Should that be the scenario, I would bet my bottom dollar that she will deliver, baby!

    Thank you!

  11. Very impressed with how Patch stood her ground against two very eloquent English speakers.

  12. For someone whom English is not her native tongue, Patch Magtanong showed depth and clarity of thought in her answer. Indeed, the opportunity provided by a good crown means a lot to anyone pursuing a successful career and building meaningful advocacy. She just entered a major milestone in her life by passing the Bar Exams for lawyers, yet she knows fully well that the platform presented by a good crown will enable her to scale greater heights in her profession, to attain wider support for her advocacy, and to present herself as an agent for meaningful change in society. I am positive that a good crown can be Patch’s roadmap towards duplicating the career path of the beautiful celebrated international lawyer Amal Clooney.

  13. It is soooo obvious that the whole production of this video is so biased against the ” very llamado” Patch Magtanong of A&Q to favor Julia Saubier who’s trained by Rene Salud and Melanie Marquez… from asking the one w/ the weakest resume but best comskills 1st.. then placing 2nd best speaker w/ the best resume in the midlle… and then placing the 1 w/ Tagalog as her 1st language last. While all ears was on Sam Lo and Julia, the whole production did every diversion during Patricia’s turn… from passing water bottles while she’s speaking, all the unrelated obstructive movemnts by the team and other contenders upto to the loud ringtones and notifications. Luckily the lawyer with the prettiest most modelesque features did not falter regardless of all the distractions and interuptions created by the masterminds of the video. This is proof that BBP Universe and BBP-International would either go to Patricia Magtanong and maybe, Julia Saubier.

    • Good observation!

      But notice that it was Sam who volunteered to speak first (unless that was a strategic move….).

      Then simply proceeded from right to left.

      Patch Bea “brought it home”, as Sam said, with her “WOW!” A touch of modest class HM Emperor Naruhito will appreciate.

      Hai! 🙂

      • @Flor Tula

        I just wana stir an empty pot to spark a convo..

  14. Anyone of the other two but not Sam Lo . Her beauty is baduy. At least patch and Julia you can transform into international caliber looks but Sam looks too provincial . Also of the 3 she has the weakest resume .

  15. …a “good” crown?

    BbP International is a good crown. MUP is “thee” crown.


    Great to see these beauties speak. All three were impressive.

  16. These are three of the best speakers in this batch. Sam and Julia nailed their answers, hands down. Patch looked the best in this video but she must have been tensed after hearing the other two answer very articulately. Clearly she still needs polishing in answering questions.

  17. as i look at the candidates from other countries, i am convinced that our best bet for MU2019 would be samantha lo. we have to send someone eloquent and confident enough to stand on that international stage. also, i think sam lo is very transformable, we have yet to see her full potential. i hope she gets as far as the q&a on june 9 because then it would be fair game for these 3.

    • might i add that from this video, only samantha lo has that commanding presence that makes you listen to what she has to say. the other 2 are equally verbose but they are not as compelling as sam.

  18. Julia is not wordy. She is painting a picture how severe the situation and how as beauty queen can position herself in this circumstance. She is actually very profound yet still a bit shy. She is raw and with training she will learn to put more power in her emphasis. samantha is very direct and thats her strength. Patch is very eloquent for a native speaking filipina. And I love that the media put them altogether in one table so we can hear how these ladies process their thoughts. all three are amazing!

  19. Sam Lo answered well. The other 2 girls answers are too wordy with no impact to boot.

  20. Sam Lo answered the question well. The other 2 girls answers are too wordy with no impact to boot.

  21. Grabeh, nandito rin sa event na ‘to ‘yung super crush ko…. (clue : not Blogger Tinio) Hihihih… 🙂

  22. Hmmm Tama nga comment na walang complete package this year si Hannah girl Lang pero wala naman milo. I dare na mag pusod NG buhok si Patch and Julia and it will go down the drain makikita na pipi ang ulo ni patch and Julia is vavalu. Sam Lo is a beauty yes but she looks like she have a large torso.pusunin pero madali remedyuhan
    Sa 3. Sam Lo wins

  23. Si Samantha lo ang beauty and brains. Yun 2 brainy
    At the end of the day this is still a beauty contest kahit I down nyo comment ko

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