25 comments on “Could this be a prophetic Bb. Pilipinas 2019 photo?

  1. If the battle is going to be between these 8 ladies, I predict:

    2nd RU: Leren Bautista
    1st RU: Gazini Ganados
    Globe: Emma Tiglao
    Intercontinental: Vickie Rushton
    Grand International: Samantha Bernardo
    Supranational: Aya Abesamis
    International: Hannah Arnold
    Universe: Patricia Magtanong

  2. MUP – Patch Magtanong
    MIP – Hannah Arnold
    MPIntercon – Gazini
    Miss Supra – Aya Abesamis
    MGI – Emma Tiglao
    Globe – Leren Bautista
    1st runner up – Vicky Ruston
    2 nd runner up – Sam Bernardo

    Some will falter in Q&A, but I will secure Patch and Hanna for the top 2 positions. That said, alternates are Julia Saubier, Jessica Marasigan, Sam Lo, Resham, and Nicole Guerrero.

  3. Guys, I don’t have IG. But you do…

    Go take a look at d.weerada. She is 23 and stands 179 cm.

    I now think Fahsai has some real competition in case she gives MUT another try.

  4. Here are my possible titleholders:

    MUP: Patch/Leren/Aya/Gazini/Saubier
    MI: Vickie/Emma/Hanna
    MS: Aya/Samantha/Patch/Emma
    MIC: Samantha/Aya/Ilene
    MGI: Samantha/Gazini/other
    MG: Aya/Gazini/Ilene/Emma

    But so many spoilers like Galeria, Black, Marasigan etc.

    • @ 4M (I will attempt an analysis of your selection from the standpoint of a statistician)

      Very clear that your ACTUAL choices for Universe and International are Leren and Vickie, respectively.

      Also clear is that you are unsure where Emma, Gazini, and Aya truly fit; you have scattered them widely like an unmanned machine gun with a stuck trigger. Not so good….

      But for and with Samantha , you are more precise. You trust and know her well.

      And now that you mentioned it, Patch at Poland might actually be a GOOD idea. 🙂

      If Patch does get a title in the middle, that effectively leaves the top two titles a free-for-all. Perhaps even…. (hihihih).

      • hihihihi I based my decision on what I see from them and what typical mold of candidates that win in more predictable pageants. Vickie is perfect for MI and she’s due for a crown after a runner up finish. Gazini is perfect for MGI with her more latina-beauty coming through and her height. The rest could be a toss up 🙂

  5. MU – GAZINI
    MI- Emma Tiglao
    MIC- Vicky Rushton
    MGI- Samantha Bernardo
    MS: Aya Abesamis
    MG: Patch Magtanong

    1st runner up: Hannah Montana
    2nd runner up: Samantha Lo bubbling up

  6. Just based on the pics , Hanna and Gazini are the MU calibre beauties
    I like Gazini’s attitude .. Laban Kung Laban
    But why do I feel that she will fail the Q&A?

    • Kasi negative ka, why not change the mindset and hoping for the best for our girls. Daming nang negative dadagdagan mo Fabian. Sabi nga ni Enrile, gusto nya happy ka!

  7. I wonder how the “other” 32 beauties feel about this makeshift prediction of a prophet photo. Should the 32 non-prophetic beauties lose all hope now? 😉

    Albeit light heartrf, I just don’t think it was wise. It certainly is disheartening.💔

    Sad 😥

  8. My current leaderboard:

    MU – Patricia/Julia
    MI- Julia/Patricia
    MIC- Gazini/Vicky
    MS- Emma/Sam B
    Globe- Aya/Gazini
    MGI- Hannah/Emma

    1st- Emma/Aya/Sam B/Vicky/Jessarie
    2nd- Gazini/ Aya/Sam B/Vicky/Sam Lo

    Top 15

    Sam B

    Sam Lo

    It’s going to be a blood bath without a doubt.

  9. Universe – Gazini
    Intl- Hannah
    Supranational – Aya
    Grand- Patch
    Intercontinental- Vicki
    Globe- Leren Mae

    1st- Samantha B.
    2nd- April

  10. If beauty is the only criteria, these ladies are ‘it’. But put eloquence and thought processing into the mix, I am convinced only half of these ladies are worthy. take note: i didn’t say intelligence. Because all these ladies are smart enough to be in the top 40 but the ability to express one’s thoughts eloquently is a totally different parameter. #letsbehonest

  11. What I want : MUP – Saubier, BBP-Intl – Magtanong, BBP – Intercon – Bernardo, BBP – Supra – Lo, BBP – Globe – Bautista, BBP – GI – Arnold, 1st RU – Saeed, 2nd RU – Genobisa.

    What will probably happen : MUP – Magtanong, BBP-Intl – Rushton, BBP – Intercon – Bernardo, BBP-Supra – Tiglao, BBP – Globe – Gazini, BBP – GI – Lo, 1st RU – Saubier, 2nd RU – Arnold (sino ‘yung nag-propose nito earlier, na RU’s ‘yung halfies?).

    My compromise : MUP – Magtanong, BBP – Intl – Bernardo BBP – Intercon – Bautista, BBP – Supra – Lo, BBP – Globe – Tiglao, BBP – GI – Saubier, 1st RU – Arnold, 2nd RU – Abesamis.

  12. Universe = Magtanong
    International = Rushton
    Supranational = Gazini
    Grand International = Abesamis
    Globe = Bernardo
    Intercontinental =
    Runner Ups = Arnold

  13. Universe = Magtanong
    International = Rushton
    Supranational = Gazini
    Grand International = Abesamis
    Globe = Bernardo
    Intercontinental =
    Runner Ups = Arnold, Bautista

  14. There no such thing as prophetic. Prophecy has no factual basis. If it happens, it could be coincidental or by chance. Please don’t connect that photo to prophecy thing for the sake of discussion.

  15. Short can do an Ahtisa. A final night come from behind win. She just needs a great walk and right styling.

  16. I love Vicks.. Ngunit sya Lang hindi nag star margarine at nag energen sa 8. I will even have candidate 1 in replacement of Vicks

  17. Sam lo instead of Vicki Rushton. I heard rushton doesn’t even attend one single training

  18. Oh yes yes yes , …. my other substitute is April Short, like the tie for the 8th spot… they should give a runner up position to April Short so that next year , she will have the position to zoom up there

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