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  1. Common Let us be realistic here . None of these candidates … as in no one … will be able to sustain any these missions . … even if they win internationally.
    That’s why we have a beauty pageant annually so ‘ the torch can passed ‘ from one batch to another .

    • I don’t think so. If its really their advocacy, like Vickie because of her brother. It can be sustained. Projects need not to be grand or in a large scale. Even in small ways, advocacy can be put into action. For as long as your intension is good and you are determine to help others, advocacy can be sustained.

      • You can really tell that Vickie’s cause is very close to her heart. I am sure she will continue to work with the organization regardless if she wins or loses.

        And you are so right about an advocacy not having to be a big thing.

        In fact, smaller actions actually generate more immediate results. I remember Elizabeth Clenci and her Before and After posts of her skin condition. She also continues to advocate for an organic, plant-based diet YEARS after her reign. If you look at her IG, she still puts photos of herself at her worst when she had eczema! Reading the comments, there are so many people, including a 14-year-old girl with psoriasis, who have thanked her for giving her hope that there can be a solution to skin disorders. She truly is Classy Clenci.

  2. I think the more important criteria should not be the type of advocacy but the sustainability of the program. Too many advocacies that are being proclaimed simply disappear or get abandoned after the beauty contest, or after the reign. That’s why I give preference to the affinity of the advocate to the cause, either through her career, profession or educational background, and her particular life situation or upbringing (like being from an ethnic community, single-parent family, farming community, etc). This is one indicator of an advocacy’s longevity, not a one-off photo-op or a nice-to-have entry in one’s CV.

    • I agree wholeheartedly, scorg. This is why I commend Kylie Versoza for continuing to work on bringing awareness to mental health issues in the Philippines. You can tell she truly was invested in her advocacy. Another predictor of a candidate’s dedication to the cause for which she claims to advocate is involvement years prior to entering the pageant.

      • Bee, you’re correct! Years of prior involvement in a cause before entering pageantry shows the sincerity and dedication of the advocate. This has a lot to tell us about the true character of the aspiring beauty queen. And if she is able to use the pageantry platform to further promote her advocacy, she is the real beauty queen to me.

  3. Na-bully pala kayo, Mr. Tinio. Aaawwwww… (huhuhu)

    No problem. Sabihin niyo lang sa’min kung sino nangaagrabyado, turo niyo lang, kami bahala.

    Pulbusin namin. (hihihih) 🙂

  4. I like Hanna’s statement the best … short but meaty . I think she would be a good MUP winner too.
    I don’t know why there are so many missions on women empowerment . I don’t think it’s applicapble in the Philippines where women are already very powerful . I mean whom do we listen to in the family when it comes to health and money ?

  5. I saw Nicole’s recent video and she was amazing !
    So do not count her out yet !

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