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  1. She don’t look like that sans the make-up. Pano na pag NASA Miss U events and activities sya Ang candid photos nya do not look like this photo?

  2. Like I said from my comment before, Emma Tiglao is this year’s Nicole Manalo (and a more sultry Tony Alyesa Hipolito). She’s the almost MU-caliber candidate but only good enough for Globe. I understand she’s gunning for the MUP crown that’s why she’s constantly improving her sexy and fierce persona and styling. And oh my gosh her body!!! Perfection!! But to me those efforts would only merit her Supranational at best. In my opinion, she lacks the authenticity that the MUP crown requires. And im not talking about her surgeries here. im talking about how she carries herself and interacts with people. There’s this sense of fake-ness that I can’t seem to shrug off everytime i see her. To me, she was at her best during her BBP2014 stint. She was more authentic and relatable back then, which would have made her a perfect rep for MI

    As to the blogger’s concern, Gazini has the best face of this batch. Dare I even say that Gazini is prettier than Catriona. But what Gazini has beauty-wise, she lacks everywhere else. She still needs a lot of interview trainings to do, her body isn’t even at its best shape, and her oa movements even up to now still screams MGI. So for now, and this might be an unpopular opinion, but I think Emma is ahead of Gazini.

    • oops, i take back what i said. After seeing the post after this one, I would like to say na mas maganda pa rin talaga si Catriona kesa kay Gazini. There’s just something off with the nose and the lighting there. Apologies, my bad.

  3. Let’s see the odds,

    Kung MUP yung crown na mapupunta sa kanya, she has good communication skills but not witty enough to deliver a deep convincing answer tulad ng nangyari sa MWP and Mutya.

    Kung MGI naman, she fit the profile of a glamazona na bet na bet ni Angkol pero pag dating ng QnA, may possibility na maligwak pa rin siya. The same situation kung mapupunta siya Miss Supranational or Miss Globe.

    Which brings me to one crown left na walang QnA but rather a memorized speech which I’m sure she can deliver, that is the Miss International Philippines crown! She epitomize the typical Filipina na isang tanong lang sa katabi eh puede mo na siya maging friend na bet ng mga Hapon, pasarela wise, she’s good to go!

  4. The thesis of this post is that Blogger is undecided between Gazini and Emma. But simply featuring her first means he favors the latter. Subliminal messaging via first impression. And JUST FOR NOW, I agree.

    Fabian Reyes said earlier, “… It is not for a lack of reason that Gazini has failed to make an impact even in minor pageants”. And certainly, between the two, it is Emma who has the pageant pedigree.

    At ‘yung mga nagsasabi na panisinin si Gazini ng mga foreigners (Venus Rah and bonsai hater), PRECISELY HUWAG MUNA ILABAS LAHAT NG BALA. I-reserba muna siya for the future when she can even be better and for now leave our competitors guessing and clueless. And Garga, absolutely NO to cloning Kylie within her own pageant (MI)! Does Emma REALLY understand the implications of being compared to A&Q’s most recent kween? Because if she does, she would do well to avoid it.

    • Gazini is beautiful. that’s it. she really need to work on how she answers questions/interviews. ang babaw. walang depth. di ko siya ramdam. beauty wise – MUP contender. but that’s it.

      Emma, i am not sure if she has what it takes to be MUP.. but if ever manalo siya, mukhang kaya naman niya mag deliver. problem ko lang, some shots of her, halatang halata ang mga.. you know. LOL

      BUT if the post is asking based on Emma’s photos above, this a sure Miss Supranational 2019 crown contender.

      No to MGI. lol

    • Hoy Flor Tula, a little bit of common sense….vibe is different from cloning. Baklang toh. There is a difference teh. What I shared is the observation of the Veneuzeulan blogger. vibe talks about energy, kaya nga vibe eh. Last year rep doesn’t look like Kylie but has the same energy or vibe. So please, little common sense, huwag mastang missiologist kung walang facts and basis makakuda lang.

      • Sino ang”last year’s bet” with the same energy as Kylie? Ahtisa? Mariem? Or, both?

        I have to disagree. Robato just posted his “no make-up interview with Gazini Ganados”. And she registered still that same giggly-nervous “energy”. Neither Ahtisa nor Mariem gave this; instead, they radiated “fina” smoothness to temper the “fuego”. Gazini right now is just an erratic combustion.

        NEXT YEAR NA SI GAZINI. Sabay na sila nina Alaiza at Kathleen Paton, por favor.

        And if Angkol wanted someone who looks Latina, it is far simpler for him to simply crown yet another and especially that he will be in Caracas this year. Anyway, he has always done this with the exception of Ariska.

        Another “issue” with Gazini is that her Palestinian extraction might not sit well with some folks at IMG who are Jews. I DID NOT SAY THIS. This was a comment in a much earlier post in this blog. Yes, “…that was not my choice”, in the words of our current MU who was asked of her Scottish-Australian-Filipina blood blend. But if you, her supporters, wish to prove skeptics as myself dead wrong, then go ahead crown her MUP, ONLY NOT YET andf NOT NOW. Haste makes waste. Bata pa nnaman, siya.

    • Hi Flor,naniniwala ako na gazini mwp 2014 and Emma’s bbp 2013 non previous win ay dahil sa sumali sila at such a young age 17 Lang sila noon. Parehas pa lumaki NG Pinas They are looking for experience. Kaya di ko iniisip na minus points Yung pagsali 5 6 years ago
      Maganda talaga silang 2 and I’m sure nasa top 8 sila 2 this year

      Alam ko gusto mo si Vicki. Gusto ko din sya kaso di excuse ang thundering age Para mag give way mga Bata.

      • Vickie is the face we all agree upon, from the Filipino perspective maganda siya. But if her age, stature (she’s short), and frontage (heavy) will be deemed liability rather than asset abroad, then there is nothing any of us can do. At dahil artista na rin lang siya, sa kanya na ibigay ang mga sponsor awards kasi from an advertising standpoint it makes perfect sense to get someone who already has recall rather than hire rank noobs like Emma or Gazini. But anyway, they’re competing…

  5. Mga Charottera kayo! Manlalamon yan sa finals night. Ang drive ng babaing ito abot hanggang Universe!!!!

  6. Basta sure ako na may crown cya☺
    Congratulations Emma T.👏👏👏
    Sino kaya ang ma-Otso diretso sa inidoro😆hihihi…cherette 🤗🥂

  7. She’s one of the most feminine candidates
    I can’t beliewe what some people are saying here
    If u can’t distinguish a tranny from a real woman , u have a big problem

  8. Similar to a Venezuelan blogger’s observation. Emma Tiglao has the vibe of Kylie. She will do well in Miss Internatonal I think.

    Communication skills, nag improved kaya si Tiglao

  9. She is indeed one of the prettiest but I’m not sure if her communication skills is excellent enough to be for Miss Universe. If not, she could very well represent the country at Miss Supranational.

  10. Three names come to mind when I think of MWP crossovers to BBP : Catriona, Nelda, & Sandra.

    Put them together and I believe Emma can bag the Albania-Deliart Association campaign.

    I do not know that Angkol will like her. I mean, if he could dis someone like Eva Patalinjug…. idk….

    But for NOW I certainly prefer her to Gazini.

    Crown Tiglao now if you want. She is as polished as she can be. It is Gaziini that could use polishing.

    • Parehas sila maganda and looks wise wala maipintas pero pansin na pansin si gazini NG international bloggers

  11. Sexy, sultry and a “golden tan” to kill for! Healthy and beautiful…Wow!

    To BbP beauties who favor the “white-pale-anemic-gothic-skin” of a look, please take note!

  12. Miss Tiffany Ang look . Come on ?! Who ever styled her for this shoot is trying to live out his tranny dreams on her. Poor girl , napagkatuwaan ng bakla , ginawang syoke.

  13. Her features are already strong, i.e. her nose, so why over-contour it even more? I understand that this is a glam photo shoot but If for anything, they should go for a more natural look. Just saying.

  14. Super sireyna . Her beauty is very weird. Pretty but in a very weird not classical way . Minor crown . Coz really no one cares about those

  15. i like emma since she debuted in bbp years back and resurfaced to win top 5 sa MWP..tall, mllong legged,maganda, poised, good body proportions.. but her waterloo is her fixed nose..di bale na sanang hindi sya articulate, she can just keep her mouth shut and smile..just like maxine..but with her big nose, its not only distracting but big minus points.and with many uber faces on this batch, im afraid all she can muster is a runner up finish..ill have gazini over emma..sori emma.

  16. Any crown for Emma from MI to MG, otherwise a runner up then she can join again next year.

  17. She is pretty here. But I don’t understand the hype around her. Gazini is many times an mup material than she is. I even notice leren Mae more than I notice Emma.

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