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  1. Only a few figured the placement of their hands and the Chinese maiden fingers… I specificaly remember Pia, Megan, Kylie, Catriona, Julian Flores mastered this… Now, I’m not surprised that Emma Tiglao followed by Samantha Bernardo nailed this… Jessarie Dumaging’s fingers were almost there, luckily her very simetrical face really hit the homerun.

  2. Vickie, HIDEOUS color combination! Two STRONG warm colors together, really? Even in a formal Spring garden, SOFT-pink roses would have been planted next to the hot-purple rhododendrons (sigh).

    LOVE Resham’s Chanel tweed vibe, Black’s Asian rogue babe, and Genobisa in pristine white. 🙂

    Totally ignored all that rhetoric. Dahil kung tutuusin, only a literal handful are truly serious.

    • I do remember Taylor Swift using the same color combination
      So may ponaghuhugutan si Ate V

  3. resham saeed is a sure top 10 from this pic !!! (the platform sounds generic)

  4. Galleria is stunning but maybe she does need to mature more . I think Gazini facewise or Hannah. Patch pwede na . No to Rushton , no to Sam Lo , no to Emma ; these girls are good for minor crowns but not MU . Their beauty is not going to stand out at MU

  5. Patch and Julia should win MUP or nothing at all. I don’t see them doing well in other international pageants .
    I don’t think Patch is ready for MU this yr
    I will be fine with Julia this yr although …..
    There are other girls who will do a better job like Sam Lo Sam B or Vickie R. .. or even Leren .
    Right now , I m really hoping Sam Lo win MUP and Sam B MIP.

    • I just need Sam Lo to step on it ! I miss the aggressive approach she showed at Bb . Cebu !
      Sam , u can do it !!!! I
      As for Sam B , she’s already doing everything . I think her gracefulness and beautiful speaking voice will be good for MI

      • Funny that BBCebu has been brought up. During this journey
        Samantha Lo was nowhere in the horizon and it seems that
        among the April Smiths and Maria Gigantes very few saw her making her way up.
        At the end we all know that the crown was stolen from her. Score to close to the
        winner. Winner old old pageant veteran without substance and platform Samantha Lo very fresh and new in the game. Feisty and a smart competitor she is. She entered her new journey BBP with several advocacy. A couple that she has
        talked about and can claim because participation allows you to claim. In Cebu she
        has several that receive through her financial ability and when invited through direct hands on. Wishing upon a star to win so that she can give is not her style. Communication skills she has, seldom have I seen her get lost answering a question, direct and to the point is her mannerism. She was able to land a one on one interview with Tita Lavina, although there were funny moments she demonstrated that she is capable of carrying out a conversation. Tagalog time with Sam was a phase that was thrown around during her early days in Glam, she took a phrase and turned it into an episode, qualities of an independent thinker and risk taker and the PLUS is that she shows that she is able to laugh at herself.
        That her boobs are a few sizes to small, hey she seems to carry a lean healthy body with pride. Jag Jeans look fabulous on her. That her teeth annoy some when she smiles, she has made it clear that there is nothing wrong with veneers but braces were enough for her.
        Lipstick does wonders for lips and with all the Eva Belina (hope I spelled that correctly) that was gifted to the contestants during their visit lip injections are
        NOT necessary.
        Grateful to a fault. During many speaking opportunities she has been heard thanking those that have helped her learn and excel. During her early days in BBC someone said ”
        “I just taught Sam how to put her makeup on, I might be teaching the girl who
        might just take the crown of my head”. So all that are watching ,the feisty competitor has been under your nose all this time.
        Her farewell speech during BBC was heart felt without being overdone.
        Am I a fan? Absolutely I know what I hear, I am able to see with my own eyes and know that during the last three years that I have followed her she as gotten older,
        has learned courage to move away from those who have wronged her without losing the ability to see the best first and the worse last.

  6. I dont mind having Samantha Lo as Miss Universe Philippines!! She really looks so beautiful and so classy. And she is speaks well!

  7. I love that may paganito na si BBP.. pero.. parang may kulang.. parang nakukulangan ako sa statements. although, some direct to the point or gets mo na agad yung gustong sabihin.

    Also, the layout. gusto kong i revise ang layout. sayang ung blank na space. black na black pa naman. sana minaximize na like lakihan yung text tlaga nung advocacies nila.

    anyway, i have issue on having a separate FB and IG account.. I mean, oo.. alam ko gusto niong mahiwalay ang MUP.. pero since under pa rin naman siya ng BPCI, medyo na we-weirduhan lang ako…

    what i think dapat ang gawin nila. let BPCI post anything and everything on their accounts, then kung sino manalo na MUP.. dun na ipo-post lahat ang updates and all sa MUP ig and fb account. naguguluhan kasi ako e. parang… so sino ba tlaga ang magpopost ng ano. sana kung may manalo, saka na lang nila ihiwalay.

    Or… sana ginawa na lang nila.. Bb. Pilipinas Universe ang title ng pageant then get 5 runners up. like 5th Runner Up is automatic to MGI.. ung mga ganon. ah basta. naguguluhan ako Jonas ha! LOL

    But anyway, i am expecting an upgrade on fashion show, parade of beauties and lalo na sa coronation night.

    • @mr. Manila.. Tingin ko the reason for separate ig negotiation if hihiwalay na ba talaga ang mup next year. Slow transition Para masanay mga tao

  8. Not a fan of the MUP mechanic: “Hitting like-button to get a surprise”. This is so unfair for candidates with less followers, fans and fb friends…tsk tsk tsk. Should promote equality among candidates instead!

    • In addition to this, the battle should be how a candidate present herself in the stage on the judgment night which is in the finals: in 3 different categories/competitions; the swimsuit, evening gown and intellectual test which is the q&a portion. Let the official judges’ votes speak who they think and believe deserve the crowns and NOT the netizens’ choices which are usually biased.

      • I dont see how this “like contest” will affect who will win as MUP. Obviously this is for marketing purposes only, smartly utilizing the fanbase of popular candidates and challenging the less popular ones to be more active on social media and make their presence felt even more, all in the name of spreading the popularity of the MUP brand. Isa pa, malinaw naman nilang sinabi, The winner of this Like contest will win P100k for her chosen cause. They didnt say the winner of this will be MUP, or that this will have bearings on the selection of the winner. At the end of the day, the panel of judges will be selected by BPCI. They will decide who the winners will be based on SS EG and Q&A, and I dont think any one of those judges will even bother to look at the number of likes of each candidate on MUP’s socmed platforms

  9. Re- Julia Saubier

    How and why do you want to inspire Asians and other minority groups? It’s too generic when all the other candidates were specific.

    Sorry,..kind of a turn-off.

    All the best anyways.

    • I agree, it’s a relief that I wasn’t the only one slightly put off by Saubier’s statement. Not sure how much of that is editing for the photo or that was exactly what she said, either way, I feel that she’s not going to be happy to represent ~just~ Filipinos *shrugs*

      I understand that she’s a global citizen, schooled overseas, international experience, etc. but she’s vying for a Binibining PILIPINAS crown, a brand that she has to own if ever she bags one. I’m not saying be ‘local’ lang, but you must show loyalty and belief to the people you wish to inspire and represent first. Even if we’re Asia by continent every country and context has its own culture and concept of ‘empowerment’ and ‘voice.’ Start small but work big—yun ang mas inspiring. #justsayin

  10. I’m not really clear on what Julia Saubier’s charitable platform is. What is it?

  11. also, looking at the like counts on instagram, it’s clear who is leading the race for the pageant fans. i am now inclined to say that this person would eventually end up winning the MUP 2019 crown.

  12. Patch and Gazini serving face! Julia and Sam Lo look amazing as well 🙂

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