39 comments on “Who will be Jag Denim Queen of Bb. Pilipinas 2019?

  1. HANNAH has all the goods…her Team has to Tan her para hindi magmukhang washed- out yung dating nya on stage…She should avoid looking very pale on stage!!.. mas nadadagdagan ang sensuality nya pag naka- Tan cya..wag lang din sumobra.

  2. I just have a hunch Vicki will also bag this Jag Jeans endorsement deal. As with the Ever Bilena. I also feel that as a result, she will no longer get a title. This will leave an opening in the middle… (tbc)

    • Flor , I think Vickie and Sam B have been doing a great job so far and either one may win the JAG Queen award
      Whether Vickie wins a crown will depend on her Q& A performance . If she impresses, she will get one of the crowns .
      I wish Sam Lo would step on it . She was on fire during Binibing Cebu . I don’t know why she tries to give off that ‘cool chick’ vibe . She needs to show some aggression

  3. @ Adrienne

    Mr. Tinio, is that you, po? Welcome back home! Pasalubongs for us ALL, please. 🙂

    Kaya niyo rin pala mag-c_ss. (hihihh…)

    Sino po si “Adrienne”? Friend po siya ni Bailey?

    And regarding your reply to the “sake of argument” below, I will take that to mean that despite what their respective supporters do or say from hereon, neither Aya nor Gazini will be MUP 2019.


  4. Gazini and aya will surely get a crown. GAZINI looks purrfect and aya abesamis did her homework very well. She have such a graceful stance Kung di Lang sya 27 pwd pang MI.
    Hannah is still my mi though Hannah did not rock quest Jag queen. Dear Hannah stay sweet and demure you will be MIP. Wag ka na magpaka fierce coz you have lots of competition in the fierce dept

  5. Ayamazing, Gazini, Leren, Sam Lo, Samantha B and Patch are my top 6. My gut tells me Aya or Gazini

    • How does this sound – Aya MUP 2019 and Gazini MUP 2020?

      Just for the sake of argument lang at sila’ng dalawa ang talaga’ng pang-MUP.

      Or, how about MUP si Aya tapos BBP-International si Gazini?

      • Hahaha…Walang pumatol sa just for the sake of argument….bwahahahahaha.

      • I’d rather put Gazini for MGI so we finally win that crown. She’s the beauty that Nawat would not mind crowning from the Phils. She will not do well at Miss International. Too fierce.

      • Flor , I would rather have Leren or Julia for MUP if u wanted a Pinoy looking winner .. Leren because she’s prettier in my eyes and Julia because she is more articulate and personable .
        Sam B is a better choice too .

  6. @ Fabian Reyes

    You said before that Sam Lo was channeling Paulina Vega.

    Well, Siera Bearchell just said she looks like a Philippine version of…. Cindy Crawford. 🙂


    I will definitely include Cebu City in my final selection.

    • Bwahahaha…si Grandmama Blogger talaga….uunahan kita pukikinang bruhang Grandmama….bwahahaha🤣🤣🤣

    • Bwahahaha…si Grandmama Blogger talaga….uunahan kita pukikinang bruhang Grandmama….bwahahaha🤣🤣🤣


  7. Sabi ng nanay ko makikita mo na talagang maganda isang dilag kapag nakapusod maganda pa din. Pwede din kumuha ka NG ruler. Kung di pasok sa banga ang kind of beauty mo. Walang masama magpa tabas or magpadagdag kasi beauty contest pa din. Si ponkan nga na xerox copy ni Kris aquino tingnan nyo gaano na kaganda ngayon. Pwede pa rin naman mag empower NG kapwa babae or lalaki kahit na nagpa retoke ka

    • Baka maunahan pa ako ni Grandmama Blogger kaya inunahan ko na sya sa link ni Catriona…bwahahahahaha🤣🤣🤣

  8. Gazini stood out!!!!! Venezuelan bloggers love GAZINI too!!!!

  9. Over-all, cheap (the ripped p_k 2x shorts thang).

    As I said previously, Leren! SMOLDERING stare draws you in…. Lagunense will be #myjagjeans.

    LOVE Shane Tormes’ classic 1940’s pin-up pose – seductive-sweet. Ilene is not bad, either. Lo, too.

    Hannah looks like a zombie. Mademoiselle. Saubier… ppffft…. Short, no need 2 show pits, u r tall, po.

    Lady in the middle, side shot, in green top, head up to the sky, eyes closed, arm stretched…..(puso)

  10. Gazini, hands down!!!! Awrang Miss Venezuela, CHALITA at TAMARYN all in one.

  11. I like Leren Aya and Marianne
    Leren and Sam Lo have the prettiest faces
    Why does Hannah have to stare that way? tirik mata ?

  12. It’s crunch time and BbP 2019 is but less than a month a way.

    I’ll enjoy it from the sidelines….

    All the best y’all.

  13. A. couple of these beauties urgently need several sessions at the tanning salon or a week at the beach. They look like Casper! That pale skin makes them look “ghostly.”


  14. pd pala e package si hannah as dayanara 2.0! a pageant godess na me conmercial appeal.


  16. Miss Jag Gazini Ganados. Mala Tamaryn. Kanya talaga. Mapapabili ka talaga NG jag jeans

  17. Gazini looks like a Morena Kristine Hermosa
    Sam Lo looks like Cindy crawford
    Aya is an oriental barbie

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