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  1. Her chances of winning an international crown is maximized at MW. Her martial arts and athletic achievements will propel her to the Sports Challenge award. Her string of academic attainments, high scholastic distinction, and facility with the English language will easily catapult her to the Head-to-Head Challenge honors. Her height can easily bestow her the Top Model Award. With a BWAP Project along the line of empowering Filipino women with self-defense skills and mindset, I can see in her the 2nd Filipina to be crowned MW.

    • I’m with you on this, Scorg ! If she doesn’t bag the MUP2018 title, MWP would and should be her next goal.


    THE problem is your bet comes up short of an emotional link with pageant fans in the majority B and C demographic. Patch Magtanong owns this audience, the down-to-earth folks whose own children passed professional license exams, opening the door to employment and economic salvation.

    The whole martial arts-master’s degree-Wes Andersen-cosmopolite image reeks of elitism! And if you are perceptive enough, you will note that those pushing her campaign are largely intellectuals, the enlightened-if-disconnected bourgeoisie. Mygawd, CNN… How sosy! Kay Vice Ganda siya magpa-interview! Or, kay Kris Aquino.


    You need to do something about this, pronto! Only a few weeks left….

    • I disagree w this. She is serving that any lady w spunk can be a beauty queen, a martial artist, a basketball player. That’s why I love her. The reason nag 2 isip ako bec of the facial symmetry na Kaya naman solusyunan these days. Wala naman masama mag enhancements
      May height, may wits, Yun iba kanyang solusyunan Kung open Sana sila sa idea

      • Her face is actually very symetrical…but lacks the ideal Eurasian features favored by Filipinos like double eyelids, a thinner nose bridge and a more prominent calumela. Those things can be easily improved by make-up.

      • @closer. I don’t want to point this out pero check her ig. Lagi nya cover baba nya. Alam din NG team

  3. Not a few are insisting that Mademoiselle Saubier get her face “fixed” before she can be crowned MUP.

    If so, then Psychic Gurmeet’s runner-up prediction for her this year might just materialize. Of course, the assumption is that she would finally agree to it.

    But then…. it gives her also the option to try for…. MWPM 2020! By then, cousin Michelle Dee would be out of the picture. Let’s hope Julia M. likes Julia S. Garganesia, this is your chance! 🙂

  4. In my top 3 list, she is one of my best bets for MUP ! The best of luck to you, Julia ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  5. Now if I base just on the MU country reps crowned so far – USA, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil – 2019 is turning out to be a “fea” year, so let’s not get too concerned with sending someone TOO PRETTY.

    Indonesia will send its loveliest Puteri to MI (Jolene Marie). And Fabian Reyes said there were more deserving candidates at Miss Brasiw than Minas Gerais. And Colombia merely cloned Valeria Morales, their beautiful-but-bitchy bet last year (sigh).

    Neither Julia nor Patch are stunningly gorgeous. The ones with FACE (Vicki, Hannah, Emma, Gazini, Leren) have issues with communication, primarily. Oh, well…. So, either Mademoiselle or Iskolar.

    • Hannah is a complete package(my mi) Let’s give her the benefit of a first timer nerves
      Im not at keen to send a candidate bordering shonget kahit I down nyo PA comment ko. Beauty contest ho ito hindi quiz bee or declaration contest

    • Good point Flor Tula.

      Best example of sending an MUP that, in the eyes of her critics and haters, was not too pretty was Janine Tugunon; MUP 2012 and MU 1st runner up.

      However, on the night of MU she brought her A-Game and transformed into a beautiful gazelle saturated with charm and grace that accentuated her beauty and lodged her into the top 5.

      If the emphasis of crowning MU was based on the final q&a in 2012 as it is now, Philippines might have had three MU’s oppose to two since 2010.

      That said, jn my opinion Julia has the goods for MUP (as does Patch and Hanah).

  6. i hope she doesn’t get disqualified, madam stella does not like extra appearance for candidates unless it is authorized. Remember the mute candidate when she appeared on MMK, she got kicked out?

    • Nope, po. Auntie Mimilanie has already bequeathed daughter Michelle Dee to ALV and Mama World for that derby.

      Alangan naman’g magsalpukan ‘yung magpinsan…

      Besides, the standard BBP contract will prevent the candidatas from joining rival national pageants for at least the next 6 months after Coronation in June. So, that means until end of the year na (December) at pati MPE (or is it MEP?) damay na rin. So, if she still wants to give pageantry another try in the event she does not place here although that is quite unlikely, next year will be her earliest.

  7. Gotta agree with AJ. She’s MUP material but she needs a little more octane in her engine, a bit more caffeine in her coffee or a little more fire with her desire.

    Girlfriend can communicate and it sounds like English is her first language so she has that global appeal from the gate.

  8. She’s beautiful, no doubt about it. She’s also a good speaker, that’s pretty obvious. BUT she needs red bull if you get what i mean. Her advocacy and her energy level while speaking, at least in this video, do not match. Just more energy and zest and we can be looking at our next MU bet.

    • … or MI’s next field correspondent for the 2020 Tokyo Games. I guess they can appreciate one with a passion for and understanding of sports without necessarily morphing into an excitable cheerleader.

      Bear in mind also that MI organization routinely asks their ND’s to send delegates over for Japan tourism promotions, as Ahtisa and the gang did earlier this year to drum up foreign interest for the Sapporo Snow Festival (them outdoors frolicking in the virgin snow like Japanese cranes as titlist Mariem Velazco stayed cozy and toasty indoors and regaled VIP guests with a Chopin piano piece).

      But yes, now it is Spring. Time for “Samurai-X” reruns. 🙂

      … OR, MGI. Powtek, Angkol! Huwag ka magkamali kung ayaw mo’ng makatikim ng war and violence mula kay Mademoiselle Saubier.

      Kailangan pa ba ng energy drink ng tao’ng na dislocate ang balikat during sparring? Wasn’t that proof enough of how energetic she can be if she needs to be?

      • @flor mi are looking for doll like. She can be mup no question after an overhaul. I like her guts and spunk but I will bring her to a cosmetic surgeon if I want her to win. She also have a positive aura that could influence young ladies to be go getters
        My mup 2020. It’s mup or nothing
        Ist runner up for 2019

  9. I hope she has more facial beauty. Maybe she can charm her way to winning that MUP!

  10. Needs enhancements for chin reduction and she will be mup 2020.

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