9 comments on “A 15 year-old PMAP Junior Model wins Miss Teen Tourism Philippines 2019

  1. Who is the girl who “photo bombed” the winners? My eyes zoomed right into her, I think she has potential and might be honed to join a national pageant in 3 to 5 years.

    • She represents Tiwi, Albay. As far as I knew, she has the best answer and she topped the fan texters votes yet the sash and tropy ia not awarded to her. You can watch the live stream for your own judgement.

  2. THE 1sr runner-up looks sooo beautiful!! ..and tall too!! …the winner looks exotic,very Pinay…in the Aya Abesamis- mold!! Her 1st runner- up looks very soo Miss Universe!!

    • Well I think her “exotic” and “very Pinay” look is the very reason she won Miss Teen Tourism PHILIPPINES.

  3. Boss Manix Genabe, ampogi niyo po, talaga. (puso)

    Will our bet for the international competition be honed to be like Ms. Teen Connecticut?

    Btw, guys, Borgen Entertainment Ventures also organizes Miss Omninational. Blogger, is this year’s the second or third edition, na?

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