12 comments on “Bb. Pilipinas 2019 x JAG Denim Queen

  1. Omorog, Galeria Best in Swimsuit
    Ang ganda ni Leren
    I love Anne Barker here
    May favoritism ang Jag !!!
    Super fierce si Sam B
    Super beauty ang Fez ni Ate Vickie

  2. The majority of these women need to lay off the rice come competition time! Why do they look so mid-section heavy???

  3. almost all of them looked 100% better in photos at the Binibini facebook page compared to the videos where some of them looked lost in motion #AllTeaAllShade

  4. Fast forward to 5:05 (Anne B), ngayon ko lang napansin ang babaitang ‘to! May ibubuga pala! She reminds me of Melanie Marquez’s performance at Supermodel Model of the World! Sana siya makakuha ng Miss Supranational crown! Oriental looking and very modelesque, lutang ang beauty nito sa Poland!

  5. Bakit si Malka, wala’ng “tokis”? 😦

    Binibinis, Dia M. (CARAGA) delivered it correctly You could sense the CONVICTION.

    Guys (the straight and single-to-mingle type), ingat kayo kay Nicole, ‘yung Amerikana. “Boss-warrior” daw siya. Baka lamunin kayo niyan…. (hihihih). At si Alannis Binoya, katakot, dudes. “Approachable, but fierce”, daw siya. Pero OK tayo kay Francia. (BEEP!) daw siya (ayoko sabihin at baka ako tuluyan na’ng i-block ni Admin). LOLZ.

    I noticed that Sam Lo has this almost trademark “stiff-straight” stance. Hhhmmm….

    Cassandra Chan looks like a Karen Ibasco upgrade.

    Black is LOVE; she gives PLENTY of Iwa Moto vibes. 🙂

    Anne Barker registers as a skinny high fashion editorial version of Celine Dion.

    Patricia Bea REALLY resembles Pops Fernandez.

    Si Dolk, “youtful” (wala’ng “h”).

    Si Hannah, pfffffttt!….. (ang liit ng boses, wala’ng ka-arrive-arrive).

    Si Sam B., “I am a God-fearing…”, daw. Kung sa bagay, si Mimilanie nga, proud of her long-legged.

    Si Short, ang HAAABBBAAAAA…

    Si Saad, kahawig ni Jen Hammond.

    Gazini’s lilting-like-a-drunk voice continues to annoy. Splay legs pa more. Going nowhere fast.

    Leren, Ilene, Kimbeau Penchon, and Galeria nailed it! Not slutty, still classy.

    Resham, puwede….

    Bom Dia, Admin.

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