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    • @marvin for me she will be miss international 2019 come november

  1. Don’t u notice gurls? Hindi nag comment ang malantod na kalbo na masyoho ang pikpik. Kasi ang comment nya will drown in a sea of positivity. Nahiya rin siguro ang gagagitang inuuod ang pepe!

  2. Terno, terno, terno and more ternos. Different designs SAME STYLE.

    • When referring to THE “terno”, a certain style/design is adhered to. Otherwise, it would not be a terno.

      But as designer Frederick Peralta said, “take the butterfly sleeves away, and it is basically just a Europe-style long dress”.

      It is what it is.

    • Same style? I disagree. A terno is a terno. Take away the butterfly sleeves and it is no longer one. But when designers play on the basic design, styles differ.

  3. OT. Go to YouTube channel, Pageant LV, episode “First Wang”.

    Did I understand correctly? Nattaporn Wang, former Miss Intercontinental, is confirmed for MUT 2019?

    Ka-SEXY, naman. 🙂

  4. I f I were to make my decision on the pics above , I would choose Leren Aya Sam Lo Jessarie and Hannah
    But everyone knows some of these costumes look better in motion while others disappoint . Case in point : Chanel Olive

    • It was a disappointment? Didn’t she also use the exact same costume at Supranational?

      • No I meant Chanel’s NC portrait wasn’t very pretty but it won the NC award because it looked really good in motion

  5. Cavite, Battan and Rizal! Ang gaganda!!! Sana ganito taun-taon!

  6. Sarap magbasa ng mga comments!!!
    Walang negative!
    Puro mga proud sa mga custumes at talaga naman walang itulak kabigin…lahat maganda. Hindi nakakasawang tingnan. Congrats sa mga designers, indeed this year is the best in costume presentation of a national pageant.

  7. in fairness, ang ganda at ang lilinis ng detalye ng mga costumes plus ganda ng mga shots…kudos to the photographer

  8. wow! first time in Philippine History na ang hirap pumili ng best in natco… susmaryosep! total upgrade to nth level

  9. If there is a real winner in Philippine pageantry, it is the designer. All designs are jaw-dropping beautiful… make one feel proud to be Filipino! I hope the government agency in charge of cultural development (Phil Historical Commission? Dep Ed?) makes good use of this creative explosion and not allow it to be a one-off event in pageantry. How about a coffee-book publication of this cultural showcase? For the Philippines!

    • It just occurred to me, this coming June 12th Independence Day is a very good time to showcase this wonderful explosion of Filipino creativity! And let us not forget the national costumes of our candidates for the counterpart male pageantry!

    • Paging Koya MG. Coffee table tome, daw.

      Scorg, sabi sa’min ni Koya, basta daw mag-place ka ng advance order for (at least) 25 copies. 🙂

      Ta’s, he will ask your 25 fave Binibinis to autograph, apiece. Full payment daw, via e-banking.

      • Flor, a very good business idea for MUP! Not that I am willing to place advanced order 25 copies, Mario Garcia can sell the coffee-table book to millions of pageant enthusiasts in and out of the Philippines. He can get corporate sponsorships too from the blue-chip companies in the Philippines, or big private foundations to reduce the selling price.

  10. Dia Magno, Bb. Caraga is PROUDLY carrying the flag of her region, CARAGA!!! I need to visualize the entirety of her costume….

  11. Emma Tiglao’s – that fabric should have been a hand made from the basket makers of Pampanga. Pinaghirapan and yet napakalinis at detalyado ang execution. One of the best filipiniana ever made as a national costume!

    • Is it hand-made by the basket makers or it should have been?

    • saw pictures on IG that the fabric was hand-made by inmates of a prison i think in Pampanga as well. Emma personally visited to see the progress of the work

      • @Scorg

        No way?!!.. I can’t believe Emma really pulled all the stops on this Filipiniana… She’s definitely in my Top 3 National Costume along w/ Samantha Bernardo’s Sarimanok inspired Pintado warrior… I guess my 3rd favorite would be a Maranao Princess Singkil costume but so far it is hard to exceed the level of Catriona’s theme last year… I was expected a T’boli princess inspired cotour gown would have been the best choice but no one did it… That leave’s me with April short’s the usual traje de mestiza theme… but hers is the most well executed so far..

      • *unorthodox* pala sorry… Both of you guysare some of the most learned guys in this blog that I get confused who is who sometimes

  12. Walang tapon!!! Panalo tlg Filipino designers, WORLD CLASS!!! I mean, UNIVERSAL rather… 😉

  13. All designs are well executed. Nakakatuwa pwd na ilaban sa Shupit costumes. Alam naman natin Laban Kung Laban ang costume NG shupitbalers

    • Uhm, i doubt. The neighbours’ NCs are usually more creative and innovative. Ours may just target “beautiful”. Catriona tried impressively to change the trend last year but unfortunately on the NC presentation day it didn’t work as planned and the ensemble still lacked sophistication. But i must say it was a commendable attempt.

  14. Love ilenes and Emma’s costume. Aya looks Malay amazing.. Ganda ni Gazini

  15. Among the ternos, it’s Zamboanga. Grace and elegance

    Among flora and faunas, it’s Polangui. Simple and realistic yet beautifully dramatic

    Sociohistorical, I’d give it to Cavite. The costume doesnt need to be explained.

  16. HANNAH’s classic queenly face still reigned supreme,..hindi nilamon ng costume!! Angat na angat parin ang ganda!Leren Mae was a revelation— just your sublime queen!!

  17. Halos pare-pareho lang ang konsepto, nagkaka-iba sa kulay, design, fabric, etc. What strikes me most ay yung Daraga, Albay. Very simple yet elegantly designed..right color combination.

  18. Vet na vet ko ang lahat ng costumes!!!! My personal faves are Ayamazing, and Leren!!! Wow Leren is looking regal in that ensemble.

    Kudos to all the designers!!!!

  19. If only the NC could be incorporated into points toward the candidate’s preliminary scores determining the semi-finalists.

    Patch’s costume looks like she’s ready to slay her adversaries and silence her critics by conquering the MUP crown, baby! Get em Patch! 🧡😊

    • Hi! do you by any chance know the inspirations of each costume from #1 to #40? You seem knowledgeable. Thank you

    • Wikipedia talaga for a “reliable” source? Excuse me. Take your research class.

  20. This is by far the best composites of Philippines’ National Costumes. What a diversity!!!!! I love Mandaue’s…and Cavite & Ilocos Sur (never seen this before as a costume).

    Does anybody know the inspirations of each costume from #1 to #40? Thank you

  21. Naalala ko ‘yung “traje tipico” ni E5 two years ago….. (hihihih…).

    Imo, it is precisely the silent killers that are SLAYING (this round of the competition) with looks that are credible, straightforward, NOT silly-outlandish.

    They are Lo (tribal-tropical Islam in yummy orange) and Bautista (so couture pink and gold).

    And they SIMPLY stand erect like TRUE KWEENS.


  22. Mandaue’s NC is EVERYTHING….I mean everything

    Ilene girl, shante you stay!


  23. Oh my god!!! The national costumes really leveled up this year!!! Wow!… this is the best batch of national costumes I have ever seen… It’s all so innovative and well-executed… Walang tapon!!!

    Here is my Top 10 in random order because they are all so unique and the genre has widenedmore than ever:

    Jessica Marasigan- that is one of the most fashion forward and innovative Filipiniana that is well-made and tastefull!

    Jane Genobisa- Simple yet well executed.. I love the slight modern touch but remains very authentic Singkil costume!

    Andrea Abesamis – I don’t really know the exact inspiration of this tribal costume but the tailoring is very luxurious… I can’t measure it’s authenticity but it looks beautiful.

    Hannah Arnold – I don’t understand the connection of the Jars w/ her gown but the use of tribal patterned fabric is well done.. the gown is a bit overly designed due to the filigree apliques on the torso but over-all I am in awe in a good way.

    April Short: That is one of the most elaborately authentic Traje de mestiza I have ever seen… gorgeous!

    Emma Tiglao – She looks absolutely beautiful in this lovely Filipiniana!!! I can’t say that the design is innovative but is indeed well-executed and classy!

    Samantha Bernardo- I love this Sarimanok inspired indigenous warrior costume! I love it!!! I love the fans… each one is an art piece on it’s own!!!!I love the use of beads on the bodice.. It is the perfect balance of authenticity and innovation!!! This is in my top 3.

    Vicky Rushton – I don’t really understand how this greecian godess looking ensemble is Filipino aside from the birds which I guess is the Ibong Adarna… It is a bit too avant garde for a Filipino costume but it is well- executed and beautifully made.

    Joana Toledo: I love love love the concept of this gown.. it just needs some tweeking… I prefer to use an authentic tribal T’boli headress instead of that beaded thing that covers her head and neck… I also prefer to use a skintone body suit instead of that tacky orange… that gown would look so much better with someone long-legged like Catriona Grey, Venus Raj or Rachel Peters.

    Samantha Poblete -Now that is original and authentic and yet beautiful.. the historical reference is off the charts! Its no question that she is representing the Katipunan and the First Philippine Independence… I wish the design was a bit more show girl cut at the bottom or a more modern twist than just attaching a cape on the waist.. I also wish that she modeled this better by having a more confident patriotic stance with a fierce face… but still I love it!.

    • For someone who just posted his favorites you added your comments as to how
      to improve the ensemble .Rather oxymoron. Just say these are my favorite candidates and
      never mind what their costumes look like.

      • @Jen

        Who are you to tell me to limit my comments to your preferences? Why should I only praise something that does not completely meet the level of my standards and still has room for improvements? Diversity is a wide spectrum and I give credit where credit is due… If you find my constructive criticisms for my favorites unapealing… Then you should hear my opinions about the ones I didn’t like. 🙂 Overall, this year’s costumes may have still not met the caliber I got accustomed to but it has truelly exceeded my expectations for a national costume competition of Binibining Pilipinas.

    • I think Hannah’s references a Northern (!) Luzon (if not Cordillera) tribe. If you can find footage or video of the APEC Closing Dinner when former P-Noy hosted Prez Obama, it was worn by the dancers and the jars were stacked-balanced on their head. But which then begs the question : why choose that for Albay? Or did the designer envision Daragang Magayon this way? And yes, it looked overdone; some of that detail really was unnecessary but at least Hannah is tall and beautiful enough to NOT be consumed by it all.

      In contrast, Patch WAS overwhelmed by her warrior get-up and Julia was utterly underwhelming (sigh). Mademoiselle Lawyer, please ask LemonS to teach you some of her onstage FIERCE.

      I agree with you on Vicki’s costume and think her lipstick-red “cut-work” terno last year looked more elegant. And how would you compare the Rayadillo’s of Sam Poblete and Anjamie Magbitang? And I would say Sam B.’s sheer white traje de mestiza with frilly brolly last year and her bird woman apparition this year are on equal footing.

      Last year, it was Demavivas’ Maguindanao ensemble with brass headpiece for Cat that WOWED.

      And the year before that, Pablo G. Mendez’s STIFF yet distinctive Marian terno for E5 WOWED. Although my personal fave was the noir Morticia Addams terno of Ruffa Nava.

      • Yup, Patch and Julia obviously chose to be underwhelming for some reasons unknown to me. I think its a huge opportunity they missed to gain more follower. They could have proven then and there that tbey are the real front runners of this batch.

        My reaction to Hannah’s was wow with a question mark… I guess she needs more travel and research to embody the best representation for our country.

        I am tired of the same old Filipiniana… Although I find the silhouette too familliar, Emma Tiglao seems to have almost hit the home run in this challenge more than any1 in this batch. She really nailed the culture and advocacy she represents. This is the 1st time she actually convinced me that she does indeed desserve to win a crown.

      • Yeah I forgot Anjame Magbitang’s costume had the same inspiration.. Although Anjame is physicaly .ore beautiful, Sam Poblete’s costume version is way more memorable…

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