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  1. Hay naku, it would have not been a problem if Cheslie Kryst were Afro-European looking. Kaloka talaga ang mga tao rito. It’s a business solution to select a WOC because Americans are not glued to pageants anymore specially if it was just meant to win White women. Besides, a White Caucasian looking woman wins in Miss Universe, shouldn’t that be enough?

  2. Good luck Miss USA!!! Even though i was rooting for Oklahoma then New Mexico, you proved your smarts with the confidence to speak about the final question. I still think New Mexico should have won as she would have been a breathe of fresh air beauty that isn’t very latina, black or blonde….

  3. Every yr , I hear the same people saying there is a shift in the MUO ‘s focus.
    But every single yr , it’s always the most gorgeous articulate and personable that win over the more academically accomplished candidates
    U become who u r because of life’s circumstances experiences and interests . So no one should fault u or penalize u for what u have become . Whether u r a hairstylist an actor a scientist or a doctor , U can win MU if u possess what they r looking for .

    That’s why we have Pia Iris Cat and Demi.

    As for Janicel, should we have awarded her the MUP crown because she sent her siblings to college ? Her generosity maybe inspiring but it’s hardly extraordinary . Many Pinoys do that . And at 18 with very little education and experience , I would very afraid to send her to Wallstreet .What was she gonna say?
    I don’t know why you keep bringing up this topic . The judges made the right decision .. obviously .

  4. Admin, pakisabi sa WME/IMG na kunin nila ang USA franchise ng MI.

    I want New Mexico – the Mutya Datul doppelganger – to be sent to the Tokyo Dome campaign.

    Let MU wallow in “fea-ness” if they wish, dahil #confidentlybeautiful daw sila. For old-school REAL FEZ VALUE, I would rather endure the 3-hour mid-afternoon-to-early-evening live stream (as Manila and Tokyo are on the same time zone), effectively turning the 1500H coffee break into a convenient excuse to slacken down rather than rush to get things done by nightfall. 🙂

  5. Is the selection of articulate highly-educated honors graduate career woman for a Miss USA a signal of a paradigm shift in the MUO’s brand building efforts? Coming in the heels of a recent move to partner with a business entity in the Phils, the LCS Group, in its “effort to build and evolve the Miss Universe brand in the Philippines, and … enhance Binibini and grow it into a dynamic, multi-faceted platform”, I cannot help but speculate that MUO is batting for the expansion of corporate sponsorship base along with the broadening of fan base. Thus the interesting selection of a brand spokesperson who can talk with ease to Wall Street as well as to Main Street, who can talk legalese as well as business jargon and slang. Are we now seeing the transition of the “confidently beautiful” branding imagery to that of a beautiful topnotch degree-holder career-oriented social advocate? Who among the current MUP aspirants fits this template? Note that the new Miss Colombia fits this template– lawyer and top university graduate.

    • So, the likes of Black (who, like “ka-provincia” Lubina and the Tagbanwa Genobisa of Davao del Sur, only got through High School by being domestic servants at some point), Sam B. (because HRM is not a topnotch degree), and the many PAL stewardesses will merely serve as MUP filler candidates, pala?

      Ergo, lesser/lower brands are all these “dregs” could possibly hope for? How pompous of WME/IMG!

      EVEN TODAY I STILL CONSIDER ANGELA VISSER ONE OF THE BEST EUROPEAN TITLISTS. Her NOBLE occupation? “Hairdresser” lang naman… And Oksana Fedorova was just a cop…. 🙂

      • Pero in fairness, runaway winner ang mga dyosang tinutukoy mo.

        Kung panoorin natin ang MU 1989 at 2002 (na may televised score), pinakain ng alikabok ng mga dyosang ito ang katunggali. Two of the most dominant finals performances in MU history.

      • Flor, I really wish the MUP branding direction is not towards elitism. “Confidently beautiful” message should transcend economic and social status and language barriers. One of the queens I admire is Janicel Lubina (who by the way used her fame and little income from pageantry to finance her and her siblings’ college education). During her time, I thought her back story would be an excellent brand building storyboard for MU. I was disappointed that she was chosen instead for MIP.

      • I believe inteligence does not equate to elitist… Catriona Grey was already living independently and a top model when she paid for her own masters degree in music… The inclusion in the top 5 of Miss Vietnam who has simillar origins as Janicel Lubina, Jane Genobisa and Jessarie Dumaguing proves that WME-IMG is looking for a well accomplished spokes-person regardless of their origins. The likes of Patricia Magtanong had an oportunity to study as a scholar at our #1 state university because of her inteligence seems to be the perfect fit for this year’s BBP winners.

      • @C2F, you are right. Intelligence does not equate to elitism. An intelligent person who uses her brain power to help the deprived and marginalized, who does not forget her humble impoverished roots and gives back to the community he/she came from, is definitely not elitist. That is why it is an important credential to also have solid advocacy, especially one that touches the lives of the sectors most forgotten by society. I think this is the dampener to the false elitist perception that usually hounds people with high-falutin’ degrees, with high Latin honors, and with superior achievements early in life.

      • I’m feeling your point, Flor Tula.

        From the days of a statuesque body, beautiful face and stage presence, the pageant- pendulum seems to have swung to the other extreme. It would seem that the new brand of MU needs to have the ability to dissect an atom, space travel to Jupiter, or spearhead an expedition to find the fountain of youth!

        Oh well, perhaps as time progresses the MUO will find a happy medium.

      • Oh come on Scorg, it was Pia’s destiny to win MUP and our third MU crown that time! You could not have altered that no matter how hard you wished for Janicel to win.

  6. she’s beautiful and perky
    she has that egyptian look to her

  7. I wonder how USA 2019 will stack up against Other MU candidates .
    I never thought I would see Sarah looking too short square and muscular on MU Stage.
    USA 2019 seems leaner than Sarah
    That voice , I just can’t get over it. She sounds really good . I think she can win MU

  8. Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst not Krist, beautiful with towering height 5′ 51/2″, educated and talented.

  9. Final five women consisted of;

    two African Americans – N.Carolina, Oklahoma,
    one Hispanic – Nee Mexico
    one Pacific Islander (Samoan) Nevada and
    one southern white girl – Arkansas .

    Diversity is indeed the spice of life.

    North Carolina’s final 5 q&a answer was precisely, confidently and eloquently stated.
    Arkansas’ final 5 q&a was smooth BUT pageant patty and did not answer the question.

    Hopefully “some” of our BbP ladies can take note distinguish the difference.

    • Only Hawaii has Asian ancestry… both miss teen USA and Miss USA are Mullatas… seems like a Eurasian would have a great chance of winning Miss Universe this year…. hmmm????

  10. Gorgeous and super smart .
    At sosyal .
    Do not even compare her to a certain binibini just because…

    • I wouldn’t even call her gorgeous. Did you notice her face next to Cat? And to think she was already styled and glammed up to the max. Patch is definitely at par! And I’m not even talking about academics.

      • Ang plastik naman ng goegeous. Be real people. She’s not gorgeous in beauty pageant standards. She’s the American Karen Ibasco. If she’s wearing Guyana or Nigeria sash, no one would notice her.

  11. ADVISORY. In no way is Filipinas obliged to emulate either look or career option of Miss USA (sige, Patch, subukan mo magpakulot! Pero in fer, parang babagay nga sa kanya). All that is necessary is that she, like Cat Gray, have the unflinching audacity to look her American counterpart in the eye and say, “… we are equals. Let’s grab grub!” 🙂

    Binibining Carolina Norte has too much hair for a frame as petite as hers. Trim.

    I still believe our best best for MU 2019 is Mademoiselle Saubier.

    • North Carolina did it on purpose
      If u see her videos, she does not wear her hair that way
      Now that she has won USA , I hopes she loses the Afro and the muscles
      She’s really pretty and the speaking voice is amazing . I think she has a chance at the crown especially if MU is held in the USA the Carrribean or Africa

  12. I guess height is not might anymore. She is just as tall as Sarah

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