10 comments on “Mr Gay World 2019 is Janjep Carlos of the Philippines!

  1. vet na vet ko si Czech and Spain na isandwich is Janjep hihihihihihi

  2. Just as I expected! A sure winner from the very start. A predictable win.

  3. Congratulations! Halatang pinaghandaan ha.. Mukhang sya naman talaga total package sa lahat ng contestants.

  4. Lots of guys if not all of them are effeminate
    And there are not too many good-looking ones
    Janjep definitely a standout

  5. Congratulations Janjep! You trully desserve to win.
    I was reading the comments on local news pages and it was so sad.. There are still so much hate and misinformation against the members of the LGBTQ community. And the worst thing I’ve seen is that our fellow members are throwing hate against each other. I hope and pray that we all find peace w/ one another begining with our selves. 😦

  6. Very Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach-Kylie Versoza ang hugot ni ateng sa QandA + Baklava walk daw inspired by Queen Cat…o saan kapa? E di WIN!!!!😊 Congrats!!! Well deserved

  7. I knew he was gonna do well.
    We need to keep sending guys with sex appeal
    I don’t mind a pure Pinoy not rocide he has that Coco Martin -Nell Perez
    Unfortunately, we tend to award someone with A Fidel V Ramos prototype – big ears
    Big eyes And a flat nose

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