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  1. Kelangan talagang sabihin na you’re on a European tour and mention all the places you’re going to visit. Yabang much? Eat some humble pie while you’re traveling!

    • What’s so special abt going to Europe ?
      Did he steal from you or from anyone to make that trip happen ?
      Uncle Norman , being a responsible blogger , was just telling u where he went in case u were wondering about the slow updates

  2. walang freshness aura yung nanalong Miss USA…she looks 30ish na…

  3. If the recent winners of Miss Teen USA and Miss USA are an indication of the branding direction of MUO, the confidently beautiful idea leans more towards the cerebral dimension and social function of beauty. And why not? If MUO clings to the Trump-era Western standard of beauty, the stark absence of a universal physical beauty standard makes their “confidently beautiful” mantra ring hollow to the billions of global MU followers. That will be the surest path towards irrelevance. This means that if we are to choose an MUP with a fighting chance in today’s competitive environment, we have to send someone with strong scholastic credentials and community leadership achievement. If by a twist of fate her credentials happen to be similar to the chosen Miss USA winner, that just indicates the similarity of vision of two different pageant organizers.

    • I agree 101%. That’s the reason why the Victoria’s Secret brand lost its steam among American women. The company’s representation of impossible Western beauty does not please majority of women in the United States who are POC and full-figured. In other words, there is no money with discrimination.

    • Based on Academic credentials
      My top 3 are the ff:

      1. Patricia Magtanong
      2. Julia Saubier
      3. Hannah Arnold

      Did anyone else take their masters aside from the top 2?

    • I also tend to be swayed that these three are the MUP/BbP International frontrunners.

      It’s years like this when I still wished BPCI still owned the MWP franchise.

      One of these three treally. quality beauties will likely win a non Big 3 crown. It’s a shame really.

  4. Congrats! Atty Bea Magtanong!!! Whew! Such a feat! Next….Binibining Pilipinas!! From a co-iska alumna😚

  5. I’m not a fan of MIss NC
    She’s too Diana Ross
    I want modern looking women

  6. USA would prob win MU every other yr if they let gorgeous women through . Fortunately for other countries , gorgeousness is not enough to be MIss USA

    Pinoys should not follow this trend because pageants are much more important to us . We cannot have Isabel Lopez or Teresa Licaros anymore .

    On that note , I want Julia Hannah Sam B Sam Lo or Gazini to be our MUP . No to Magtanong pls . Just because a lawyer won MIss USA does not mean we should get a lawyer for MUP . Colonial mentality to the max

    • Just because (if and when) manalo si Patch as MUP, gaya gaya na agad tayo sa Miss USA? Colonial Mentality agad? eh pano kung magperform naman si Patch nang bonggang bongga, more than enough to win MUP? I mean, gurl kawawa naman si Patch, ngayon pa lang dinidiscredit mo na yung efforts and capabilities nya to win and branding her journey as JUST a copycat of North Carolina just because NAGKATAON na pareho sila ng back ground. Aba malay ba ni Patch at ng BPCI na lawyer din ang mananalo ng Miss USA, di naman nila alam yun nung screening ng BBP.

  7. The new Miss USA’s credentials are interestingly identical with Patch’s: law profession, advocacy for prisoners’ rights, and a university graduate with high honors. (Breaking news: Patch just passed the Philippine Bar Exams today!). If she wins MUP, it will be a very interesting battle of beauty and brains at MU.

  8. Congratulations, Atty. Bea Patricia Magtanong! Ayan na, a-aura na s’ya kase tapos na s’ya maghintay ng result. MUP next, dahlin’.

    That’s all!

      • So of course Filipinos think copying USA will be the winning factor.

        History repeats itself talaga.

        USA won based on innovation, pun intended. She delivered her unique brand. Just like Cat.

        That’s what MUO is looking for. Hindi cookie cutter. If that’s Patch, good for her. But not because of gaya gaya…

  9. “How do you win Miss USA?”. Easy; have naturally kinky hair. (See three of the four most recent winners, including the new one).

    • I guess it is to create a sharp contrast with the next Miss Universe who would most probably be another Asian with fair skin and straight hair… If the venue is indeed Korea…. expect a classic Asian beauty to win.

      It’s between

      Patricia Magtanong, Hannah Arnold and Julia Saubier
      For Miss Universe Philippines.

  10. Oot, congratulations Patch for hurdling the Bar! 👏👏😘😘😘❤️❤️❤️

  11. Another miss USA na parang miss universe representative nila noong 2016 and 2017 both from district of columbia hindi gaanong kagandahan pero matalino sayang si New Mexico parang si Joanna Datul ang mukha maganda, matangkad sayang at mas umariba si north carolina sa final question and answer. Kaya ano si Julia or Patch ang dapat manalo sa binibining pilipinas universe para pantapat natin?

  12. It’s very hard for a gorgeous woman to win MIss USA.
    Arkansas Florida Texas CT NM and Ohio would do a much better job at MU.

    • May I ask what criteria this assumption is based on? Is it because they are more facially beautiful?

  13. No disrespect but in recent years, and this year is no exception, the traditionally statuesque and stunning Miss USA winners have been looking more like the brainy and scholarly Miss America winners.

    Good luck USA!

  14. Well well well, if the result of Miss USA 2019 is any indication of things to come, then brains is definitely winning over beauty. North Carolina is pretty, no doubt. But damn New Mexico is on a whole new level of stunning!! Oklahoma too, with the Crystle Stewart vibes all over her. Had it been how it used to before, im sure New Mexico would definitely win. But North Carolina demolished the Top 3 Q&A

    Oklahoma gave a memorized answer na pinilit mag fit sa final question.

    What a waste for Maryland. She should have kept her hair the same as during Swimsuit. Her hair in Evening Gown costed her a Top 5 placement

    • re: North Carolina q&a…

      Yes, she did! She tore it up! 😉👍

  15. Miss USA 2019 is North Carolina.

    Another African American beauty.

  16. Sure, Admin. No prob.

    Blogger, huwag kalilimutan ang pasalubong. OK na kami sa key chain, coin purse, o ref magnet ng Hungary Grand Prix.

    Kay Admin, extra special kasi siya ang iinda sa lupit namin sa sususnod na sampung araw. 🙂

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