30 comments on “Vickie Rushton: The Silent Killer of Batch 2019?

  1. Those shoes! Ugh…ugh…ly!
    They need to go! Ugh…ugh…ly!

  2. Kung naka reserve nga sya sa MIP, so be it.

    Kung maalala ko, last na nag reserve sa MIP ay nung 2011 – Dianne Necio.

  3. Kahit anong sabihin niyo, favorite to ni Madam kaya nilagay as 1st runner up last year. Miss International ang lowest placement nito this year which I think she deserves.

    • Actually, hawig nga sila. Vickie looks like a young Stella. 🙂

  4. May kahabaa ang fez. For me, she’s just another pretty mestiza. Artistahin, yes…yun lang.

  5. Ulitin ko lang, po, ‘yung na-observe ko du’n sa isa’ng pageant page – Viets like her.

    With that in mind, Madame SMA, bahala na po kayo kung saan niyo siya ipadadala.

      • Hello, there. Sorry, I did not get why masasayang. Dahil sa isa’ng minor pageant supported by Viets siya mapupunta? Or, you think her short stature and age will put her at a disadvantage at said pageant? Well, as far as I can glean, the Viets don’t seem to know nor care that she is short and old.

        Let me give this some perspective, hopefully. I read long ago (not here) that Shamcey was also liked by the Viets during her MU stint at Sao Paulo. In that article, her case was likened to that of Miriam Quiambao, who was alleged to be the future archetype that Thailand adopted for their MU efforts at the turn of the millennia. (The article was either SF or M)

        I was concerned that only us had an appreciation for her pale Eurasian mestiza features. And I just hope that if she gets waylaid at her final attempt, may she take comfort in the fact that if she decided to further her personal brand beyond our shores, our neighbor due west has arms wide open for her.

  6. No offense meant…last year ko pa napansin TOP HEAVY sya n it looks awkward…masyadong mababa dibdib nya…26 is THUNDERDOME for Miss u…she is pretty hanggang dun lang

    • Pia won @26…a lot of Miss USA candidates are at 26…feeling mo lang thunderdome na ang 26 sa MU but IMG raising the age limit at 27 speaks otherwise

      • Add ko rin that Olivia Jordan competed at 27 years old and was even supported by the MUO when she was battling attacks against her because of her age.

        actually 28 ang ceiling age ng MU. So 26 as thundersome is completely untrue talaga.

        really, at this point, Vickie’s only flaws are her height, pageant patty ways, and well, yeah, her top-heavy figure

      • @ unorthodox

        I wish to add and at the risk of sounding boorish, Vickie’s facial beauty, shortness, and ample frontage are appealing to the majority of straight guys. Not to mention he sweetness.

        THAT’S a READY MARKET any pageant organization would be most unwise to ignore.

  7. For MGl or M Intercon. Too short for MUP and too old for MI.

  8. I agree with the comments of tanders below Tito Norman. She is not a standout. Nor is she a silent killer. If sent to Miss U, there goes our placement streak down the drain. She will drown in a sea of beauties with standout bods and above average intellect.

  9. Just now, I got Sarah Rose Summers vibe from her. I wonder if that’s good or bad…

  10. Horrible body proportions, pretty face but not distinctive , boring beauty and will not stand out against other white contestants . Please can we stop idealizing light skin and Caucasian features as Filipina ? We need a rep that looks like most of the nation ! Nothing personal Vicky but enough is enough with halfies being put on this pedestal of beauty .
    Send Patch is you much BBPU! Or AYA OR GALERIA! Or someone else pure Pinay

    • It’s a beauty contest , why send someone who looks like everyone else ?

      • korek ka jan…kung magkakamukha at mukhang ordinaryo ang maglalabanlaban ano pa silbi ng beauty contest na yan

    • We could do that.

      After a halfie, send a “non-halfie” with no Caucasian features. Like Ning Sophida after Poonlertlarp, as Thailand did. BUT, Sophida Kanchanrain had a BANGING BOD. And of the three A&Q bets you mention, Patch is probably the least in that regard.

      And am not a fan of her pale skin, which I think will be more to the taste of Japanese (MI) or Koreans (THERE! Pray that MU hosting job materializes).

      • Sophisa made top 10 last yr because Thailand was the host .i could not imagine her making the first cut if MU was held somewhere else .

      • Sophida has a banging body ? parang hindi naman…di nga toned katawan nya eh…at kung hindi sa Thailand ginawa ang MU hindi sesemi yun…Top 10 is far stretch

      • @ tinay

        Yes, Sophida was not toned like Stepien (MU-Canada) or Akisha Albert (MU-Curacao and 1st RU to Teresita at RH 2017). But her soft curves were well distributed and like Jehza was long-limbed so that over-all she looked GOOD, proportion-wise.

        Anyway, it’s now all done. 🙂

    • sa tingin mo yung mga latina reps like Venezuela, Mexico, Brazil, Costa Rica ets looks like most their nation ? wala kang magagawa kung halfies yung pipiliin…magtayo ka ng sarili mong pageant na bawal halfies kung gusto mo

  11. Vickie’s beauty isn’t really my cup of tea. And since most of Miss International winners are not my kind of taste then I would place Vickie on MI.

  12. The shoot screams “Alyssa Muhlach-Alvarez”. Not good, imho.

  13. Mic talaga best crown or top 15. 5’5 sya at thunders na for pageantry.She is even top heavy As much as I like her. There are younger taller ladies like Emma T and Hannah Arnold who deserves the crown.
    Pwede ipaglaban sya for mic since 5’5 at thunders si Karen G

  14. Pretty face, yes. But there’s a lot more to winning than just a pretty face. And what’s with the tackiest shoes I’ve ever seen?

  15. She is one of the most beautiful but not the silent killer. Coz I myself is expecting a minor crown for her mic globe or mgi. Silent killer are the likes of Leren B and Sam Lo

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