21 comments on “The Binibinis and the visit to Megaworld in BGC

  1. Jst watched the preliminary of Miss USA, nakakatawa ang mga lakad at rampa nila lalo na sa swimsuit round halos lahat makikita mo na wala talagang training. I am rooting for Maryland.

    • korek…ang awkward ng mga walk nila…akala ko ako lang nakapansin…konti lang sa kanila ang mapapa wow …they all seems to look good on photos but seeing them in motion is a little bit disappointing

  2. A&Q, bakit panay ang dikit ng mga alaga niyo kay Hannah? Strategy ba ‘yan – win by association?

    BAD idea to place Bea Patch and Galeria near each other. Mukha sila’ng magkapatid.

  3. yes..agree ako that sam bernardo is a stand out here..and this is not to mention her polished pasarela which reminds me of ms puerto rico k sumthing i forgot..last years’ MU top 5 with muning..but i really give facial beauty a very high factor which i feel kulang sya, kaya dinadala na lang sa styling and pasarela..not.to mention that shes not that articulate..may be a minor crown.

    • Kiara Ortega.

      I agree with a lesser title (than MU or MI) for her and in fact I think that will work in her favor as these bring with them less burden of expectation than with the BIG ones. Except maybe Angkol’s.

  4. Still not a fan of Patch ‘s beauty or lack of it
    My bets for MUP:
    Sam B
    Sam Lo
    April Short

      • Yup, hindi naman talaga siya ang kagandahan ng batch na’to. That distinction goes to Vickie.

        Like you said, comparisons to Sharon Cuneta, Leni Robredo, and Pops Fernandez are NOT exactly the most encouraging. Pero and apparently, she is aiming for the vibe of her co-alum (sa iba’ng campus at college nga lang). Whether or not that works, I would like to see.

        BUT, those comparisons with the celebrities (and the politician-lawyer) also confirm that her look is ORDINARY, PRECISELY because (at least) three other (prominent) Filipinas possess that same face, more or less. Only foreigners unaccustomed to this ORDINARY PINAY LOOK will find her beautiful.

        That being said, ang laban lang naman talaga niya is her smarts. Alam din natin ‘yun.

        But ja and again, she is by NO means the “Face of Binibini 2019” (unless lutuin).

  5. Sam B deeeeym gurl!!! Where have you been hiding that aura all this time??? If MUP were to be selected based solely on this event, hands down Sam B ang winner, no one else comes close. For sure naman MUP din target ni ate gurl, and if my guess is right, this styling is the start of her rebranding herself as an antithesis to Cat’s sweet tisay beauty, for diversity.

    Vickie looks puyat today :((

    Im starting to see the BBP-Supranational crown on Jessarie’s head. Very Mutya Datul vibes without actually looking like Mutya. You get what I mean?

    Gazini looked washed out. Anyare sa styling team? Nasobrahan yata sa pagka daytime look. A little bit more blush maybe???

    In contrast, Shane Tormes looked too glam for a daytime event.

    Patch looks chinita, ang kyut kyut. Tho i would prefer if she has the same skin tone as Isabella Galeria.

    Hannah’s look is very commanding but at the same time ages her a lot.

    Parang copy-paste yung face ni Joanna Tolledo. Parang always ganyan ang styling nya sa lahat ng events

  6. I’m beginning to miss Sam Lo. Parang wala rin siya sa PAWS visit. Anyare? 😦

    • Had some extra time this morning, stuck in traffic . Samantha Lo
      did attend this day event. She was featured on pageantsashes
      and qbeauties.ph. She looks fresh and cute. She was
      Featured in a beautiful white evening dress during the weekend
      but never made it on this site. Only the same old same old.

  7. Mic ko si aling viki dahil Ganda Ganda nya but mi should be tall young and beautiful like Hanna Arnold or Emma Tiglao

  8. BFF talaga si Vickie, Samantha at Emma?

    Sila parati tatlo magkasama…reminds me of the Trio na si Cat, Michele at si Sandra Lemonon last year


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