14 comments on “Miss Universe Catriona Gray on Miss Teen USA 2019

  1. If this edition of Miss Teen USA is any indication of things to come at MUO contests, the final Q&A focused on political and social issues. The final 15 are all top students in their respective schools.

    • LOVED how Miss Teen Connecticut SLAYED hers (on why fewer young women than young men consider having much money important) – pausing first at the start to give the question some introspection and self-reflection (redundant?), sighing to the heavens above, then AND ONLY THEN finally unleashing her thoughts in a tender manner. CLASSIC Sushmita Sen, MU 1994, technique!

      • The way the question was answered, and the depth of content, separate the confidently beautiful from the beautifully confident. It certainly takes intelligence for a contestant to deliver such in a few seconds. In the context of the MUP contest, it takes more than intelligence to do that for those who are not native English speakers, those for whom English is just a second language. It takes gut, grit, and audacity. Who among the aspirants falls under this category? That is the question!

    • Then definitely between Patricia Magtanong who’s a cum laude in BS economics and has a Juris doctor and Julia Saubier who has too many academic credentials to mention is destined to be the next Miss Universe Philippines…

  2. Wala manlang.. pa walk and wave muna? And walang how about a round of aplause bago paalisin sa stage?
    Kasi naman tong MUOrg pati pornstar ginagawang host!

    • You have so much hatred and hostilities.

      Seem like you have not had any gay sex for a long while.

      Get a life, vaklang toh!

  3. For Miss USA 2019 (seniors division), I wish to thank Pipe vlogs (YouTube) and upon his own selection, I think South Dakota, New Jersey, and New Mexico could be GOOD options.

    • (update)

      Thanks again to said source, I am revising to…. Connecticut! Ja, so the state will get BOTH junior (Teen) and senior divisions.

      Problem with my initial three picks were that they were on the petite side. After Sarah Rose Summers, I want someone statuesque again, like Olivia Jordan.

  4. I was expecting Cat to wear a gown of some sort…but this si okay naman…she’s oozing with sex appeal and as usual very eloquent and engaging and definitely charming….

  5. Mukhang hindi na rehearse si kuya. Hindi man lang hinayaan si Cat mag lakad hanggang sa harap at kumaway sa audience bago interviewhin. Sinalubong agad agad. Excited much si kuya.

  6. I love the whole interview. as usual, well spoken queen. I was kinda expecting her to wear a long gown. but this Sherri Hill dress is gorgeous. love the dragon print/beadwork. kitang kita ang legs niya plus, she looked extra sexy while doing her pasarela. ganda.

    and the host. grabe ha. yung boses. para akong. inaano.. eehhhh.. charot. basta! HAHAHA

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