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  1. Mic beauty but middling height kaso nga no attendance ang Lola mo sa mga event nun ru sya

  2. Waiting until June for BbP 2019 is just too too long.

    I hope the powers that be schedule BbP 2020 returns to March or April as it has in the past.

    Good luck, Ms. Rushton.

    • Im sure the BBP schedule for this year is just an exemption because of the MUP franchise tug-of-war that happened between BPCI and LCS earlier this year. Natagalan lang yung negotiations nila kaya na-late yung start ng BBP season. Now, given that franchise issue, I think the original target schedule for the finals is May 2019 kaso nagkataon na senatorial elections din ng May and ang hirap isabay ng BBP within the same month dahil most probably dominated ng election-related news lahat ng media outlets and socmeds until last week ng May. Next year for sure babalik na sa March-April schedule ang future BBP editions

  3. Without a single doubt, Vicky has the most aestheticaly proportioned facial features among all the girls of this batch.. Even her teeth is more symetrical than Hannah Arnold or Patch Magtanong.. If I have the power, I would send Vicky to either Intercontinental, Globe or Grand International. If we are gunning for another crown at Miss International, I don’t think sending a half-caucasian would make us win… Japanese love mestiza doll like features but prefers to crown a contestant who fully represents her nationality specialy for an Asian country. The closest to a halfie we had sent who won was Aurora Pijuan, and she was less than 1/4th Irish/Scottish-American. Sending her to Intercon could give us a 1st RUp finish or maybe even a B2B… It would be no surprise that she’ll be the prettiest at Miss Globe… And as for Miss Grand.. Nawat better not be choosy in crowning her since we would be sending him the biggest celebrity of this batch if ever.

  4. Hindi na sya pwede sa Mi dahil 27 na sya sa coronation night.
    Gandang MI sya, pero be realistic mga Veks.

    • Dox.

      Kahit na nung max 26 ang edad ng kandidata ay hindi pa din nag crown ang MI ng tanders.
      Pinakatanders na si Ikumi na 25. Pero nangyari yun nung panahon na nag crown ang mha host countries (except sa Pinas kasi di tumaba ng husto si Stephany nung pageant). Si Kylie na yata pinakatanders sa edad na 24.
      For political correctness lang ang pag adjust ng mga Hapon. Iba ang nangyayari sa totoong buhay.

      Again, hindi nag crown ng tanders ang mga Hapon. Bata siguro pwede pa, tulad ni Melanie na sinabi 18 years old nung pageant, pero malamang alam ng organization totoo nyang edad. Pinalampas na lang nila kasi bet na bet nila si Melanie. 🙂

      • @dox Kaya nga for me mic si Vicky not mi. Una 5’5 Lang si aling vicky and 27 na. Pero nag crown mic NG 5’5 and 27 din.
        My mic is Vicki Rushton miss intercontinental 2019
        My mi is Hannah arnold. MISS INTERNATIONAL 2019
        Para naman may international winners ang Pinas come 2020
        Sam bernardo or Emma tiglao can be our mgi 2019
        Mahilig po si angkol sa matangkad na mahaba leeg

      • hmmm, point taken. The Japs seem to have plenty of unofficial/unspoken rules such as the “no back to back allowed” or the ” MI Mikimoto curse” (winner this year clapper next year). But, we may also attribute it to the fact that National organizations rarely send candidates to MI that are older than 25 years old even when the org permits candidates older than 25. Looking at the past 4 years,

        2015: 4/70= 5.71%
        2016: 3/69= 4.34%
        2017: 1/69= 1.45%
        2018: 5/77= 6.49%

        Statistically speaking, sobrang baba talaga ng chance. Plus, we saw how Indonesia broke the Mikimoto curse by winning in 2017 and placing as semifinalist in 2018. So malay natin di ba, this year will be the first time that they forego of their younger-than-25-winner tradition. After all, the current MIO has already shown their preference of Vickie among this year’s BBP roster. My personal bet for MIP actually is Hannah Arnold (23), but at this point most signs point out to Vickie winning MIP

        PS. Thanks for the nickname! I likey likey.

  5. I never saw her on any Binibini events post coronation despite her being a runner up. And if I were one the BPCI execom members, I’d make a big note of that.

  6. Hey my Miss International 2019!!!!!

    Right now, Hanna Arnold should be a reserved next year.

  7. She’s this year’s Tiffany Janson. kung fez ang usapan, wala talagang pag uusapan pa. I love how she evolved from last year. Fiercer, hindi pa twitums.. hindi pa sweet.. mas may laban. I also commend her sa kanyang physique. mas sumexy siya lalo. again, she wasn’t part of my top picks last year, pero ngayon. i think masasama na siya..

    kung sa fez, in na in siya.. PERO… how about the stage presence? the comm skills? the pasarela.. the projection.. advocacy is there na. i am just waiting to see her in motion ng matagalan. fashion show, parade of beauties.. and all. she needs to have those other factors kasi. kasi nga, sa panahon ngayon, di lang sapat ang magand alang.

    and totoo, mostly pinoy fans ang mas nakaka appreciate sa beauty niya.. maybe kasi karamihan sa atin is mas gusto ang mestisahin.. pero ang ibang nationality if you’ll ask them, mas pinupuri nila sila Tolledo, Galeria, Denj Magno and the likes.. kasi nga iba iba ang preference. maganda sakanila ang mestisa, but mas may dating sakanila ang morena beauty.

    If i may just make pansin.. the above photos.. very KF.. very MJ Lastimosa ang datingan. i believe mas bagay sakanya yung mga classic look, old hollywood glam, or basta yung ibang look na mas makakapag accent ng ganda niya at mas mapapa youth pa ang fez niya. maybe pwede siyang kumuha ng style pegs kay Iris or kay Demi..

  8. Despite being half-American, Ms. Rushton apparently has spent enough years in the country, if not born and raised here, to no longer worry about residency. Not the case with the likes of Hannah Arnold and Nicole Guerrero. C2F, did Resham also endure the requisite “living period” here?

    I will take this opportunity to remind us all again that there is a clause in the standard BBP contract which says the candidates CANNOT join the competition – MWP & MPE being the prime examples – within ten (10)? months of the conclusion of the BBP Finals.

    Recall now what happened to Gabriela Ortega, the Filipina-Spanish halfie who lackadaisically performed at MWP 2017 (which was not long after the BBP edition of Rachel Peters and Katarina Rodriguez), thinking the inaugural RH-Filipinas title was in the bag. And then buzz emerged that she violated that clause with her participation at ALV’s inaugural pageant effort. Not surprisingly, she was not given a placement (which was discussed in hushed circles as ALV’s compromise to save Gabriela and himself of lawsuits from BPCI).

    • No idea about Resham… but I have a feeling, she would be this year’s darkhorse…

  9. I will repeat what JC of SF said of her (at the Pilya episode with Adam Genato and, of course, Tita Lavinia) – “Kapag beauty ang pinag-uusapan, pagdating kay Vickie, wala’ng away”.

    But here is my observation, which could be wrong as I no longer do a wide enough survey of pageant fora now as (I did) before – it seems tayo lang mga Filipino ang talaga’ng nakapapansin sa kanya. Mas may mention pa sina Bea Patch at Sam B.! Gazini, hands down, pinakagusto abroad on fez value (and Sirene Sutton).

    CLASSIC good looks the PonJap can appreciate : angels, dolls, and saints. 🙂


    (Btw, Jason Abalos and Janjep Carlos are probably the same age bracket – mid 30’s to early 40’s?)

  10. You know she is beautiful but her features will fade next to other white candidates . Ms international maybe but not for MU.
    There are better faces. Hannah has super fine features . Isabella has the most symmetrical , international model caliber bone structure . AYA has the exotic unconventional face . Gazini has a face that can rival the Latinas.
    Sorry but Vicki has such round features . It’s not a contemporary style of beauty. Very old fashioned look. So for me send her to MI .

    • I love Isabella and her huge potential to become an international winner… No girl could represent a Filipina abroad than by neing a nurse! She has the most symetrical Filipina features.. but her ears needs to be pinned.. I don’t think she’ll win a crown this year.. I hope she comes back with all the hosting experience and a much bubblier personality.

      • Sorry SM beauty si Galleria.
        Maybe in 2 yrs , she’ll be more confident .

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