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  1. Like I said in a previous reply below, I feel that Ever Bilena favors commercially beautiful ladies whose overall aura is very sweet, Tisay, and quintessentially Pinoy-showbusiness beautiful, but not necessarily “beauty-pageant beautiful”. All awardees since last year are Tisays and Chinitas, no brown-skinned beauties. It’s harder to market a brand with exotic-looking endorsers to a Tisay-loving nation. Hence, I feel that we should not take this set of awards as indication of who’s gonna win crowns on finals night, especially second year pa lang naman tong award na to and nagkataon na yung inawardan last year ay sure winner caliber naman kasi talaga.

    Dahil may extra time ako today, I looked into the special awards on BBP seasons starting from 2010. Among the current sponsor awards handed out,
    1. Miss Creamsilk award is the most reliable predictor of a crown. Every recipient of this award since 2013 has won a crown
    2. Jag Denim Queen recipients had taken home one of the top 2 titles since 2016.
    Dagdag ko na rin
    3. Sure crown din since 2013 if you win either or both Best in Swimsuit and Best in Evening Gown, with Best in SS leaning towards winnning MUP (4/6) and Best in EG leaning towards winning MIP (3/6)

    • Very excellent points of view, unorthy. I also liked your observations on the recipients of special awards and how they advanced to the finals. Tres bien!

      • Thanks, Ana! I actually did a lot of analysis including 2006-2009 editions but I felt that criteria during those years might not reflect the criteria of present day selection, plus my comment will be waay too long na haha so yan na lang muna for now

  2. For me, its leren mae baustista. Practice practice langand shell be perfect.

  3. I can see that almost the same names are mentioned over and over again in most of the posts. I ‘m not an expert on this, but I wonder if there is a dark horse hiding in the shadows here, that one (or even two) candidate that will mesmerize us, sweep away the feet of the judges, proudly wear a Binibining Pilipinas crown on the coronation night, and with a naughty smile telling us “ you’re’ not good in predicting!!

    What do you think? Or had this happened in the past?

    • Are you the one formerly known as “newbie commentator”? Mero’n nga! Check the Archives. 🙂

      Blogger has faves & personal friends among candidates. And there are those that extend invitations to and/or deals with him. Example, Jehza is a dear friend whom he lavished much coverage last year; as she competed in Poland, he posted a sequence of glam shots to drum up love.

      Ja, and last year it could be said that Ahtisa was a dark horse. Most here were focused on Cat, Eva, Buot, LemonS, and Vicki. Aya was another personal fave of Blogger. Kayesha Chua & Agatha Romero got a sprinkling (“angge”) of mention, but then only as semifinalists.

  4. My choices for MUP:
    Sam B
    Sam Lo

    It would be interesting to see Emma win MUP. She’s so energetic and full of life . She’ll probably do better than Rachel Peters at MU because of her much more outgoing personality .

  5. BbP 2019 is one of those years!

    It is safe to say that b2b MU titles is virtually impossible. Will MUP 2019 be reduced to be a sacrificial lamb or a virtual and serious b2b contender.

    In recent years Venezuela in 09′, Colombia in 15′, and South Africa 18′, in my opinion. were hugely successful b2b “contenders.”

    Venezuela 09′ winning the b2b MU feat while Colombia 15′ and S. Africa 18′ were the first runners-up.

    Beautiful enough? Tall enough? Articulate enough? Not articulate enough? All valid concerns for MUP 2019.

    My hope is that our MUP is poised and fortunate enough to be in the “position” to make it into the top 5 and let her talking do the walking in the q&a round!

    Speaking of “beautiful enough” and “not articulate” enough, I wonder what Maxine Medina is up to these days? 😉💙

  6. I won’t mind if Emma T wins MUP
    She is not that articulate but I like her energy . It’s very positive .

  7. Based on PAWS pics, no to Patch for MUP . Walang arrive so Are
    Yes to Sam B for MUP. I won’t complain if she gets the top spot
    Wow to Marriane Marquez , shes uber gorgeous

    Take note: ididnt see everyone

  8. i guess ever bilena is being strategic in recognising ‘low key’ candidates this year as recipients of its awards..that way, mas aangat ang branding nila, rather than girls overpowering their brand..bka dala na sila sa previous winners who after getting a crown, e ibang make up brand naman ang gamit, etc. .so somehow, hindi rin na e pupush ang brand nila, hindi natu3kan..etx.

  9. I wonder if this sets the tone of who the frontrunners are as the BbP season gets into high gear with about six weeks left.

    It makes the guessing game for MUP and BbP International that much more intriguing considering Patch, Hanah and Saubier were left out of being recognized here.

    Oh well..

  10. Where is my Leren Leren sinta Bautista☺
    What happened to Aya. Wala bang eyelashe product ang ever bili na hihihi.
    Gumanda naman c Aya with Make up therefore Aya deserved an award unless lahat silang candidate ay gumanda lang with Make up kaya napunta sa iba yung award 😆
    Leren Bautista pa rin ako for MUP unless Gazini will surprise us in the Q&A 😣hihihi
    Vicky R., I’m happy for u. I’ll definitely give u a crown hihihi ☺

  11. Really loving Rushton and Bernardo this year. Both are getting crowns.

    Methinks there will be repercussions for attempts to take MUP franchise for A&Q girls… just being honest after these results.

    Time will tell.

  12. im happy with these awards cause they give us an advance insight of the things to come…..

    • Last yr , Cat was the big EB winner and won MUP .

      Do u think it will be the same this yr ?

  13. What’s going on here?

    I have been seeing some Patch Magtanong’s craze on other sites, and the fans believe that she can get the MUP crown. They say, though patch is weak (kesyo masyado daw syang malikot) at her pasarela, her communication skills and her ability to think faster than her feet are unmatched. I beg to disagree on the pasarela part. Seeing the Ever Bilena video of Patch, I could say she is killing it. She’s got a lot of energy. I like her body banging here and there, left and right.

    Here’s the exciting part: Patch has resorted to veneer procedure, and her smile now looks perfect. Her veneers look natural (hindi masyadong mapuputi at malalaki). Her team has released some of her headshots, at sobrang ganda n’ya. Her no-make-up make up suits her. Ang ganda n’ya talaga, at ‘pag nag-smile na s’ya, pak, Yedda Marie Mendoza!

    If Patch wins MUP, I don’t have a doubt that she can pull off a back-to-back if not, at the very least, a Tamaryn Green victory.

    Aside from Patch, I also find Sam Bernardo and Vickie Rushton effortlessly beautiful. If Sam can eat Patch alive on the QnA round on the final’s night, then I won’t have issue with her walking away with MUP crown. Vickie shall be crowned Miss International, unless she is not qualified due to age requirement. She cannot be MUP for obviously lacking global appeal. Gazini is also beautiful, but there is something I find lacking on her. I have yet to figure it out. Maybe she can be Globe or Intercon. It’s Patch that has X-factor, very Pinay beauty, and can kill head-to-head, side-by-side with other candidates, but definitely she will standout. Please crown her MUP.

    That’s all.

    • Iskolar ng Bayan looks GREAT in the recent PAWS event! Yep, I have to admit she looks like Yedda Marie Mendoza Kittilstevdt Romualdez (maganda pa rin kahit Mayora na).

      She will definitely need everything she can muster #beyondbeauty. Kasi kung fez value lang, kayang-kaya siya’ng tapatan even within the region by Frederika Cull. Those veneers will help; TOTAL dapat talaga ang strategy!

      Basta ako, MUP, BBP-MI, & BBP-MGI will be for the Illustrious Trio of Bea Patch, Hannah, and Julia. The only possible spoiler will be if, indeed, Vicki is reserved for Shimomura Akemi.

      • Face value… maybe.. but comskills no.. Frederika is already fluent in English to begin with and yet she can’t think on her feet… most of her statements are copycat of the past queens.. not like Patch who does not care about the past queens and yet can deliver statements full of personality.

      • I also have Patch, Hannah and Julia in my top 3 as well, Flor ! For me, these 3 have the “X” factor that will carry them all the way to the finals. They are very articulate and whatever they lack in pasarela etc. they can be easily trained and polished on. Beauty, poise & Q & A will determine their fate come final night. And I’m sure they will deliver 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Flor Tula, I find nothing extra special on Frederika Cull’s beauty. Mas natatakot pa ako sa kokoronahang Miss Universe Thailand. No wonder Thailand is fully awakened now and is stepping up their game. Have you seen their newly crowned rep for Supranational? My God, ang hirap tapatan! I would think na ang kokoranahan nilang MUT ay mas maganda pa sa Supra rep nila. However, having Patch on stage for Philippines, hindi ako kakabahan. This girl is very charming and her smile can easily light up the entire venue, how much more ‘pag nagsalita pa s’ya.

        I have reservations on Hannah. She looks bland pa rin albeit the studio shots her team has recently released. We don’t need a Pia copycat in MU.

        I agree with you on Julia. She is my other favorite. She is a performer. If Globe will be given to her, then I’d be happier.

      • It plays, unorthy! Thanks for that.

        I knew it that Patch’s team will strategize. Pinauna na n’ya sina Hannah at Gazini na maglabas ng mga photos nila. Then, she will show off her glamshots before the finals.

        Sa mga photos na lumabas sa recent Ever Bilena event, it was Patch’s which captivated. Well, ayaw ko ng isipin why she was not picked to be one of the brand’s winners.

      • @Ana Yey! buti naman nagpplay na. And aside from strategizing, siguro pwede rin natin iattribute yung timing ng mga pasabog ni Patch sa time na nagstart sya magtrain. I feel like she has the same case as Aya last year where she started training only after passing her BBP application. The difference maybe is that, last year you can really see the “napilit lang sumali” on Aya’s overall aura, whereas Patch shows that she really is interested to join, wala lang talagang enough time to train

        As to why she’s excluded from the Ever Bilena awardees, I feel that the brand favors commercially beautiful ladies whose overall aura is very sweet, Tisay, and quintessentially Pinoy-showbusiness beautiful which, unfortunately, still remains as the definition of beauty for typical Filipinos. As we can see, the awardees this year (and even last year) are Tisays and Chinitas, no brown-skinned beauties. Patch is very beautiful no doubt but I see her more towards the edgier/exotic side of the beauty spectrum which typical Filipinos rarely appreciate. It’s harder to market a brand with exotic-looking endorsers to a Tisay-loving nation.

    • Great observations… effortless. Both have upped their game this year, but they are really looking comfortable in their own skin.

      Hannah, Gazini, Patch, and Aya not so much…

    • For beautiful brainy people like Patch, Julia, Ilene, and others I may have missed, it must be too uncomfortable for their worth to be validated only on their face, hair, teeth, smile, skin complexion, walk, and vital statistics, and not on the lofty ideas inside their heads and on the feisty ideals inside that physical frame. But in this period when the bar has been raised too high at MU by last year’s triumph, 4-year-ago win, and 9 successive top 10 finish, the Pageant Powerhouse cannot afford to send anyone less than outstanding in the beauty, brains and character departments.

      Patch has the makings of the Amal Clooney of the Philippines. The inner strength and intelligence that glows in that beautiful persona is her differential advantage over the rest. An MU platform will certainly propel her to that status– good for MU brand, good for the country’s image.

    • @ Ana and Flor, expect Patch to step up several notches higher in the coming weeks. I heard that the BAR Results will be released this week. Speculation ko lang naman, but I think hindi pa 100% ang focus ni Patch sa BBP kasi malamang kahit papaano natetense din yan sa magiging results ng BAR. What i would like her to focus on tho, is her body proportions. She’s too manipis at this point. If she can manage to gain a little weight and put on curves at the right places then im sure her pasarela will also be improved.

      credentials-wise, Julia Saubier is Patch’s closest competion. But I have to agree with many commenters here na face-wise, Gazini talaga yung pinakamalakas and very MU caliber. Sobrang iffy lang talaga kay Gazini kasi very MGI ang galawan nya plus need pa talaga magpractice on interview skills

      for now, in order of preference:
      MUP: Patch, Gazini, Hannah, Julia, Aya, Leren, Sam Lo
      MIP: Hannah, Vickie, Emma, Sam Lo, April Short
      MIC-P: Vickie, Gazini, Sam Lo
      MSP: Aya, Emma, Sam B., Isabela Galeria, Jessica Marasigan, Jessarie Dumaguing
      MG: Leren, Julia, Emma, Nicole Guerrero, Denise Omorog
      MGI: Gazini, Sam B., Hannah, Emma, Julia, Nicole Guerrero, Shane Tormes

      PS. Happy Birthday, Patch!

  14. Based on pic above, my MIP would be Sam B and my MUP Julia .
    There are a few people that I hope do not get a crown like Marasigan and Aya who I think will not do well internationally .

  15. Jessica needs to sharpen her make-up.. she looks too cute and commercial… is she saving the fierce total ensemble on the coronation night? And she also needs to get more athletic to compensate for her height and cute proportions.

  16. For me it’s Samantha Lo for MUP. I am not a fan either. It’s what I actually have seen and heard.
    Beautiful and recognizable without makeup, all natural, no face surgery nor dental
    work that looks like old man dentures. She does not memorize her speeches, notice she does not talk fast . She speaks from her heart and her answers correspond to the
    Question asked which is very important and she has established advocacy not waiting to win and then have an advocacy. She’s 5’8 1/2″ tall. Took time to listen to her and other candidates videos and decided as a non fan of any candidate. Take time to listen to her videos clear voice and pronounciation is clear. No made up words
    When she speaks.

  17. For me:

    MU Magtanong, MI Tiglao, MIC Abesamis, MS Bernardo, MG Rushton, MGI Arnold, 1st RU Ganados, 2nd RU Saubier

    Peace! 🙂

    • For me it’s sam lo for mup I not being a fan either.
      It’s what I actually saw, beautiful and recognizable without makeup
      all natural, no facial surgery nor dental work. She does not memorize
      Her speeches, notice she does not talk fast, she
      Speaks from her heart and her answers corresponds
      To the questions asked which is very important and she
      has an established advocacy not waiting to win and then have an advocacy
      she’s also tall at 5’8 1/2 . Take time to listen to her videos and decide
      not as a fan of any candidate

  18. @ scorg, just saying, and Jen Houck : Ingat ka, dude! Baka plano’ng i-hijack ang identity niyo’ng matitino. Ta’s, ipagyayabang na sila ikaw. Style na panis. 😦

    (‘Pag ‘di lumabas ‘tong comment na ‘to, or ma-delete later on, maghinala ka na. Hindi ako nagpapa-importante, pero totoo’ng MARAMI na’ng nawala dahil sa mudslinging. It may also be that the Admins and service providers resent the openness as it preempts hidden agenda and selfish motives. But, mygas! ‘Di ba nga, dapat “Net Neutrality” with civility? At ako ang isa sa una’ng sala, lol) 🙂

    Anyway, back to the post…. Paran’g “lumpy” ang fez ni Emma?…. Ba’t ganu’n? Kay Kylie, makinis.

    • @Flor: Thanks for the reminder. E kung iha- hijack matinong identities, magiging obvious na hindi na sila yun kung hindi rin kasing tino ang content. Sana matino at magalang din para naman kumalat ang positive vibes.

  19. Sam B is amazing .
    She almost had a horse face in 2013 . This improved in 2018 when she joined BP 2018.
    Now she looks even better .
    Whether it’s the product of better styling or a well-done cosmetic procedure does not matter .

    This is something that Aya should have invested in .

    • true and i dont care what the haters think about her theyre obviously threatened by her outstanding presence in this year’s competition truly the one to beat together with emma and vickie. aya for me and julia saubier also are worth mentioning.

    • aya has one of the best presentation skills in this years binibini edition. samantha is really crownworthy i expect her to do well and julia saubier.

  20. Vicky Ruston is stepping up. I really hope, Vicky’s packaging will not be messed up come Final’s night. She was so matrona last year. Nakikita ko Olivia Oculpo sa kanya. She should channel Olivia’s stance and packaging

    • vickie is well spoken not sure why people even think shes less a contender than the socalled favorites in social media.

  21. Plan D:
    MU Magtanong
    MI Bernardo
    MIC Abesamis
    MS Dumaguing
    MG Tiglao
    MGI Guerrero
    1st Arnold
    2nd Saubier

    Plan E
    MU Bernardo
    MI Tiglao
    MIC Ganados
    MS Abesamis
    MG Rushton
    MGI Magtanong
    1st Arnold
    2nd Guerrero

  22. Vickie won because she is the most popular like Catriona was last year. I’m not saying she didn’t deserve it but I think they are looking for someone who has the recall already.

    • I was not brave enough to share this same thought so
      thank you. This group of candidates is made up of beautiful
      fresh faces but they became irrelevant early on.
      Not sure why but from an outsiders view it seem that
      it is a cycle of recycling candidates. So with all due respect and so
      the returning candidates do not get their feeling hurt they should
      automatically be given the crowns, this years new bright stars
      then come back and start the lineup again. Many of the fresh fasces
      this year come with good communication skill, knowledge that is acquired
      thru schooling, book reading, travel and life experiences this is why they speak with clarity. The lack of plastic surgery is also refreshing, absolutely nothing against a few touch ups
      but yesterday’s 3 out of 4 awardees have had their share. From looking at older pictures of these three girls they have gone from beautiful to yuck.
      If these fresh faces do not succeed this year I am sure that they are smart
      enough not to return next year.

      • Hello, Jen Houck. Your frankness is refreshing. I mean that in a good way.

        But what can be done about it? After all, BBP allows repeats and crossing-over, tolerates cosmetic surgery, plus the fact that only six crowns can be bestowed annually.

        Puteri Indonesia organization prohibits repeating. And MUT gives a 2-year contract to the winner and her court, as standard.

        Please do suggest additional possible measures to minimize recycling.

        (We are glad you are able to get your comments through again. As with scorg and just saying)

      • Flor and Jen,

        On your comment on my comments not getting through, I noticed Akismet censors comments that have considerable academic content. But that is my writing style. What can I do? I was a campus journalist then. My managerial job requires a lot of writing. It’s disappointing that it allows many hateful mudslings to litter the pages of this blog site, and censors objective and polite entries.

      • Jen, although I personally view with disfavor the recycling of beauty pageant contestants, the fact that the Philippines has just so many beautiful women jostling for very few titles, the phenomenon of repeaters and crossovers cannot be avoided. I view repeaters and crossovers as those who try to revalidate their worth this time around. It takes guts and audacity for someone to come back to present her beauty and entire persona for public scrutiny and judgment (for their worth or, sad to say, market value). On this note, I guess they deserve my admiration. After all, as the cliche-ridden battlecry goes: For the Philippines!

      • @ Jen, Flor, and scorg, I dont think recycling beauty pageant contestants is a bad practice. After all, experience is the best teacher. Even Cat benefited from this. She joined MWP first. Her journey towards (being robbed of) the MW16 crown unknowingly prepared her for her MU journey. She learned many lessons (re: personal and professional affiliations) and which things to recalibrate on her performance. So by the time she joined BBP18 she already knew what to do and presented herself as best as she could. Pia also learned so many lessons from her first two attempts that prepared her for her third foray into (and finally winning) BBP. Just think of this, if Kylie decided not to rejoin BBP16 after ending up as a semifinalist in 2015 then who knows if we would have won our 6th MI crown in 2016.

        For me, as long as repeaters can reinvent themselves or offer something new and fresh, then they should be allowed to rejoin. After all, BPCI crowns those who they think are the best performers of the night. So regardless if you’re a newbie or a repeater, as long as you emerge the best among all the candidates then you will be crowned

  23. My leaderboards

    Plan A:
    MU Saubier
    MI Magtanong
    MIC Rushton
    MS Bernardo
    MG Tiglao
    MGI Arnold
    1st Abesamis
    2nd Dumaguing

    Plan B:
    MU Magtanong
    MI Arnold
    MIC Bernardo
    MS Abesamis
    MG Saubier
    MGI Rushton
    1st Tiglao
    2nd Galleria

    Plan C:
    MU Arnold
    MI Magtanong
    MIC Abesamis
    MS Tiglao
    MG Rushton
    MGI Bernardo
    1st Saubier
    2nd Bautista

  24. Asan na ang hyped girls? Remember last year’s EB winners. Lahat pumasok sa Semis…so 11 spots remaining nalang. Naku kabahan na kayo na puro paghyhype ang inatupag! #AllTeaAllShade

    • kasi nga tinodo na ng mga taga KF, baka next year si Galema na ang ND. Do you think may makakapasok na KF?

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