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  1. this girl has what it takes to be MUP but not for now….shes toooooo raw. from her pasarela to her posings and the hunger to win is not yet there. kindah reminds me of janine tugonon when she first joined. i like her alot and i hope she doesnt win a crown cause i want her to comeback STRONGER!

  2. She has to step it up since she knows that she is getting killed beauty-wise by at least 10 other girls….hihihihihi good luck veks!

  3. I don’t know about forcing her to certain molds. The girl is beautiful as she is. Plus, she has the deadliest credentials (academics, multi-cultural exposure, athletics, arts, languages, …)

    She had me at Wes Anderson.

    Her track record tells me a lot about her core being. She is my MUP.

  4. I think she is the nicole cordovez of this batch. Nicole was picked mostly by pageant fans during the preliminary activities competition of bbp. Some were not convinced and didnt understand why nicole cordovez? And came out on stage off bbp with answers to our question why her. I was one of those who is not convinced but finally understand during the coronation night. And i feel the same to this girl. Sa face value lang nagkaiba and still nicole top this girl in over all. If this girl wins one of the title and wont to undergo face improvement with a sharp thing. Her team needs to double their effort to find the right combination of everything to her face and looks for her to have a winnable final looks during competition till the coronation night. I think the highest she can get is Miss Intercontinental. Pwedeng runner up muna if she want to join again so runner up if ever she has the fighting spirits of repeaters.

    • Kailangan din isaalangalang na she is studying (on scholarship, right?). How her timetable in that regard could impact on a Runner-up placement (normally taken to mean another try is possible) remains to be seen. But one thing is sure. Alam ng BPCI sinu-sino ‘yung puwede pa’ng i-postpone ang pagkorona! I’m quite sure their short-term plans were asked during the Screening, if not on the Application form.

      And THIS is another important point : ALL TALK OF “TRYING AGAIN” IS OF INTEREST TO BPCI AS THEY GLEAN FROM THIS HOW TO PLAN FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS. Even now, I am sure they are entertaining “inquiries from handlers” up to 2021. That’s part of the company’s business plan.

      (Of course, all such kind of “negotiation” is strictly confidential and only the BIG bosses are privy)

  5. I have high hopes for the tall Julia…
    Personality and background-wise, she is the epitome of what Miss Universe is looking for.. “Confidently beautiful witha heart”. But she still needs to get some things done Physicaly to create the illusion of a pageant barbie fresh out of the box… like maybe veneers w/ a mild gum slicing?… I love that she is athletic but she needs to get fat to gain curves then suck out all the fats in the mid section, cheeks and under the chin.. giving her that ideal hourglass figure… and get all the dark spots on her legs lasered off… and maybe, just maybe, I mild nose job?.. . At 5’11,This won’t be an issue if she’s a representative of Venezuela… I can imagine that she could come out into someone better than Irene Esser, Gabriela Isler and Vanessa Mendoza combined. Her natural beauty actualy looks far better than those 3 girls I mentioned before they went under the knife. BUT Miss Universe is still the ultimate driving force of the beauty industry in the whole world… At the end of it all.. it is still a business.

    • ALL THAT should have been done PRIOR. ‘Eh, ayaw niya nga daw at she wants to “represent a more accessible kind of beauty”. Which MIGHT beg questions like –

      1. If it required THAT kind of drive to dominate at MU, the kind that the Misses of Venezuela endure almost without question, just how serious is she about all this?

      2. Does she just see her role as an act of rebellion against fake beauty? Like Angela Ponce, who said “I don’t have to win MU. I just need to be here”? Kung ganu’n, ‘eh malabo nga’ng B2B….

      3. OK, fair enough. But won’t her fans (like yourself, C2F) feel a bit disappointed if she does not go that extra mile, given how invested they are in pageantry and so expect her to be just as invested?

      • I love Julia, hands down.. but would Miss Universe love her physicaly?… She almost has all the goods to win an international crown… but she just needs some polishing, physicaly…. I believe that the laser theraphy on her skin is already ongoing. I am nit picking because I do want her to win.

  6. Dear readers, this is where it stands. PINAKAMAGANDA NA ANG PICKS NI C2F!

    1. Hindi nga siya kagandahan, pero malabo mag B2B at Universe, anyway. Ayaw natin’g mapahiya pagdating sa Question Round at makatutulong ang malakas na (French) passport. Ergo, Saubier. And I think her backstory will resonate with more (ordinary) Filipinos than yet another Latin academic honorific at some hard-to-enter university. Ergo,

    2. Bea Patch for International. Our weak passport is no issue with the PonJap; after all, they love us. And I guess what would work for Koreans style-wise would also work with their neighbor. She will surely have no problem nailing the Speech and working a kimono. YAAAZZZZZ! Magtanong, with her pale and smooth skin, will be a VISION in a kimono. 🙂

    (Problem lang is if, indeed, Vicki is being groomed for the Tokyo campaign. If so, no choice si Iskolar ng Bayan; Intercontinental, siya. The third highest title, not so bad. But ja, forget any notions of a B2B, too. Hindi nga mabigyan ng matinong awra si Gallman…)

    3. Kay Angkol na lang si Hannah. Actually, ito rin ‘yung unang-una ko’ng naisip.

    4. Gazini, admired EVERYWHERE for her FEZ, will HAVE to polish her oral delivery and thought process if she wants to compete at Universe. Huwag nga lang ngayon; OK din para ‘di siya pressured. At the earliest, next year and even then, si Paton lang siguro ang medyo angat pagdating sa kudahan. SHE CAN BE THE ONE TO GIVE ALAIZA A HARD TIME.

    5. Resham, with her strong Arab look and Canadian passport, will be PERFECT for Globe, precisely for the Deliart Association’s links with Canada plus the fact that we have not yet sent anybody who looks like her to Albania (no cloning of past reps).

  7. I will not complain if she wins MUP.
    She very well deserves it .
    Her SS presentation alone says it all.
    Then you hear her talk.
    Pls do not compare her to Gumabao who is not as pretty and who failed to achieve the weight necessary to succeed internationally .

    • I like her looks and personality but her facial expressions were too forced and robotic in swimsuit during the press presentation. She was trying too hard mimicking Pia Wurtzbach’s varied facial expressions in Miss Universe 2015 but failed miserably and instead ended up looking absolutely comical.
      Just be natural and relaxed. Show them the essence of being cosmopolitan.

    • @fabian. You should see them in person. Gumabao is prettier than Julia. Julia is babalu

    • @fabian. You should see them in person. Gumabao is prettier than Julia. Julia is babalu

  8. Enough of the “kagandahang kaappreciate-appreciate” or “kagandahang eventually will be” or “gandang dpat i-explain pa” Kya nga beauty contest, una s lhat dpat nakakapukaw sa mata ang kgandahan bago p malaman magaling pla sumagot or with impressive educational background.

  9. Miss globe or runner up.. Facial beauty for mup is a must even angkol will not pick her. Julia is on my top 8 number 6

  10. O Diba chanelling aniporn vibes. Pang tough 10 if nag mup. That’s why she is not my mup. Mayangulo Lang maganda. Pang reserve sya next year after going to Knife.
    Remember puro matatalino recent ms USA puro tough ten Lang dahil kinulang sa face

      • Sabi ng mga Amiga ko na 3 dayuhan shonget daw. So manahimik na Lang ako ?may time pa nga na mag enhancement. Kung ayaw di wag
        Kaso sayang lalo na biba at matangkad

  11. Kung magkakatotoo ang prediction ni Psychic Gurmeet na Runner-up lang siya, no problem! What to do? NGAYON tuparin nina Koya MG ‘yung rumored noon’g “seventh crown/title”, then send her.

  12. She is quickly emerging as the one to beat.

    “Standards of beauty have indeed evolved.” is an excellent definitive statement, Norman.

    A b2b MU is the ideal outcome but the possibility is rare but there can happen.

    A top 10/5/runner-up at MU result is expected for the 10th straight year.

    A top 20 semi-finalist placement would be little disappointong.

    A non-placement at MU would be devastating, disappointing and embarrassing for the MUP 2019.

    That said. go get em’ Julia! You have the goods young lady!

  13. Grabeh ka, Blogger. In other words, parang sinabi mo na rin na banget talaga siya.

    Eeewwwww. Hair extensions. 😦

    You know what would work in her favor? Official endorsement by formal-legal non-pageant organizations. When MUO sees the clamor, they will take note. At the end of the day, DEMAND talks.

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