9 comments on “Janjep Carlos sendoff for Mr Gay World 2019

  1. I didn’t know na gurang na pala etong si Janjep!!! Sherep sherep naman looking young all the time… I’m sure he’ll have a “blast” in South Africa… I hope his partner isn’t a jealous guy…hihihihih

    • Si Chard? Nahhh. In Janjep’s won words, “… makulit din siya”. 🙂

  2. That Introduction video is so awkward to watch. the way he speaks, sounds like his reading a cue card. needs to work on personality.

  3. Mr. Gay Japan is BEAR-y good (if you prefer your guy hirsute. But, ja, Janjep has karug, too). 🙂

    Mr. Gay Taiwan is riding on the wings of his country being the first in the Far Easy (t) to legalize same-gender unions (ostensibly as a way to define itself as the polar opposite of mainland China). If you are skeptical of the Belt and Road initiative, then go join Taipeh’s Pride March next time.

    Costa Rica is a veterinarian; bring your doggies to him to be healed.

    And as usual, Belgium is STRONG. This year, he is a care-giver at a retirement home.

    Hungary and Germany are financial advisers. Btw, bakit andami ‘yata’ng beki’ng nagiging ganito ang work?

    The host delegate looks like a dork, though. Last year was much better. 😦

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