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  1. Yes, the 2 you mentioned both have strong passports while Fitriyanti (half-Pakistani) being assigned to Poland has more to do with the owner of Miss Supranational highly favors Indian lineage and beauty. You can’t be more indirectly-Indian than being half Pakistani and half Indonesian.

    • If you only knew the history of India and Pakistan. They were separated by the British the Muslims Pakistan and Hindu India. You will even get a denial on India visitor visa if you went to Pakistan or have a Pakistan grandparentThey don’t consider each other in the same boat so bad move for shupit.
      Just saying

  2. Penchon wins the award for the most annoying voice in the competition . She needs to modulate it a little bit

    • Nakalimutan i edit yung hand rails. Kitang kita nag bend mula sa mid section nya. Epic fail.

  3. PUTOCHOP ALERT, Blogger! Sam B. was STRREEEETCHED…. Hindi siya ganyan kahaba. 😦

    @ Fabian Reyes, GANDA ni Saad. 🙂

    @ C2F, fair enough. But I would rethink the Reservas. Bear in mind that not only are they spare tires, they will also profit from a full year of exposure and training apart from helping Koya MG in brand-building. That being said, I would replace Emma with Short, Black, or Ganados. THEY NEED TO BE THE KIND THAT CAPTURES ATTENTION AND DOES NOT EASILY LET GO. Dahil they will be the ones who will be put on public display, the titlists being preoccupied with respective preparations.

    Ang ingatan natin, ‘yung mga hindi nagparamdam at all the past week.

    • @flortula
      I don’t know why she needs to photoshop considering sexy sya well
      May attitude daw si madam sabi mga tsismosa but baka naman eye on the crown lang sya hihi

    • Flor , I think who get the crown will depend on how these girls will look on coronation night .
      However , I have ruled out certain girls .

      • I hope they go back to their numbers
        Those city sashes make it harder to follow the girls

      • Ok naman may sash fabi. Carry naman yan. Pampatalas ng memorya pag sash hihi. Need nga lang nila bawasan yung haba ng sash. Look at mu sash ganon dapat.

  4. My current leaderboard:

    MU Julia Saubier- for her strong French passport
    MI Patricia Magtanong- because the Philippine’s weak passport doesn’t matter in Japan.
    MIC Vicky Rushton- her dual citizenship doesnt matter since we are not aiming for a B2B.
    MS- Samantha Bernardo- her highest placement could be a 2ndRUp due to her weak passport.
    MG Resham Saeed- Canadian passport
    MGI Hannah Arnold- Australian passport
    1st RUp Nicole Guerrero- US passport
    2nd RUp Emma Tiglao

    Top 16
    Aya Abesamis
    Leren Bautista
    Gazini Ganados
    Eileen DeVera
    Jesarie Dumaguing
    Jane Genobisa
    Joana Toledo
    April Short

    • Has an MUP been denied a visa to Participate in the pageant abroad?
      It would be cruel for the US embassy or any embassy to do so considering there is only one single Filipino of this kind To apply for a visa a yr . Her winning the national pageant should be her free ticket to a visa anywhere she goes in the world.

      • If we are gunning for a win…. We need girls with strong passports…. based on our international wins for the past 2 decades… 82% of them have strong foreign passports…

        MI 2005 Lara Quigaman- Brittish passport
        MS 2013 Mutya Datul- Ph Passport hence she ddnt travel much…
        MI 2013 Bea Santiago- Canadian Passport
        MW 2013 Megan Young- US passport
        MG 2015 Ann Colis – Ph passport traveled only in Canada..
        MU 2015 Pia Wurtzbach- German passport
        MI 2016 Kylie Versoza- Ph passport only traveled in Jp.
        MU 2018 Catriona Gray – Australian Passport
        MIC 2018 Karen Gallman – Australian Passport

        Special mention:
        MU 2O12 1st RUp Janine Tugonon- Ph passport
        MIC 2015 1st RUp Christie McGarry- US Passport
        MGI 2016 1st RUp Nicole Cordoves- Ph passport
        MG 2017 1st RUp Nelda Ibe- Ph passport
        MIC 2017 1st RUp Kat Rodriguez-US passport
        MI 2018 1st RUp Ahtisa Manalo- US passport

        In MU, almost all recent winners -90% have strong passports… Ex. the longest reign would be the Angolan, Leila Lopez who has a Brittish passport.

      • C2f , I don’t think it matters what passport they hold
        Once they win to rep our country , it’s an ‘automatic visa’ already .
        Look at Janine and Venus who prob wouldn’t get a tourist visa under their circumstances back them .
        And what abt Janicel and Mutya ?

      • When you win MU or MW.. you also have to travel to other countries at the last minute and stay for indefinite periods of time.. A girl with a strong passports gets rid of all those paperworks and trouble for the organization…

      • C2f. Its just a plus or advantage to have a strong passport but not required if you are aiming for the top prize of any pageants. If you won with weak passport. Bahala na ang muo sa weak passport mo. They know how to handle everything coz well known naman ang MU. They know what to do and how to talk just to make you enter in other countries na kailangan nyong puntahan ni esther.

      • A weak passport also means little diplomatic and economic ties with other countries.. That’s why our halfies are doing so well… They are also technicaly representing another country who compensates for our country’s lack of diplomacy.

      • C2f, that’s overthinking
        Pia and Cat won because they stood out in more ways than one .
        Venezuela is one of the most hostile passports in the world and yet they have won 3 crowns in the last 10y
        The formula is simple . U have to be pretty in shape and articulate… and they must like u the most .

      • @Fabian

        FYI, the Venezuelan passport’s rank is 27 which is open to 130 countries…. Most of which are the target market of Miss Universe… That is because Venezuela sells the cheapest oil in South America before their recent economic crisis… And regardless of that, their last Miss Universe, Gabriela Isler has dual citizenship for being 1/4 Swiss… her Swiss passport has a ranking of 3 and is open to 166 countries… Compare that to our Philippine passport which ranks 61 which is only open to less than 70 countries(most of which are also 3rd world). 🙂

        Btw, among the Filipina reps w/ only a Philippine passport you mentioned… Only Mutya Datul won.. and how many times did she travel to other countries aside from the host countries? 🙂

      • Yes of course, its a given that they should all be pretty and articulate.. but if it’s neck and neck based on beauty and performance… How will the MUOrg choose a winner?…. theyd pick they the one they like the most w/ the best passport.

    • @ C2F Granted that we can expect this “weak passport” to stay around for a while, can you safely say we should be crowning halfies as standard practice at least for the medium term (next 10 years)? And at least for those titles that entail PLENTY of travel, like MU or MW?

      • @Flor Tula

        I’m not saying that being a halfie or having a powerful passport is the ultimate factor in determining a 1st tier international pageant winner… What I’m saying is that we should crown the best girl with a powerfull passport regardless of their race/ancestry if we are aimming for another win in one of the 1st tier pageants( MU, MW, MI). Remember, Lara Quigaman and Bea Santiago both have Filipino parents but Lara was able to aquire a Brittish passport and Bea has a Canadian passport.

    • @ C2F Thank you for the passport insight.

      I suddenly remembered that Puteri International 2019 Jolene Marie was born in the USA and so probably has dual USA-Indonesian “weight”, somehow. Again, not necessarily that it would have had any real bearing on both her national victory and her international prospects, but now that you mentioned it, yeah, why not? It would not hurt. 🙂

      So, I will assume what works for her will likewise apply for Frederika Cull (half-British). And also some anti-Semitic angle at play as to why Fitriyanti (half-Pakistani) was assigned to Poland?

      Few of us like Indonesia, but I do. Inefficiency, religious fundamentalism (but in pockets), and poor environmental record notwithstanding, the impending re-election of President Jokowi, robust consumerism, and steady exports will ensure that at least for the medium term, ASEAN’s largest economy will be a viable market for pageantry (‘di ko na lang i-ju-justify to cut it short).

      Again, terima kasih. 🙂

      • Yes, the 1st 2 you mentioned both have strong passports while Fitriyanti (half-Pakistani) being assigned to Poland has more to do with the owner of Miss Supranational highly favors Indian lineage and beauty. You can’t be more indirectly-Indian than being half Pakistani and half Indonesian.

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