39 comments on “Easter Sunday Senti Specials: The Golden Anniversary Year of Gloria Diaz as Binibining Pilipinas Universe

  1. Oh my oh my at least it’s not only me who thinks some so called frontrunner is lacking beauty
    I’m a yellow supporter but not a fan of leni looks 🙂

  2. My current leaderboard:

    MU Julia Saubier- for her strong French passport
    MI Patricia Magtanong- because the Philippine’s weak passport doesn’t matter in Japan.
    MIC Vicky Rushton- I believe she has dual citizenship and hopefully a foreign Passport?
    MS- Samantha Bernardo- her highest placement could be a 2ndRUp due to her weak passport.
    MG Resham Saeed- Canadian passport
    MGI Hannah Arnold- Australian passport
    1st RUp Nicole Guerrero- US passport
    2nd RUp Emma Tiglao

    Top 16
    April Short
    Aya Abesamis
    Leren Bautista
    Gazini Ganados
    Eileen DeVera
    Jesarie Dumaguing
    Jane Genobisa
    Joana Toledo

      • Agree ako sayo C2F!!..

        Hoy Baklang Roxie!!!
        Sino naman gusto mo ipalit kay Patricia?!
        Yung puro ganda pero sabaw naman laman ng utak?!
        Ang gaganda nga, mga boba naman!!! Pwe!!!

      • @anonymous hindi ako bakla babae ako. Hihi beauty pageant po ito hindi quiz bee.dun ako sa totoong maganda. Yun gusto mo ordinary Lang kahit itabi pa ako sa gusto mo maganda pa ako at magka height kami. Di ako nagyayabang Yun totoo Lang. pag q and a pa redundant si auntie leni sabaw si auntie leni lookalike
        Natural dapat na mup at mip Yun nuknukan NG Ganda at maganda pa sa ordinaryong tao hindi na panahon ni zorayda

  3. Yes Norman,

    I am having the same problem as SCORG. Please look into it.
    Thank you.

    • I am beginning to suspect it is not Akismet but the blog Admin. But why? All my comments are all positive, civil and constructive. And they definitely are not spamming!

      • Norman,

        Thank you for your response. Please let me know what to do. It is only now that I complained. But a lot of my comments don’t get posted. Why would Akismet censor it? They are not spams. What’s wrong? They may sometimes appear like an academic paper, but that’s my writing style, having been a campus journalist once, and being in a job that does a lot of technical writing.

        Please advise. Thanks.

      • Jen,

        I think we have to ask Norman to please do something about it. All my comments are civil and polite, and I don’t say negative things to anyone, nor dignify nasty trolls with a reply. Whenever I put comments, my intention is to contribute something developmental to the conversation on Phil pageantry, even if I work in a foreign land. Many of my comments don’t get posted. Why would Akismet censor polite comments and allow a floodgate of unprintable comments from trolls? This is not doing this blog post any good. It allows mudslinging and negativities criss-cross its pages and prevent objective positive ideas from being seen and read.

  4. Parang redundant yung title ng article na ito kaya I sought help and eventually Google showed me this:

    Anniversary” has the meaning “year” embedded in it. The word comes from the Latin “annus” which means “year” and “versus,” which means “to turn.” So an anniversary marks the turning of a year. … It’s better to say we’re celebrating our 12th anniversary instead of our 12-year anniversary.

    Happy Easter po!

  5. My bets:
    Sam B
    Sam Lo
    Any of the above can be MUP for me
    But Patch , there are so many people in need in the Philippines , why choose criminals ?it does not make sense at all. While u r it , why not push for free iPads 24/7 internet and cable .. and AC for these murderers child rapists and drug dealers?

    • Kung ako si patch ang advocacy ko itapon sa shark infested waters in the West Philippine Sea ang mga kalbo na masyoho ang kiki. Para di na sila maghasik pa ng kasama an sa sanlibutan!

  6. Feeling malayo ang b2b natin sa miss universe kaya what what we should be after ay at keast mapasama lang sa semifinals at swerte na ang maging runner up, yes we wanted a b2b sana but unfortunately wala naman sa mga kandidata ngayon ang confident tayo for a b2b win, walang kalidad na katulad ni Catriona may mga potential but not enough, no one really stands out na kung saan nag aantay na lang ng korona katulad lasy year na sure winner eh ngayon hindi mo nga alam kung sino dahil anybody’s gane baka nga ang manalo pa ng miss universe philippines ay darkhorse at hindi sa mga front runner kaya kahit paano ay exciting ang labanan ngayon dahil walang isa talaga na nakaka angat, for me a top 5 finish or even runner up ay ok na, and I dont think IMG will allow philippines to win again para hindi naman isipin na biase na sila dahil in case 3 times na ang philippines na nanalo under their management within 5years lang especially may connection pa ang MU organization kay Chavit Singson alam muna para iwas controversy.

  7. Pansin nyo sa batch ng candidates. Parang they are all regal. Yung tindig iba natural but classy.

  8. Nakasabay ko sya sa domestic airport lounge 30 years ago, the present naia4, di naman sya kagandahan haha she’s morena.

    • That was 30_years ago , how could u remember?
      plus ,Your standard of beauty then was different from today.
      Take this for example . Richard Gomez . I di dnt think he was good-looking at all. But when I saw hIs movie not too long ago. I asked myself ,hOw dId I miss that?

      • i saw richard gomez 30 years ago also when he was taking film at up diliman..laglag panty..hihi

      • Talaga?
        As I said , I did not see him that way until many many yrs later

    • Marvin1978 kaya hindi umunlad unlad ang Pilipinas dahil 30 years ago may mga negative na na kagaya mo.

  9. Norman

    There has been a problem submitting comments. I submit but fails to print. It inadvertently duplicates them…sorry

    Please delete the dupes…

  10. Ohmygas! In the black-and-white head shot (with the dedication to “Tony” whom I will assume to be none other than Townee), she looks just like… Leni/Shawie/IskolarngBayan.

    Ah! Now I have a good reason NOT to give the MUP assignment to Bea Patch. Kasi para sa’kin, MALAS ANG CLONING WITHIN THE SAME PAGEANT.

    Sorry, Binibining Abugada.

    Talaga’ng si Aya lang from A&Q ang kokoronahan ko. Lo seems to have just thrown the towel in. And Nicole G. just made an _ss of herself by agreeing to do that silly marshmallow stunt with LemonS and Mars Franz (on the latter’s YouTube channel). Galeria and Tolledo combined cannot outstage Jessarie in all her wondrous Black-ness!

    A&Q is unraveling. And it’s a slow agony.

    Notice the placements back in the 1969 Honor Roll, which today would have meant Nella Sancho would have gone to Intercontinental. Not bad.

    • Flor Tula, Unfortunately for 30 contestant including Lo who are part of this years BBP
      did not make it into the list of contestant who the Photographers covering these events want to photograph. It has become very evident that some kind of photographers meeting was held early on to determine which girls are picture worthy and who is not.
      So as a spectator this pagaent became very old and boring about a month ago. The girls
      featured look very different between makeup on and makeup off. Cosmetic surgery is widely used and unfortunately the results are not very good. Beginning with
      The Gateway interview the public became aware that the girls that were interviewed
      made fools of themselves and could not say anything worth listening about the artwork that they stood in front of and called their favorite. I have followed Samantha Lo since BBC and her speaking
      and communication skills are one of the best when it comes to this group and she can stand her ground anywhere. During BBC
      Lo and Maria would speak so that April would be spared. Old videos are libraries
      they don’t mask the truth. Beauty wise Lo looks beautiful with and without makeup no upgrades here.
      Hopefully moving forward until pagaent night Lo and the other 29 girls who are
      part of this pagaent will be able to get fair coverage on social media.

    • What mAkes u think Sam Lo has given up? She is is one of my MUP candidates along with Julia Saad and Hanna. I prefer these cosmopolitan beauties.

    • @flor tula hihi Samantha lo in my book naman is crown worthy. May pagka paweensuda pag naayusan and her voice is so sensual-roxie ang girlet na mahilig sa olives

  11. She really is beautiful! Nakasabay ko siya one time sa elevator sa Allied Bank Building sa Makati maybe 20 years ago and I just could not take my eyes off her. Ang lakas ng dating!

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