6 comments on “What’s your take on #Binibini30 Resham Ramirez Saeed?

  1. Top 15-20 for now. Maganda siya, but sometimes her make up breaks or makes her. She looks really beautiful on her photo above. That kind of make up suits her. Matapang na ang face niya, kaya dapat subtle make up na lang.

  2. looks and appearance, pasok sa banga. However we need to know about this lady further as well as her advocacy. cuz right now, more than looks, i know nothing about her. Reshams team needs to look into her social media presence on the causes she’s working on.

  3. Kahawig nya Yun mgi 2018 first runner up. If she is 5’8 above sya na ang malamang kunin ni angkol na mgi though I want Sam b or Emma tiglao to be mgi.
    Resham is in the list NG mga foreigners favorite
    My current list
    Mup gazini ganados
    MI hannah arnold
    Mic Julia saubier or Samantha lo
    Supra Samantha bernardo
    Globe Sam lo or Julia saubier
    Mgi Emma tiglao
    Ist runner up rasheem
    2nd runner up aya abesamis

    Malamang mananalo
    Mup gazini
    MI hannah
    Supra Sam bernardo
    Mic aya abesamis
    Mgi rasheem
    Globe Sam lo
    Ist runner up Julia saubier (predicted ni psychic gurmeet)
    2nd runner up patch

    Vicki r
    Sabi ng mga tsikadora di daw Uma attend NG training at di Uma attend sa mga bbp events na dapat na dun sya tingin ko wala syang placement

    • Signos ‘yan na pasok na talaga sa jar si Vicki at sinabihan na mag-petik(2x) na lang siya!

      I’ll bet whichever pageant organization that has expressed interest in her has already informed the concerned parties – SMA, Mario Garcia, & Rodgil Flores – to literally keep her out of the sun and more importantly, NOT overexpose her so that she will still look fraiche come her international competition and not suffer from “umay factor”. I will go even further by saying that it is even possible that pageant org has made an initial “deposit” to the MUP org both as earnest money and as guarantee that Madame S and Kuya MG will indeed keep Vicki “pure”.

      GALING! Pera kaagad si Kuya MG. 🙂


      What that could mean is that “it is not yet her time” (as he likewise predicted for Cat back in 2016), and Kuya MG can and should use that Runner-up placement to his organization’s advantage by taking her on a road trip throughout the country, as the epitome of #beyondbeauty (no, I am not saying she is “banget”. But let’s fez it, her backstory and cosmopolitan, intellectual, and athletic groove will be lapped up by young people of today, the SAME people he needs as his audience “to buy the MUP merchandise” and show to potential investors and partners that will, in turn, endorse them).

  4. This year, D’BODIES belong to Resham (hourglass!), Sam B. (curvy-cute a’la 1950’s pin-up calendar girl), and Aya (TONED like Keysi Sayago).

    Facially, I still think Fitriyanti (Puteri Supranational 2019) is the prettier Pakistani halfie, though.

    Am not sure where to send that strong Arab-Indian look. For another example, where Sharifa Akeel?

    (‘Eto, malalaman tuloy nina Admin at Mr. Tinio kung sinu-sino ang ‘di nagninilay ngayon’g araw 🙂 )

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