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  1. Super impressive. If Miss U is not for her, she’ll definitely ace the Miss GI speech.

  2. Notice how we adopt an “all-or-nothing” approach when it comes to perceived strong bets like Julia or Hannah – MUP, or Runner-up for polishing. Or, even try out for MWP!

    We almost never consider the possibility of the lower-tier – Supra, Intercon, or Globe – for them.

    If you go over to the FB page of Pageant Talk (PTOP original), I suggest you watch the interview of Valeria Vasquez-Latorre when she graced the MS-Belgium 2019 crowning. Fluid comm skill on-cam and you get the sense that MS is beginning to feel like an MU clone : plenty of travel and Press.

    I was unable to watch the pageant in Poland last December (meaning, I did not review the video yet), but if Jehza’s rather tame pasarela is any indication (and she DID say prior to leaving for Europe that “she was studying what the organization was looking for”), then it could really be true what Blogger said before – that the Mutya “rampadora” archetype might NOT be what Gerhardt Von Lipinski wants this time! Rather, he might need someone who can engage reporters comfortably with honesty and politeness.

    You know what? Julia and Hannah are exactly that – no runway dramatics but glad to oblige interviewers. And both are well-educated and globally-informed.

    Supranational might actually not be too bad a compromise. And yes, we have sent Aussie-‘Nays twice already – Eden and Chanel. But for variety, I think another half-European to Poland (Ital-‘Noy Marco Poli was the first) is not too bad.

    Mademoiselle Saubier, how does a Polish Yuletide sound to you? 🙂

  3. She got the height and the communication skills. Those are non negotiable. Facial beauty can be enhanced by science. Even Stephany had her face surgically enhanced, and she was proud of it.

    • Julia has categorically declined cosmetic surgery in one of her “statements-musings”. She said people have asked her to consider it, but said she would rather respect those who opt for it than go for it herself. She added that she wishes to represent a “more accessible kind of beauty”.

  4. Even before the competition starts, she has been my bet for MUP. This lady will slay everyone on finals night and i’d be smiling eating popcorn in my couch if she gets thru until interviews. She will be unstoppable in QnA.

  5. I wont be overly ecstatic. Not very impressed with her speech. It’s MBA. It’s Peking University then start with “running for MU Philippines” and “Tinalak”… hmmm I may have missed something but not very sure with this lady.

  6. At hindsight, Julia’s credentials make her a shoo-in for MW crown. She is brainy, athletic, and an achiever. She can easily win the Head to Head, Sports Challenge and other segments of the contest. Comments about her facial beauty and physique are views from the Western cultural lens and a complete disregard to the stark absence of a universal beauty standard. Besides, the physical dimension of beauty is something that nowadays can be easily enhanced by technology and cosmetology. The cerebral dimension is inborn that no amount of short-course training can enhance.

    • But according to Roxie (in the post on Resham Ramirez Saeed), Psychic Gurmeet said she will only be a Runner-up. If indeed your assessment holds water, would it not reflect badly on her if she resigns the post to give MWP 2019 a go? After all, it would be foolish for us all to assume ALV is not monitoring the developments, and reading comments such as yours.

      • How many years has it been after Megan’s reign? It’s now time to bring that blue crown back to Phils. She is the only one I know so far who fits the MW mold. Her athletic achievements are part of her impressive credentials that would not score points in MU than it is with MW. Her scholastic records and life achievements are so formidable for MWO to ignore. My point is: while she is one of the select few who has that winning edge to gun for that daunting b2b MU crown on top of the 4-year-ago win and on top of the consistent 9-year top 10 finish, her differential advantage is optimized more in MW than in MU.

      • MWP 2019 is not possible for Julia, or anyone else for that matter. Melanie Marquez already confirmed that her daughter will be joining a national pageant this year and well, Michelle is a talent of Arnold Vegafria right?

    • C2F,

      With her background in social research, new media production, economics, and business management, I believe that she can conceptualize and launch advocacy along the “ethos of t’nalak”. Since she has had internship stints with CNN International, BAFTA, and Hollywood’s Wes Anderson, a trailblazing advocacy can revolve around documentary production featuring the kaleidoscopic dreamers “weaving” the fabric of the nation. Just my random thoughts…

      • Hmmmm.. the T’Boli w/ Tinalak has already been featured by Catriona… I believe the better advocacy would be legalizing medicinal marijuana which is more in line w/ MU’s HIV/AIDS advocacy… recent studies show that the cure for it could be derived from Canabis hence the recent inclusion of countries where its legal( Thailand, Canada, Australia, Jamaica, Netherlands, etc.) And the TOP 5 question in relation to MJa and drugs for Miss australia 2015, Catriona in 2018, Colombia in 2015, Colombia 2016.

      • C2f , why are you pushing for marijuana legalization?
        The Philippines has been dealing with a lot of drug problems as it is.
        What’s next ? legalize meth cocaine heroin rape incest ?
        Why do we have to have restrictions on anything ?

      • @Fabian

        Legalizing medicinal mj would bring down the demand for highly addictive chemical drugs. Ex. If a drug user has an option to buy organic Cannabis from a legal reliable source then why purchase illegal drugs from an ilegal unreliable source? As for the pusher/supplier, if there is low demands for his ilegal drugs, then why sell the non-profitable ilegal product in the 1st place? Its that simple plus it would help boost the economy and millions of lives.

      • @ C2F

        Kaya lang, I doubt papatulan ng mga hardcore adik sa high-grade stuff ang cannabis. They might insist on the former at hindi talaga ma-sa-stamp out ng simple’ng law of supply and demand. And the money involved is just too tempting for pushers/suppliers.

        My point : the folks who will go to a physician to ask for a prescription to avail of mj to better manage and deal with some medical affliction or physical or health-related discomfort are NOT the same folks who take mj for recreational use. Unless doctors use it as a scam, to make “additional undeclared income”.

        But OK, let’s legalize the cultivation, sale, and distribution of the green stuff as what Peru and Chile did with coca leaves. It even became an ingredient in biscuits and teas, sort of like “Tsoknut-MJ flavor for the extra ZING”.

      • @Flor Tula

        Legalizing Cannabis may not totaly eliminate existing hardcore drug addicts but it would help lessen and prevent creating new ones… Who said the war on drugs should stop? Of course, it should continue and be implemented with stronger reinforcements after the legalization of Cannabis so that all demands, transport and production of the illegal highly-addictive drugs would be totaly exterminated. And on top of that, it could become the cheapest source of biodiesel which would bring down the oil prices, help us transition completely into renewable sources of energy and create an economic revolution for our country while our people enjoy it’s long list of benefits.

  7. I hope she and Hannah wins the two major crowns. That would be a game changer for independent candidates.
    Cat and Mutya entered their respective years as independent candidates. And both won their international assignments as well.

  8. Impressive background, but I have issue with facial beauty, don’t get me wrong, she’s beautiful. Perhaps proper sytling and packaging can do magic. I saw her walk during presentation, she should work over time.
    Regarding her speech, well, Catrionia did it already without telling the world, the universe rather that she is wearing Tinalk. Personally, I hope she open her speech with something else.
    Good luck! Go for your dreams. She will definitely get attention because of her credential but she should work very hard on her presentation if she wants to get further.
    Bubbling at the moment to top 10

  9. My my my. This lady can talk but to start w mup needs to be facially beautiful. Julia reminds me of aniporn mut 2015 but the more big boned version. Mala cristi McGarry na styling mukhang babagay
    If she wins mup tough ten tayo sa 2019. Dun pa din ako sa totoong maganda Para at least tough 5

  10. Very impressive lady indeed BUT ….am not impressed with the attire she’s wearing to give a speech at our embassy.

    • …. not impressive because it’s t’nalak or because it’s off-shoulder? Or, both? No hate. Or, perhaps what you actually wanted to say was that it was inappropriate? But, it’s now Spring in Beijing… 🙂

  11. Julia saubier is in my top 8 but pang globe ko sya. Highest placement will be mic. Julia is not facially beautiful sa ibang Tao. I like her looks dahil mahilig ako sa olives na mapait.
    angkol will not pick her(He handpicks his girl) Emma or Sam b can be mgi
    No to tita leni/ tita shawie unless gusto nyo bumalik ang zorayda days.
    Mas gusto ko pa si Samantha lo maging mup than tita leni/shawie

  12. Looking at the pics more closely , I think she has a very good chance of winning MUP. She has gotten a lot leaner and prettier . She is very articulate and cosmopolitan … and very personable . She might just be the one everybody’s looking for as an ‘antidote ‘ to Cat ‘s mestiza beauty .
    Hannah maybe my top favorite but I’m fine with her winning the top crown .
    With the right training and styling , I think she will do well at MU

  13. ‘Wag daw sa MU at “banget”. Talaga’ng MGI na’to, both to inspire and surprise Venezolanos, that the smart brown type of bella also comes in Filipina-French variant. Juzko, huwag magkamali si Angkol king ayaw niya’ng mapugutan ng ulo! 🙂

    Here is my desire for now.

    MUP – Anyway, a b2b is unrealistic. Patch Bea if Korea will host. Anywhere else, Hannah because her family said daw (may nag-comment ditey) na she will not be allowed another shot at pageantry after this and anyway Fabian Reyes said she would be ready by then. Yes, judges might find it “odd” that we sent another Aussie-‘Nay, but the media frenzy she has created is something both Mario Garcia and herself should capitalize upon if they are wise enough.

    BBP-International – Vickie, kasi feel ko tama sina unorthodox at 4M (or Ana Winter?) na Madame S has reserved her and is grooming her for the PonJap. But if MU pushes through in Korea, send Hannah.

    BBP-Intercontinental – Sam B. Non-negotiable. I don’t want a girl sent to do a woman’s job!

    BBP-Supranational – HIPON. Pero the BODY is undeniable and I feel that Aya NEEDS to be pushed even further (from outside herself) to go the distance and giving her a derby will be the best excuse. I do not know kung ano’ng kasalanan ng mga magulang niya at galit na galit kayo sa anak. Pero si Cat na rin mismo ang nagsabi – “…that was not my choice (referred to her being halfie and foreigner)”.

    BBP- Globe – Leren. I return to my very first choice for Albania. Pretty even without kolorete. Also, ‘coz her bro es muy lindo.

    1st Runner-up – Black. Philippines ALWAYS falls for the “kasambahay”/rags-to-riches backstory!
    Raj, Lubina, and Nie. Probably the best brown beauty now as she registers more queenly and statuesque (LOVELY printed day dress at Puerto Princesa City Hall recently!) than both Joanna and Galeria (whose latest incarnation in rouge made her look like a witch).

    2nd Runner-up – Gazini. This girl needs some serioius whipping to get her into shape! Even then, she will fare no better than Poland, with Tokyo Dome as best-case-but-remote scenario.


    • Hey Flor Tula thanks for the shout out…hihihih Yes Vickie is Miss International 2019!!! Itaga na yan sa bato…

    • @Flor thanks for the shout out too!! Another reason why I think Madam is reserving Vickie for MI is because historically Madam kinda prioritizes BBP-International the year after we won MU (MU69-MI70, MU15-MI16). Being the first MI herself, i think the competition is really close to her heart and alam na alam na nya which girl she should send there

  14. Maybe she can pull a Janine Tugonon with her beauty. I mean you have Patch, Hanna, Gazini and Vickie way ahead of her in terms of facial beauty to me at least.

  15. Julia impressed me since day 1, she really is my game changer. She will pull a surprise and deserves it. Btw, her transformation is impressive as well, love her❤️

  16. U have to realize that a lot of girls from the carribean and Africa are very well-spoken too . Even USA 2016 2017 and 2018 were the same -great speakers .
    But they did/do not get too far because they did not/ do not possess the physical beauty the MUO wants of their winners.

  17. @Scorg;

    Exactly! “No, to more of the same” is the challenge this year’s judges need to keep in mind.
    This indeed is an extraordinary year for the new MUP. The Philippines, as a pageant powerhouse more so now than ever before, is a target of sorts for setting the bar for excellence to MU due to winning twice in the last four years and 9 straight top 10 finishes.

    After Cat, MUP needs to send someone fresh, interesting with intelligence that accentuates her beauty.

    No disrespect to Hanah and Patch but Saubier just may fit the bill.

  18. My cureent leaderboard:

    MU Julia Saubier
    MI Patricia Magtanong
    MIC Gazini Ganados
    MS Samantha Bernardo
    MG Emma Tiglao
    MGI Hannah Arnold
    1st RUp Aya Abesamis
    2nd RUp Leren Bautista

    Top 16
    Vicky Rushton
    Eileen DeVera
    Jesarie Dumaguing
    Jane Genobisa
    Joana Toledo
    April Short
    Nicole Guerrero
    Resham Saeed

  19. The speech has an evident air of intelligence and depth. I have not heard yet of her advocacy but I’m sure it revolves around the “ethos of t’nalak” and strengthening the “fabric of our nation … (as) woven by dreamers”. Having seen the outstanding credentials of Julia, I see her as one of the select few who can successfully wrest the very ambitious b2b MU crown on top of the 4-year ago win by the Philippines. The other one is Patch Magtanong.

    Let’s admit it: this is not a business-as-usual year for MUP. This year’s MU bid can’t be won by the “more of the same” strategy. It can only be won by sending someone with a distinct differential advantage over competition— someone whose beauty embodies an inspiring ethos, who is able to bring a strong point of view and can take action to make a positive impact in the world.

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