38 comments on “#Binibini12 Gazini Ganados and her QuickTalk for SunStar Philippines

  1. there is no catriona on this batch pero marami pia na magaling din sumagot lets see….

  2. i think i already have my final bet for supranational. This girl is giving us mu vibes which is also fits more in supranational. I think 2nd supra crown is waving hello to gazini. If this girl wins any title i hope she will name her walk as ganadowalk.
    In terms of preparation and pasabog gazini is the catriona gray of this years batch. But i cant move her at the top list which is mup. Theres something missing and something wrong. Thats why i put her in supranational.
    Looks like darkhorse girls will be at the top vs frontrunners.
    I hope patch is really doing her homework. She is still my bet for MUP for now.

  3. If MJ and Maxine can be MUP , why not her ? She’s prettier than both

  4. Oh My GHAD, she’s giving me an OXANA vibe. I wish she loosen up a bit, but she’s getting there. The girl to beat at the moment. Lakas maka tamaryn, Oxana and Hermosa girl nga all in one. Enjoy enjoy lang girl, let the personality shine through

  5. Maganda nga “sabog” naman sumagot.

    Hindi natin kailangang matuto sa semantics para piliting unawain mga thoughts niya. Waley talaga eh. Huwag na ipilit.

    MGI talaga now (and forever).

    • Hala! May peyk na rin ako. LOLZ. 🙂

      Biruin mo, I caused the separation of Migz Zubiri and Audrey Tan-Zubiri, kasi he eloped with Rachel.

      Paano’ng ipadadala siya sa MGI, ‘eh ‘di nga mai-organize ang thoughts. Besides, I don’t think it’s wise to adopt this mentality of sending the least-capable to Angkol simply because his title ranks lowest in the brand hierarchy. Parang sianbi kay Gazini, “anak, mabuti na lang maganda ka”.

      SIYA ang puwede pa i-Runner-up kung polishing ang kailangan. Baka mas handa pa si Hannah sa kanya in terms of “thinking on your feet”. And I doubt Angkol would refuse Hannah on sheer popularity alone. After all, Ms. Arnold might be as close an association to Catriona Gray (2.0!) he can get at the moment.

    • Threatened ka lang. I would say she’s much bettter than maxine. She’s not bad that at all. Hoy, KF, i-polish nyo alaga nyo. She should watch tito boy and catrionia interview. Stilll number 1 pick for MUP.

  6. Nothing special about her interview.
    She lacks “conviction”, “spontaneity”, “association of thoughts”, “fluidity”, etc.

    Sabog sumagot. Unnatural.
    May flight of ideas and loose association tulad ng nag-iinterview.

    Puwede niyo ako awayin about my thoughts base sa aking napanood kong interview niya na ito. Hindi kailangang maging “expert” para maunawaan na waley talaga sa communication skill. Huwag lokohin ang sarili. Sobrang linaw ng maririnig mo sa kanya na kailangan niya talaga mag-improve if she wants to become MUP. Good thing, she got opportunities naman to be interviewed.

    Antaas ng bar na sinet ni Catriona.

    Kaya for now (and forever), she is my MGI! Go Gazini! 🙂

    • Hindi naman k naman aawayin kasi aminin mo threat sya….lol isang malaking threat.

      • AY sorry assumption mong “threat” siya. Hindi ko yan inisip. Lol

        Assumera ka ha. Lol

    • I think she might just get Globe or a runner-up placement… MGI might be given to Hannah Arnold since her family is saying that she won’t rejoin if she doesn’t win a crown this year.

      • may ganung hanash camp ni Hannah? now or never ang peg nya…well it goes to show di tlga nya pangarap to…kasi pag natalo sya aayaw na sya

  7. Sya ang vet na vet ni Angkol…She can win that cheap pageant for us para lahat ng crowns eh napapanalunan ng Philippines! hihihihihi

  8. Bakit ganun..parang she can’t carry her own interview and be CONFIDENTLY SPONTAINEOUS about herself…parang may hino-Holdback parin cya….not as vibrant or free-spirited like Cat!! CAT laughs like there’s no tomorrow when she needs to,giggles when something tickles her mind…..for Gazini,just get out-of-that- box-attitude should be her dictum to an otherwise,flat and uninteresting interview!!…SHE CAN’T HOLD HER VIEWERS UNDER HER SPELL!!…That’s what makes CATRIONA soooo interesting!!

    • Andami nagdislike pero TOTOO naman observations mo. Para silang sira, piniplease mga sarili nila. Naniniwala sa hindi totoo. LOL!

    • May point naman, siguro, Gazini, should just enjoy and be comfortable as if kausap nya best friend nya. Okay naman ang interview, medyo reserve lang, sana lang mas comfortable halatang halata na may kaba. kaya pa yan. Mag training ka this holy week ha, her handler should know better. Pero ang fez, katawan, ang dating, Amelia Vega….cut above the rest ang ganda. Mag training training pa sa pag sagot. Kaya yan work hard. Vetsina ko pa rin sya for MUP

  9. Very pretty
    She does not talk like Pia and Cat though .
    But she’s pretty . I hope they give her MU Mi or a runnner up spot .
    I think she can be taught how to be clear and concise.

  10. Ang Gandang babae my mup Natural and down to earth. Sila 2 ni hanna ang last 2 standing ko.
    I could see Tamaryn, Kristine Hermosa, oxana. Raised by her grandparents so I assume she is very grounded

    • You could see Tamaryn = 1st RU.
      Kristine Hermosa = Never a beauty queen.
      Oxana = Dethroned.

      Susme ka!

      • You do realize that I was talking about their (facial) beauty. What’s the point of you bringing Tamara’s 1st RU finish, Kristine Hermosa not being a beauty queen or Oxana being dethroned?

        Mas susme ka.

      • Sige lang, subukan mo takasan arguments ko. It only shows you lack the capacity to rationalize. The lack of ignorance that you have ruins your arguments. When you compare someone to another person, make sure “ideal” naman. Lurk before you leap, veks!

        Huwag ka magcomment ng pliniplease mo lang sarili mo kahit alam mo naman na hindi totoo.

      • Porque hindi ako Yan nag reply sayo 10pm pa Lang bedtime ko na. Kalerki may nagre reply NG tulog ako but for me she looks like those 3 women kanya kanyang Mata naman.

  11. She has a better chance in placing at MGI or MG due to the fact that she is half-Palestinian… Pa-google nalang ang connect…. If she does win the BBP-MGI crown… Can she be trained to do speeches and handle a controversial q&a?

  12. (SIGH)

    Sunstar, fire that guy!

    As for the candidate, all I am getting is “Katarina-Rodriguez-sheltered-little-princess-bitchesa-colegiala” vibe. The “maldita” aloof air does not help, no thanks to her Palestinian extraction.

    OK, I want her to be given another chance. Blogger, YOU do a solo feature on her and let HER talk about something she is truly passionate about. Because all I got was tentativeness and indifference.

    • (Addendum)

      1. Gazini, look back at Laura Gonzales-Ospina. You two share much, whether you realize it or not. But she, with her flair and charisma, makes it work! Said she to the question on how to explain terrorism to a child, “…your generation and mine, we cannot be full of weapons. Por favor, mas libros, mas culturas, mas amigos, mas amores…. I put passion in everything I do. As an actress, as Colombia. And I have no doubt I will do so as Miss Universo”.

      2. She needs a Gov. Migz Zubiri type of boyfie (to Rachel Peters) to help her sort out her thoughts. And,

      3. Keep still. Maintain calm eye contact. You are obviously shy and somewhat self-conscious. Sweetie, we all are! You have nothing to fear. 🙂

      Auguri. In bocca al lupo. Tutto tutto!

      • Galing-galingan.

        I-push mo yang Mogz Zubiri mo, Flor Tula Nganga!

  13. Why is it the moment she opens her mouth a few seconds into her supposedly casual, informal lengthy (46 minutes) interview her answer lacks spontaneity, wit and too generic.

    She needs more practice such as a “quick draw” like answer where she can formulate answers and deliver it within a 3 – 5 second time frame. Less mind buffering and fillers like “ah…uh…” please..

    • hahahaha same sentiments. she’s beautiful. pero di ko tinapos. as in. parang. ugh. monotonous. lalo na yung tanong na paano siya napunta sa modelling.

      oh well, she speaks english very well because i believe it’s her first language. but. she needs more depth sa mga sagot and siansabi niya. she needs to be convincing

      may times na mas convincing pa sumagot si maxine sa mga sinasabi niya.

      • English her first language ?
        Not sure abt that. She’s stil confused b/w he and she just like any Filipino-speaking Pinoy.
        Cebuanos just sound better in English because their i’s and e’s are pronounced the same way .

      • English is her second language. Most native speakers of Cebuano learn English first before Tagalog. Kaya third language na lang ang Tagalog.

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