29 comments on “What’s your take on #Binibini14 Leren Mae Bautista?

  1. For now, Miss Globe…BUT she has the “quiet confidence” at maganda talaga niya. Pedeng MUP kung #BeyondBeauty talaga. We’ll see.

  2. Lerren needs to be more bubbly than scripted…

    But she does have almost all the goods to win…

  3. Parang, parang, parang…

    Parang sya ang may pinakamagandang face symmetry sa lahat ng kandidata. Pwede sya maging MUP.

  4. OT : C2F, ‘asan ka? We need you, dude!

    Please go to YouTube channel Pageant LV to assess whether or not Thailand has found a good match to Alaiza Malinao in the person of German-Thai halfie, Dorothy Petzold. She has a little Megan Young and Kelsey Merritt vibe about her. Speaks Englisch, too. (Pero, parang engers ang arrive).

    • Uhmmm no… I saw her at Asia’s next top model.. she is bubbly but she came off as a mean girl in most of the episodes.. and she’s not as statuesque as Aliza.. and dorothy’s skin is full of micro wrinkles due to excessive tannning without the natural amount of melanin.

  5. is this candidate doing a media campaign ? rather desperate to win, I guess. I she the one who claimed to be a novelist ? If so there is a problem.

  6. She’s a lot prettier in motion
    Great profile , nice posture , good speaking voice
    Needs to learn how to answer questions . There is no substance yet and she’s very voluble. Why does she have to mention those little details ? On stage , she has only 1-2 minutes to answer a question . She better get to the point
    MIss Globe for now

  7. Is this candidate doing a media campaign ? Rather desperate to win, I guess. Also, is she the one who claimed to be a novelist ? If so, there is a problem.

  8. One of the most beautiful faces this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if she wins one of the titles. Good luck on coronation night, Leren!

  9. She’s my brown beauty .. not Toledo Aya or Galeria
    She can be my MIss Globe
    MUP and MInter are already crowded

  10. She was one of the first that Norman featured as possible contenders for BBP 2019 (along with LemonS, Nicole Guerrero, and Ilene de Vera) last year. Kung hindi lang nagsulputan sina Black, siya sana ang “brown beauty in focus” ngayon. Kahit wala’ng kolorete, GANDA ‘to.

    Mom looks plain, but her kids all look attention-grabbing. Lucky at the genetic lottery, indeed.

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