10 comments on “Jollibee welcomes Miss Universe Catriona Gray as its newest ambassador

  1. to be honest, had it been not because of Catriona’s slow mo turn, hindi naman siya kukunin ng Jollibee. i have nothing against cat ha. i am happy for her and i am sure she’ll be a good ambassador for the brand. gut feel ko lang naman yun.. because of her slowmo turn, + summer and twirl.

    Pero feeling ko lang ha, dapat mas kinuha din ni Jollibee si Pia last year. Remember, Pia is posting na kumakain ng jollibee, even with esther, parang na influence ni Pia kumain sila esther (Please correct me if im wrong ha.) so literal, she’s using the brand.

    ikaklaro ko lang ha. i am not comparing Pia and Cat, i love them both. sinasabi ko lang yung sa marketing / advertising side. hehe

    • I chanced on Catriona once at the Iloilo Airport. She was eating Jollibee on the go. Maybe it’s her fault ng taking a selfie while doing it.

  2. Malamang may nasisiraan na naman ng bait na commenter sa post na ganito. Jeremy, 4M, wag na kayo mahiya. Hihi

    • Pakialam mo ba? E sa hindi pa nga ako nakakatikim ng TITE eh?

      Kaya nga galit na galit pa rin ako!!!


      Nasaan naman ang hustisya? 😦

    • Unlike you veks, I wouldn’t negatively comment on an article when there’s pictures of young happy kids… I have what it’s called delicadeza…. Do you have it veks? hihihihihi

  3. For BIG local firms to take a risk on MUP as an endorser (as opposed to “artistas” like Marian Rivera or Maine Mendoza), she would have to win MU first. I doubt the exposure provided by the Araneta Group’s in-house brands or partners – Novotel, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Gateway Mall, Jag, etc. – are enough to secure her future, financially.

    MUV entered into a deal with Vietnam Air to have H’Hen Nie as the star of an ad campaign that had her trying out the various activities and attractions New Zealand has to offer. I do not know if it paid off; I neither heard of nor read about an increase in tourism receipts from Viet vacationers to NZ. And this was BEFORE she competed at MU in Thailand.

    Mario Garcia, please make winning MUP lucrative enough IN ITSELF so that win or lose abroad, our girl can say it was worth the trouble and expense of joining your pageant.

    • sadly, that is the truth. i mean, why would you want to align your brand with a talunan? anyone without the crown is, by the end of the day, talunan. if they are going to spend their coin, it’s best to just milk the best value they can possibly get.

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