13 comments on “The KF Binibinis of Bb. Pilipinas 2019

  1. Aya has the physical attributes to make it to the top 20 of Ms. Universe or probably even 10. The biggest challenge for her is the interview. I’m not so sure if she is that witty and articulate enough to handle the interview. Patch is the perfect choice. She might not win but I believe she will go far. She is our best bet for a back to back win.

  2. Mga seswang, go to Thai YouTube channel, Pageant LV, for Road to Miss Universe Thailand 2019. Check out Praewwanit Ruangthong, a former candidate of MWT.

    P_tang’na, GANDA! Parang pinaghalon’ng Samantha Lo, Tamaryn Green, at Poonlertlarp. Kulang lang sa dibdib. Pero very versatile ang fez. Sana mag-join ulit si Fahsai, ta’s magpokpokan sila.

    Blogger, post ka ulit this year tungkol sa MUT. OK? Sawasdee khap in advance. 🙂

  3. So will the blogger also list those from A&Q? Medyo ang hirap kasing malaman kung A&Q talaga or nagpapanggap na independent. Hahaha

    • There are only 4 Independents when they were announced: Alannis Reign Binoya, Julia Saubier, Samantha Poblete and Hannah Arnold. The rest are all from A&Q. Now if their status changed since then, we will only know soon enough.

  4. KUNG halimbawa, panay KF lang at ITO’NG mga larawan lamang ang pamantayan , SURE sina Rushton, Dumaguing, at Tiglao. POTENTIAL ay sina Ganados, Saeed, at ‘yung sa ibabaw ni “Black” na nakapamaiwang at slightly pouty lips ang awra.

    And, would assign as such :

    MUP – Saeed, BBP – International – Rushton, BBP – Intercontinental – girl above “Black”, BBP – Supranational – Dumaguing, BBP – Globe – Tiglao, & BBP – Grand International – Ganados.

      • Go check Thai (?) YouTube channel, Pageant LV. Gazini was labelled Chaling 2.0! See if you agree.

      • Flor Tula, if she looks Chalita then we do not need another Chalita.

        Gazini is MGI for now.

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