23 comments on “The Binibinis and their latest (official) shots by Owen Reyes

  1. Ang daming magand ang kuha dito pero hindi favorite, frontrunners or hindi ung na ha-hype. Ang problema lang dito kasi, pag tinitignan natin yung photos nila, ang gaganda nila lahat. yung tipong lahat pwedeng manalo. but.. hindi nagtutugma yung aura sa picture vs dun sa aura sa web interview.

    There were few binibinis who did great sa web interviews.. mostly hindi ung mga favorite. Gazini’s face is gorgeous.. pero hindi na convincing sa akin when i watched her videos/interviews. there’s something monotonous na parang memorized or something. hindi makarating sa akin ung emotion and message.

    Saubier’s did well sa interview niya. Malka Shaver is cute dun, compared sa photos niya, hindi na jujustify. Tormes’ web interview also caught my attention. she speaks very well.

    Vickie also improved a lot. from las year’s ganda lang amg awra ang puhunan to this year’s palaban image. i also love the way she speaks now compared to last year. mas dalagang pilipina siya this year compared sa dalaginding aura niya last year. she can be MUP if her stars align sa coronation night.

    Again, it’s anybody’s ball game. kung ganda lang ang usapan, may mga nangunguna pero hindi naman kasi ganda lang ang puhunan lagi. we have to consider everything.

    but if you’ll ask me, i want a morena or very Filipina looking MUP this year. ewan ko.. yun kasi ang mas maraming may dating ngayon.

    yung iba na frontrunners pero hilaw pa, if you still have time to join, join uli next year. kung maging runner up, eh di good, makakatanggap ka ng experiences, trainings, appearances and all. maximize niyo yun. look at Vickie and Samantha now, laki ng inimprove.

  2. Most beautiful in all aspects gazini and hannah
    I must admit madami underrated na maganda.
    No to leni lookalike na nagmumukhang Sharon cuneta

  3. Again, we are bedazzled with enchanting body shots. Everybody is undoubtedly stunning. But when are we going to hear what’s in their minds? When are we going to see the humanity inside those body frames? We fret over their hair, make-up, eyes, nose, but we have not peered into the lofty ideas inside their head. We agonize over their waistline, height, skin tone, legs, body shape, but we have not snooped into the unyielding spirit inside that body. Once we have seen these, we can see who stands out of the clutter.

  4. Parang gusto ko na ipadala si Sigrid sa Albania. PLENTY of Sthefany Gutierrez vibes. 🙂

    I like Sam Lo most of all, here. Simple-seductive pose and killer-sexy pout no (straight) guy can resist.

    I am now willing to have Bea Patch receive the MU portfolio, subject to the following conditions :

    1. Korea will host.

    2. She will gain weight and put together an UBER CHIC wardrobe between now and December (assuming MU will again be towards year’s end), and

    3. Julia Saubier will be the one sent to Caracas!

    OTHERWISE, I will INSIST on my earlier prediction : palit sila’ng dalawa ng assignment. Iskolar ng Bayan kay Angkol. French fries to Mommy Sugar.


  5. Best photo for me is Danielle Dolk. Give her 3 years and she will be ready as time is on her side.

  6. Leren and joanna toledo. I dont see what the fuss about patricia and hannah. Para ngang mas exotic pa si aya.

  7. Kailan naman kaya ipapakita ang mga larawan ng mga kalahok na hindi naayusan ng mga makeup artist. Sa panahon ngayon lahat gumanda at tumangkad sa tulong ng makabagong teknolohiya.

  8. Hahaha daming reklamo sa mga kuha parang may binayad kayo sa pag tingin sa mga shots, ang dami ninyong alam pero di naman kayo nakakatulong pag nanalo ang mga kandidata.

  9. Gazini, Emma, and Leren have my favorite shots with Leren edging the two out.

    The photographer probably sharpened the photos too much which is why they all look alike if seen in a collage, the black background also doesn’t help. Hopefully their other photoshoots aren’t like this.

  10. These girls are captivating in this round: Gazini Ganados, Joanna Toledo, Vickie Rushton, Aya Abesamis (except the non-artistic pose), Alannis Binoya, Hannah Arnold, April May Short, Sam Bernardo, and Patch Magtanong.

    Patch and Gazini are deemed the strongest insofar as their MUP pathways are concerned. Gazini is sooo fierce and wanting at this early stage of the competition, while Patch looks calm yet vibrant and regal, and is armed with strategy on when about to peak. The keypoint here is who can probably crack the QnA round. I know that, like Cat last year, Patch’s mantra is ‘it’s Miss Universe or nothing’. Thus, we can see more silver lining on Patch’s plight on the BbP coronation night.

    That’s all.

    • Gazini for me for Universe if her communication skills are good. Hannah should be trained more and be a runner up for now. Hate wasting Hannah this year when it’s nearly impossible to do a back to back!!

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