9 comments on “A Festival Hair tutorial from Miss Universe Catriona Gray

  1. 2 months for Binibining Pilipinas ?
    Wow, she must not be very busy
    Making money for nothing . I guess it’s a chance for her to explore NYC b/w her workout routines .
    I was hoping MU would not charge too much for a MIss U appearance to encourage national franchise holders to invite her . Her active presence at Nationals will provide Cat and the MUO more power and therefore more money in the end . They have to think like Chinese businessmen who do it more for less = power

    • Isn’t she going to help crown the new Miss USA? When’s that? I like Delaware, btw.

  2. Ano ba nangyayari kay Cat. Parang wala na sya masyadong updates. Dami na nkakapansin at nawawalan ng interest sa kanya. 🤔🤔🤔🙄

  3. What is happening to Catriona. Medyo mdmi na ang nawawalan ng interest sa kanya. 🤔🤔🙄😕

  4. I’ve noticed Cat sprays products very sparingly. What can we say, our queens do it on a budget too.

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