4 comments on “Homecoming Presscon for Maureen Montagne

  1. Is it just me or wala naman ganap ang mga MWP titleholders under Vegafria?

    Si Katja parang laging nasa beach nalang. Not once have I seen her do any advocacy-related work ever since crashing and burning in Sanya. Same for the rest of her court who honestly I can’t even remember anymore. That’s how irrelevant they have become.

    What is Mama Ru’s experience in publicity and events? Akala ko training. Are they just going through A&Q formers? They also need to crown a winner who is not A&Q’s chosen one.

    Will it matter anyway since Mama Julia is still distraught Philippines will never host her cooking show. Most of their other franchises have already given them the honeymoon crown.

    Kind of hard to get excited for this franchise group.

    At least SMA and Jonas have the MU prestige behind them and for sure more drama to ensue as their “collaboration” unfolds.

  2. Congrats Maureen!

    My current BBP leader board:

    MU: Magtanong/Saubier/Arnold
    MI: Saubier/Magtanong/Arnold
    MIC: Rushton/Abesamis/Bernardo/Ganados
    MSpra: Bernardo/Dumaguing/Abesamis/Tiglao
    MG: Saubier/Abesamis/Tiglao/Rushton
    MGI: Ganados/Bernardo/Rushton/Tiglao
    1st RUP: Abesamis/Ganados/Tiglao
    2nd RUP: Tiglao/Dumaguing/Galeria

  3. Dios mio! Ang shoes ni Mama World… 😦

    He also got a regional franchise for Ginoong Pilipinas. Which region? (Victoria’s) Secret. 🙂

    Speaking of their Kings, parang si fafa Denver lang ang na-include sa Bench Show. What about JB??

    At bakit wala pa ri’ng awra si fafa Robin?

    Ilan na po ang CONFIRMED-AND-COMMITTED participants for the 10th (?) edition of Mister World? Ma-mem-meet ba ang target na 90+ candidates? Hopefully, my pre-arrival 3-pick shows up : Spain, Brazil, and Czech Republic.

    ‘Ay! Sorry, I almost forgot. Congrats and auguri, Maui babe! Sana ngitian ka ng showbiz ‘Pinas!

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