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  1. Admin, paratingin mo ‘to kay Blogger para masabi niya sa MWP org :

    1. Hindi papasa sa interview panel ng Supranational ‘yung delivery ni Denver (sa Q&A or in videos) na parang astig at nangangaral. He comes across as a jerk. Why do we not see the graciousness with which he addresses his family and supporters? Remember, Supra is a FAMILY. They want somebody who will be a cooperative team player, NOT a grandstanding celebrity politician.

    2. Hindi bet ng mga Indian ang knife-neat side part na uso’ng hairstyle ng mga binata dito. They prefer a little messy-mussy. Robin must dump that old Hollywood glam look when he competes.

    3. JB enjoys a measure of support from foreigners, mentioning a palpable sex appeal. He must use this to his advantage. NO, I do NOT mean he needs to drop his trousers. But I think it will be helpful if between now and July, the org gives him activities that will allow him more time with his female fans.

  2. The critique is that the handsome Mr. Hernandez is too short and needs to bulk up?

    Imagine the interviewer a pageant candidate. What would be the critique? A double eye-lid surgery? Losing 20 pounds? Improve his communication skills?

    A pageant contender must have an iron will for sure..

      • @ Jack O’Llero (the m_st_rb8r) Hindi niyo po kilala si Joanna Tolledo? May we then refer you to an earlier post in this blog dedicated to Jeremi’s spirit animal (the real, not the peke). 🙂

  3. Why not Ameen Sardouk being 1st runner up. He fits the mold of Mr Supra if we base it on the winners.

    • I understand that the Mr Multinational competition that Denver was supposed to compete in might not push through. Hence, as one of the Mr World PH titleholders, he was given priority.

    • Not bulk up, per se, but TONE UP – burn away all that baby fats! If a guy as short (could not be more than 5’7″) as him just bulks up, he could end up looking swollen. Instead, bring out the definition so that individual muscle fiber bundles show through his skin. This will require a careful diet plan in addition to cardio. But he needs to start NOW.

      • @ C2F Yes, Sir. JB Saliba is shorter than Denver by about an inch. But Robin Hahrath is even taller than Denver, and the Fil-Dutch (?) halfie is around 5’8″ to 5’9″, only, himself.

        If you recall, the INITIAL minimum set by MWP organization was 5’10”. Not too long after, it was brought down to 5’8″ to more accurately reflect the national average plus the fact that the “higher-quality” applicants simply were not compliant to the first figure.

        Kung hindi pa nila ipinasok sina Poli at Sardouk, our ceiling would have stopped at just short of 6′!

        At ‘yung mga nagsasabi na dapat higher ang placement ni Ameen, I got (confidential) info that the results were cooked and that Ameen himself was like Aya Abesamis at BBP 2018 – TEPID.

        Hindi ko na lang i-e-elaborate at tapos na ang lahat. I also did not root for Denver (initially), but I have to give him credit for his gumption; he was NOT totally undeserving.

      • @Closer2Fame

        I have seen JB Saliba in High Street, BGC and no way he’s 5’8″. I knew because I stand at 5’8″ and I am taller than him. I was actually surprised though. Pwede pala ako jumoin sa male pageantry. Charrr.
        Saw Megan Young and her BF sa High Street din at nagulat ako mas matangkad pko sa kanila. Kaya di na ako naniniwala sa mga nka published sa internet ng measurements nila kasi may padding talaga.

  4. Sa paniniwala ng mga kababayan natin may panlaban si Ginoong Hernandez, hindi nga po napansin sa patimpalak ng Men Model Universe 2017 / Mister Universe 2017. Kahit 6′ 2″ ang taas ni Ginoong Hernandez kung ang pangangatawan naman ay kailangan ng kaunting laman. Mukhang bokya ang lahat ng ipinapadala ni Arnold Vegafria.

  5. I think what’s wrong with the video is that he’s is being interviewed in front of his competitors while asking what is his edge over them. That is like the worst thing you would inform your competitors. You know how competitive guys could get.

    • Yup. And we just witnessed the CUTE HAWTNESS of Zandro Romero (behind Denver hamming it up with another co-competitor and doing their utmost to spoil the Italian-Filipino stallion’s focus). 🙂

      But yes, ligwak din si Mr. Romero. In fact, Angelo Cacciatore, (another) Filipino-Italian, also joined that batch. At ligwak din. Apparently, Century Tuna Superbods prefers brawn WITH brain, neither of which were able to convincingly show the judges, either.

      I have an idea. Why not convince Century Pacific Group to take the Philippines franchise for Mister Supranational beginning next year? L-Men (a brand of protein supplements for bodybuilders in Indonesia) used to have the one for Mister International-Indonesia, giving their national brand ambassador the bonus of representing abroad. After all and from the comments thus far, it was safe to assume that guys bulking up for pageantry were being targeted for the brand’s marketing pitch. Pageantry involves fitness to a BIG extent! This should be down Century Tuna’s alley (or seaway).

  6. ano nga ung isa niyang sinalihan na pageant? I think he is perfect for Supra 2019. kung baga sa babae, alam ko awra kung awra ito e.


    he seriously need to bulk up. sexy siya. oo, but pag tinabi mo yan sa ibang kasali, jusko, magmumukha lang siyang payatot. if matagal pa naman ang Mr Supra, kung pwede lang, wala siyang ibang gawin kung hindi mag gym eat more carbs and high protein. kahit sa Mr Gay World, lulubog ang ganyang katawan. seryoso yun, hindi sa minamaliit ko ang katawan niya, bet ko siya. bet na bet. CHAROT. pero sa male pageantry, kailangan din natin makipagsabayan..

  7. He needs to get ripped. MWP to get him some protein shakes and BCAAs. And personal trainer.

    Supranational is not like the countless Southeast Asian male pageants where a totoy body and looks might actually win. They have consistently rewarded rock hard physiques and chiseled features.

    Compared to past reps, Denver’s got the foundation for such a physique. He just needs to get it the Supranational level.

  8. Di ko bet ang looks nya but who knows I mean I’m open to be surprised!!! And who knows maybe he has a big package I meant personality to showcase to the judges….hihihihn

  9. In watching the video, I can’t help but to symbolize and liken Denver’s good looks to a beautiful BbP frontrunner candidate. While on the flip side, I liken the non-pageant features of the interviewer to all who scrutinize and criticize their every move. 😉💙

    Just saying…

  10. That’s the problem with guys . They cannot wear makeup to look like someone they are not . Girls , on the other hand , can pretend to be Latina or even Caucasian with the right make up and color contact lenses
    Denver is not in perfect shape . Even if he was , I don’t think he would win . He is okay looking but he has no sex appeal at all, sorry

  11. Well, male pageants is like watching the womens-NBA (WNBA).

    It’s all good but not my cup of tea. Sorry.

    However, Denver has charisma and is very good looking who masculine attributes and demeanor undeniably can woo any female he wants.

    Much success Denver.

  12. twinkish..pang b-league male pageant..mas me dating pa ung mga bidaman sa its showtime. #wize

  13. Sa Male Pageantry——-One thing is Always absolute—–HEIGHT MATTERS!!

  14. Denver is has a very kind, pleasant and charming personality. Although Ameen is equaly pleasant, Denver is far more out-going and friendly. I do wish that he is a few inches taller but his sexy exotic features would surely standout.. Not to mention, he has an acting talent and very fluent in 3 languages- Tagalog, English and Italian.

  15. Why not Ameen Sardouk instead. Not being pessimistic but he might get eaten alive by other taller contestants from Europe or Latin countries.

    • … Because they (MWP organization) already learned their lesson with Marco Poli, who TANKED.

      And besides and I concur with statements above, Denver is much more charismatic and engaging than the somewhat tepid taller baller. And the former has a BIGGER following, and following counts a LOT with Supraman!

      Hernandez needs to rein his nerves in. That Century Tuna Superbods interview was telling…. MESS.

      Pero, pogi kung pogi.

      I doubt he will win in Poland, but if he can generate the same level of interest as did Matthias Dumas and Ennio Faffeanie did, then it will be safe to assume he will continue to be in the pageant limelight for at least another year or so.

      • ‘Ay, na-doble ‘yung “did”. Sorry for the typo, po.

        But seriously, may panel at group interview kasi sa Supra. Denver needs to come across as a team-player who will not embarrass his teammates. Because the org does its job like a FAMILY.

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